Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Walk by the Water

I wouldn't want to live anywhere where the ocean is more than a couple of hours away. It took us just over an hour to get to Cape Henlopen State Park, just outside of Lewes , DE. There's a nice walking trail there that goes all through the woods, with several trails to choose from, and there's a nice campground as well. We like coming here out-of-season because the mosquitos in-season would be horrendous.
In-season, this beach is packed with people. Another reason to stay away. A much, much better beach, with wide-open spaces, is another hour further south at Assateague Island National Seashore, where the people-packing is at a minimum. But here, at Cape Henlopen, it's quiet this time of year.
We saw several other hikers, and lots of dogs. It was cold on the beach, but just over the dune line inland, it was much milder. We walked for several hours and I took lots of pictures. I'll post some in a separate post because I still can't get the hang of how this word-pad thing works with photo placement. I do my best, though.
George was good on the leash, for the most part, but he gets super excited when other people, especially people with dogs (oh, be still his heart) come by. He's really getting big, and doesn't even look like a puppy anymore.
Thanks to my sisters, my friends, and random visitors, who are checking my site every day and writing comments either on posts or via e-mail. I appreciate the visits. This is a much easier way to share my photos with you than just putting them in an e-mail.
I'll be posting more later on. All these shots are Straight Out of Camera, or SOOC, except for the first one of the seagull flying. The bird was a little out of focus, so I sharpened the photo up just a wee bit with Photoshop.

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