Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guessing Game Winner Announced

Congratulations to Anonymous who posted on 1-12-08 at 11:30 PM for guessing the correct answer. It is INDIAN CORN. And I had wanted to post a big picture of it, however I'm at work and my photo files are at home! Viewers will be able to see the Big Picture around dinnertime tonight. Great guesses, too. I liked the onions in a stocking! This Indian corn is a rust-color, really quite beautiful. My husband grew it in his garden. Please note for future contests that the items pictured will be in their natural state (e.g. no stockings or other added items). So, Anonymous, if you'd care to come forward and let us know who you are, I'll post your first name and the state in which you live (don't tell me it's "Crazy" or "Stressed Out")!! Thanks for playing, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Darn, you know, Jay said he though it was corn. Ugh...goes to show that I just don't listen, like he always says.

Congratulations to the winner, (ugh, errrrr). No, just kidding.

Kate, I think this is fun and you are only getting better and better. Let's hope that I can progress as fast as you.

Great pics.

Love, your favorite....

Anonymous said...

...and that would be your "other" favorite (sister) who is so smart to guess Indian Corn. No, it's NOT Char!!

Minna Dyer said...

I like the idea of a guessing game. I wish I would have thought of it, but then, I don't have a macro!
Great work.

Country Girl said...

Ginny, you've got to listen to that man of yours sometimes. I know how difficult it is!
Judy, I really thought it was Naomi for some reason! I'm glad you guessed it though.
And Miriam, thank you. I have to say that your wedding photos in NYC were fantastic!