Friday, March 2, 2012

Quiet evening

I was so looking forward to this evening and a night out with an old friend. We were going to a cool café in the nearby college town to have a meal, then to see her son perform later tonight. He’s a musician who’s been living in NYC and I love his music.

Her son is Rory Sullivan and he graduated with my youngest son from the school where I work, back in 2005. Here’s his website:

DSC_3314 copy 2

Like I said, I was really looking forward to it. And then I felt ill right after lunch and had to come home. After a big nap, I’m actually feeling much better but I’m sitting tight tonight.

DSC_3313 copy 2

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."     ~Kahil Gibran

2012-03-01_18-15-10_68 copy

This was last night, though.

Taken from my chair at my new favorite salon.

shot_1330643691741 copy

The place was packed, but during a momentary lull, I managed to capture an empty space. I haven’t been to Hoitytoityville since last fall because I remarked on a friend’s hair at school and she told me where she has it done which happens to be so much closer to me. My new hairdresser was not a fan of the red highlights that my other hairdresser was (nor was I, actually) and has encouraged me to let my hair grow a little longer, something I kept asking my other hairdresser to do.

So I am content, although I’m not sharing a photo of the new do. Maybe another day. I’m not big on posting pictures of myself.

: : :

And now, if you will, I have some Friday evening fill-in-the blanks.

Outside my window ______________________________________ .

I am hearing ___________________________________________ .

I am wearing ___________________________________________ .

I am reading ___________________________________________ .

One of my favorite things _________________________________ .

: : :

I love reading your answers and responding to them. I do so through my e-mail account because that’s where my comments are directed. I can’t reply if your e-mail is not enabled. (It comes up If you have a blog with a Blogger platform, go to design/dashboard/edit profile/then click on ‘show my e-mail address’. I’m still using the old version on Blogger. Not sure how the updated version works but it’s probably similar.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends. See you in the comment section ~

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Country Girl said...

Outside my window it's dark, rainy, and cold.

I am hearing the television. I'm watching Who Do You Think You Are?

I am wearing my pajama bottoms, a favorite t-shirt, a comfortable cotton sweater, and soft thick socks.

I am reading the March issue of Coastal Living magazine.

One of my favorite things is having my dog asleep at my feet. I love this dog.

Michelle said...

Wow, your new favorite salon looks pretty hoity-toity, too!

Outside my window it is grey, but not raining (yay).

I am hearing the high-speed spin cycle of my washing machine, and a science video my son is watching.

I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

I am reading your blog. ;-)

One of my favorite things is quiet.

Rachel Spinuzzi said...

Outside my window it is dark and rainy with more rain in the forecast (but not stormy like some other places).

I am hearing my boys' cartoon in the other room.

I am wearing cargo pants, camisole, sweater, fleece, thin wool socks, and my slip on Merrell house shoes.

I am Reading Harry Potter #3, hope to finish it tonight. My 9 year old read them all last year and I need to keep up.

One of my favorite things enjoying the adventures of living in a new place (we moved to Virginia last summer), visiting historical places, seeing the tulip trees bloom, seeing bald eagles frequently, and anticipating the cherry blossoms that should be here soon.

Hilary said...

That first picture is my fave........omg, I really love it, couldn't tear my eyes off it.
And I love him.
Outside my window __the world is white____________________________________ .

I am hearing my husband's bad taste in TV___________________________________________ .

I am wearing my old jeans and a red Old Navy shirt with tiny snowflakes.___________________________________________ .

I am reading a great book about President is so interesting.___________________________________________ .

One of my favorite things baking._________________________________ .

Anonymous said...

That is a great looking salon! I'd go to it just because it's so pleasing to the eye.

Deb said...

outside my window it is dark...windy...but nice

I am hearing my hubby on the phone..and Gold Rush...that he is watching

I am wearing my Oma clothes...jeans short sleeved shoes...for chasing little boys...

I am reading blogs

One of my favorite things is going for long walks with my camera in hand

Rambling said...

Outside my window it is dark and cold.

I am hearing my husband's radio as he works on the basement, and my dog sighing.

I am wearing jeans, red t-shirt, beige t-shirt-jacket-thing.

I am reading Little League, Big Dreams by Charles Euchner.

One of my favorite things is having a neighborhood skating rink that the kids can walk to by themselves.

Chrissykat said...

Hope your feeling right as rain for the weekend.

1. Outside my window the crows are making their nightly flight back to where they roost for the evening. I love hearing & watching them fly over the house...100's of them. So weird for such a suburban area.

2. I am hearing my kitty snoring while sleeping on my lap (which is also one of my favorite things).

3. I am wearing fuzzy pants, fuzzy slippers & an Eeyore fleece top. I love fun pj's. Love 'em!

4. I am reading John Grisham, The Appeal

5. One of my favorite things is crocheting blankets for shelter kitties.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

Outside my window the sun just set and night is settling in.

I am hearing the fireplace making little crackling noises.

I am wearing old jeans, an oversized, snuggly UCLA hoodie sweatshirt and warm socks.

I am reading Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close.

One of my favorite things is a quiet Sunday morning with the crossword puzzle.

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear you are ill and missed the dinner with your friend hope you feel better fast ! Love your photos !
Outside my window- It is raining and dark.
I am hearing - Papa playing tanks on his computer.
I am wearing - my jammies
I am reading - Lots of wonderful blogs.
One of my favorite things - Nature

That was fun feel better fast . Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

Outside my window it is snowing and we are supposed to get 8 inches.

I am hearing the TV. I am watching Bridget Jones Diary on DVD. Satellite is out due to snow. :(

I am wearing my P.J.s

I am reading a cookbook by Pam Anderson, How to cook without a book.

One of my favorite things is my dog. He is a Sheltland Sheepdog and he sticks to me like glue. :)

Debbie from very snowy Illinois

Ruth Andre said...

Outside my window is just a glimmer of the day as it fades into the night.

I am hearing the quiet of the house.

I am wearing my horse feeding farm coat and jeans

I am reading "Southhampton Row" by Anne Perry

One of my favorite things is seeing my husband return home after a long day at work.

DesertHen said...

Lovely top photo! I like the look of the new salon. Classy!

Outside my window the sun is fading and a cold night is setting in.

I am hearing my daughter laugh while feeding the cats their treats and our dog is squeaking her heffie squeaky toy.

I am wearing jeans, comfy top, sweater and my slippers...otherwise known as my comfy after work clothes.

I am reading Robyn Carr's Moonlight Road and Gluten Free Living Magazine.

One of my favorite things...Friday evenings by the fire and a glass of wine.

Donna S. said...

1) dark, rainy & very windy (tornadoes & high winds all around us today)
2) I am hearing the television
3) I am wearing jeans & a soft top I recently got on clearance (chaching).
4) I am reading a book my 9 year old granddaughter just read & told me it is a fabulous journey!! LOL. It is "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane". I think there may be a good lesson in this book. She sure loved it.
5) One of my favorite things is "down time"...can't seem to get enough. Especially with this new!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Outside my window it is a dark, cool, clear evening

I'am hearing Grimm playing on the TV and husband tapping on laptop

I'am wearing jeans and a indie type top blue/purple

I'am reading The Shimmer, can't remember who wrote not one of my usual authors, its about the mysterious lights in Marfa, Texas

One of my favorite things is seeing my husbands face light up when he got a phone call that he got THE job he wanted in CA.!! Woohoo!

Meryl Baer said...

Outside my window it is dark, rainy, cold but it is supposed to be beautiful in the morning!
I am hearing the sound of rain on the window.
I am wearing comfy sweats.
I am reading your blog - and the newspaper (real paper!).
One of my favorite things is Friday nights and looking forward to the weekend.

JaneK said...

Can't wait to see the do; please post! love the flower shots! and it's fun to go to hoitytoityville every-once-in-awhile; my hair dresser is no longer in a hoity place so I don't go anymore....

Outside my windown the wind is picking up and I'm eyeing that tall oak tree hoping it is sturdy

I am hearing thunder,rain and intermittent hail and the weatherman who has his sleeves rolled up b/c it's been a long day

I am wearing: getting a little personal and PG-13 aren't we? (haha....I'm in sweats)

I am reading: reading??? seriously?? oh.... can I count the Fancy Nancy books I'm reading with my child? She just turned 5 and is reading and I couldn't be prouder :)

One of my favorite things: oh these broad questions stress me out b/c I can't ever think of a good answer. But today I was listening to John Denver on Pandora and his music makes my heart happy and soothes my soul....

JaneK said...

PS: I hope you are feeling better; what a drag to miss a long-anticipated night out but it could've have been not good had you gone....

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Outside my window it is dark. I can see my reflection in the window.
I am hearing the country music station my hubby left on when he went to bed. The last song was Tim McGraw--I'm too lazy to turn the TV off right now! That would mean I would have to get out of this chair since we lost the remote!
I am wearing what I wore to work today--a blue T shirt, jeans. Really plain.
I am reading a new magazine called Arkansas Life about a woman in south AR who is making homemade chevre goat cheese from her goats named Julia Child and Martha Stewart. I'm thinking I would like to retire and make goat cheese or hooked rugs! Maybe both!
One of my favorite things is to sit at the computer or read in bed with my constant companions (Goldie and Chester the orange tabbies) and the doggies--oh yeah, hubby too! No conversation--just being and a cuppa tea!

Linda said...

Outside my window it is lightening.
I am hearing thunder.
I am wearing my fav jeans & t-shirt.
I am reading Kate's blog .
One of my favorite things these spring storms.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

It's dark, probably deer and other critters moving about in the night.
I am hearing the television.
I am wearing sweats, a t-shirt, and my Uggs.
I am reading blogs and Facebook
The feeling of being content is one of my favorite things.

msdewberry said...

Okay here we go....
Outside my window, it is dark and raining. It has been raining all day and other than a bit of shopping this morning I am being a homebody.
I am hearing my dryer with the last load of laundry going and the TV on. And my cat meowing.
I am wearing Yoga pants, a t-shirt and sweater. And my heating pad on my sore neck.
I am reading Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice on my E-Reader.
One of my favorite things is music and I am going to see a friend play Tympany tomorrow night with the Chilliwack Symphony. I love live music! And a bit of wine and visiting after.

Mary Lou said...

I'm sorry you were I'll. Same with my daughter and it's her birthday...
Outside now is dark.
I hear a frog and another answering.
I'm wearing my pj pants and a t-shirt with a palm tree on it.
I'm reading great blogs.
I'm listening to my hubby snore, not in rhythm with the frog.

Have a good weekend.

peggy, the simple woman said...

I enjoyed these. If you want to do it on a regular basis you can visit the simple woman's daybook:-)

mrs mediocrity said...

Outside my window it's raining and getting windy. More wind to come overnight.

I am hearing Bill Mahar. I love him. Well not, him, he's kind of a jerk, but his show.

I am wearing pajamas, which would be my answer to that question 85% of the time. Working from home has its benefits.

I am reading Mosquito by Roma Tearne. I just started it, I haven't decided if I like it yet.

One of my favorite things is running. I went today for the first time in a very long time. And then I wondered why I haven't gone in such a long time.

Hope you feel better.

wayne15575 said...

Outside my window _ It is softly raining and there is a slight breeze. It is so quiet and peaceful to sit and enjoy a cup of tea and read your blog.

I am hearing _ the sound of our parakeets chirping in living room as I listen to Pandora on my computer

I am wearing _ An old worn out sweatshirt and shorts to bum around the house.

I am reading __your ever so inspiring blog. I love it.

One of my favorite things __ Seeing my wife's pretty little face each morning I'm allowed to wake up.

Dawning Inspiration said...

Sorry you are feeling sick!

Outisde my window: darkness of night

I am hearing rain falling softly, the computer humming and a car or two driving by

I am wearing a thick sweatshirt and pj pants with thick sheepskin lined slipper boots (fashionista, no?)

I am reading "You are Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth and loving it (for a review I'll be doing)

One of my favorite things is vanilla coffee in the morning with my devotions. It just sets the right tone for the day!

Hope you have a great weekend!

promotional umbrellas said...

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Karen said...

Outside my window it's rainy and cold. A mist hangs in the air and the dogs track mud in every time the go outside and come back in. Which is 10 times a day.

I am hearing bells and whistles, because I have tinitus to go with my hearing impairment

I am wearing my favorite PJ's - mult colored plaid flannel very soft pants and a red very soft cotton long sleeve Tee.

I am reading Folly Beach, a frivolous but enjoyable beach read.

One of my favorite things... oh, so many though. The look of adoration and genuine love on my dane Ben's face.

Barb T. said...

Outside my window is another 2 or so inches of snow--in addition to the 10 from the other day! Oy!!
I am hearing the tv in the living room; my boyfriend watches cspan--Oy!!!
I am wearing my winter ensemble--sweat pants, long-sleeved t-shirt (White Mt. 4000 Footers)
I am reading Birdsong by S. Faulks; caution--not for the faint of heart.
One of my favorite things is a morning walk, then coming in for coffee! Today's was in said 2 in. of snow--so beautiful and peaceful!

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

Outside my window the sun is just coming up on what looks to be a nice day.

I am hearing a mourning dove cooing outside.

I am wearing my favorite horse print pajama pants and a Micky Mouse sweatshirt that depicts the 1996 Olympics.

I am reading nothing currently.

One of my favorite things is sharing one of my favorite things (horses) with a new friend.

Robyn said...

Outside my window I see a few flurries .

I am hearing the corn/pellet stove.

I am wearing chore clothes in many layers.

I am reading A Sister's Promis by Karen Lenfestey.

One of my favorite things my Kindle Fire.


Sarah said...

Outside my window: a fresh dusting of snow!

I am hearing: cars driving by on the wet road, my Mom talking on the phone, myself chewing gum. :)

I am wearing: new dark wash jeans that I love, with a brown T-shirt over a white, long-sleeved shirt.

I am reading: nothing too much right now, just puttering online.

One of my favorite things: my brown shoes that I'll wear to work when I go in later!

Snap said...

Sorry you missed your night out. Glad you are feeling better. Lovely images (as usual)!!! Always nice to have a hairdresser you *trust*!!

Outside my window the birds are busy at the buffet and there are a few bathing at the bird bath. Should I supply tiny towels???!!!!

I am hearing my *kitty* Cassie at the food dish.

I am wearing long blue Lands End britches, light blue long sleeve Lands End T ... bare feet.

I am reading mystery set in China: The Eye of Jade by Diane Wei Liang.

One of my favorite things listening to NPR in the morning and having a cup of tea!

Hugs to you, Kate!

Gayle said...

Outside my window a men. covered with wild lilac.

I am hearing Scott Simon on NPR Weekend Edition.

I am wearing a blue plaid flannel nightgown.

I am reading The Warmth of Other Suns.

Looking at Cokie kitty's face.

sharon said...

Outside my window I see a yellow ribbon on the oak tree

I am hearing my daughter talking to her friend getting ready for senior pictures

I am wearing jeans and a maroon shirt.

I am reading nothing right now, letting my eyes take a break.

One of my favorite things is watching my grandchildren play in the water.

beth said...

outside my window i see day old snow :(

i am hearing my kids and their u-haul truck.....

i am wearing my "comfies"......

i am reading blogs right now in between loads of laundry....

one of my favorite things is re-watching some of my most loved movies :)


Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. Your photography is always stunning and your life is real and you speak about it with an elegance that people love to read.
Spring will be here soon and your little thank you is coming soon, work is progressing nicely.
and outside my window is . . . brisk cold late-Winter evening, the sun is out the two windows and icey cold piles and drifts of snow are slowly, oh so slowly melting into the rich deep sepia colored wet Earth
peace n abundance,

Caroline said...

Outside my window it's dark and cold.

I am hearing the movie Hair Spray in the background

I am wearing my cotton pj bottoms, soft tee and sweater...ha! I think you were wearing the same thing the other night!

I am reading my favorite blogs!

One of my favorite things...sitting inside on a cold yucky day, wrapped up in a soft comfy blanket and reading a good book.

I always love these questions Kate! I hope you are having a great weekend!

Jill of All Trades said...

I love your fill-in-the-blanks stuff...
Outside my window I see lot of blue sky and white fluffy clouds and the awesome sunshine!

I am hearing The Hubby brushing his teeth, taking his shower and our little finches twittering away!

I am wearing lounge clothes, long stretchy pants and a fav T-shirt...All Day!

I am reading a multitude of books right now...The Brass Verdict, U is for Undertow, The Importance of Being Ernie & Decision Points (slowly).

One of my favorite things...oh my I have lots...lemons...I love lemons, the color, the smell and the fresh sunshine taste!

BB said...

Outside my window ...its a grey day with a green floor - our damp weather is still being hugely enjoyed here!

I am hearing ... the faint sounds of crows in the distance and something prettier just outside. Mostly nothing though, which is JUST the way I like it.

I am wearing jeans and long-sleeve shirt (ready for mustering today).

I am reading your blog (dream about having time to read a 'proper' book!).

One of my favorite things is people watching - love visiting the city for this very reason (never a dull moment!).

Bluebird49 said...

(It is now Sunday night, instead of Friday night. I was out Friday night, and I think I've had sleeping sickness ever since.)

Oh, I'm sorry about the "grape-sick "and not being able to go out! Bah humnbug,. :(

Outside my window _the night skies has silently come in on us. Will they bring snow tomorrow??

I am hearing __the lone mockingbird, who is
lonely and wanting a mate!

I am wearing _my flowered cotton-knit-pink-flowered pj bottoms and a pink Hue pj top. Love Hues.

I am reading__ Your blog, and the Book of Ruth, while listening to Classical Internet radio. Wild multi-tasker here.

One of my favorite things is having a clean house--and right now, it's not.:(
You're not out for hire are you? Oh, forget that--I am afraid I couldn't afford you. :) I can't afford anyone!
I'm glad you found a non-hoity-toity shop that you still love. Wish I could find ONE person who could cut my hair like I'd like.

The JR said...

The sun is brightly shining.

I am hearing the hall door open and the air conditioner run.

I am wearing a long sleeve tee and dress pants

I am reading 2 different books and don't like either of them

one of my favorite things is to look up recipes

Lili said...

Your friend's son has such a cool sound. It's a shame you missed out on going, but I'm sure you'll have another opportunity. That salon looks pretty fancy to me..we don't have places like that around here...maybe there are some near Portland though. Ohhhh, I wanted to see your hair Kate! xo ~Lili