Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Nothing I’ve done tonight is working out. I was fooling around with a seamless background border for my blog, but it didn’t go well. I’m going to keep at it because someday I know I’m gonna finally ‘get it’.

In lieu of a post today, I’ve decided to take the easy way out, and do this.

Outside my window it’s dark and chilly.

I am thinking that all I have done tonight is for naught.

I am thankful that I feel really well.

From the kitchen the cookies are calling me. Why can’t it be the cheerios? Or the apples?

I am wearing gray Polartech pants, white mock-turtleneck (I can’t stand turtlenecks anymore)an old Eddie Bauer wool vest, socks and my sheep slippers.

I am creating absolutely nothing. Nothing has worked all evening. It happens sometimes.

I am going out to the kitchen and pop a soft pretzel in the microwave. And have it with some Grey Poupon. I love saying Pou-pon.

I am reading Julia Child’s “My Life in France”.

I am hoping that my Thanksgiving recipes are a success.

I am hearing little yelps from George’s doggie dream. It probably involves squirrels.

Around the house it’s good to have clean windows in the living room. They were a lot of work.

One of my favorite things is when children at school are happy to see me.

A few plans for the rest of the week include gathering ingredients for my recipes, and seeing family members on Thursday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing.

DSC_0133 copy 4

I took this photo at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania when they had their orchid display this past spring.

And now, if you will . . . Please fill in the blanks:

One of my favorite things ______________________________ .

Outside my window __________________________________ .

I am hoping ________________________________________ .

See you in the comments, my friends.


Country Girl said...

One of my favorite things ________ .

Outside my window ________________ .

I am hoping ______________________ .

Looking forward to seeing your answers.

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things is Chai Latte Coffee

Outside my window it is a cold, dark, wet night.

I am hoping the sun will shine tomorrow.

The Blue Ridge Gal
Just Vignettes

Meg McCormick said...

One of my favorite things is engaging in witty banter with friends, or strangers, as long as they "get me" I don't care.

Outside my window it is very black, but beyond the blackness is a front yard that is neat and tidy because my awesome husband spent all yesterday afternoon with the leaf blower and a boatload of patience, pushing the leaves into the "woodsy" part of our yard.

I am hoping that neither we nor our kids become sick before leaving for a long Thanksgiving weekend in PA Thurs. morning!

I am also hoping you have a lovely, wonderful weekend, Kate.

Ellen said...

One of my favorite things is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Nut Roll baking.

Outside my window it's raining. Again.

I am hoping to start swimming again next week. I need the exercise.

Good luck with your recipes.

Gail said...

More than One of my favorite things is chocolate, horses and my newly adopted dog, grandchildren, uh, maybe I should stop on that one.

Outside my window, it is dark and with a little bite to the air but still beautiful, filled with night sounds, in the distance I can hear the geese flying over.

I am hoping I get some inspiration to clean this house before Thanksgiving. I am also hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with love.

Wonderful idea for a post!

Sharon said...

One of my favorite things hot tea when the house is quiet .

Outside my window it's very dark. And still I am reminded of the beds that need weeding. (One of the perks of no winter.)

I am hoping that we all have a safe and happy Thanskgiving no matter how or where you celebrate.

Hilary said...

One of my favourite things is walking with a camera (or two) slung over my shoulder.

Outside my window it's dark and I can see that several neighbours have their Christmas lights up.

I am hoping that my sons will always be healthy and happy men.

Annie H said...

And now, if you will . . . Please fill in the blanks:

One of my favorite things Chai Spice tea with a hint of vanilla creamer.

Outside my window it's dark yet rather warm for November. Weird Arkansas weather.

I am hoping that even though I want my time here in Arkansas to be over with, I remember to enjoy all the moments with our friends that I will miss when we are gone.

tainterturtles said...

One of my favorite things is riding my road or mountain bike!

Outside my window it is dark and 45 degrees.

I am hoping we have a great Thanksgiving get-together with my family in Southern Wisconsin....no snow please!

George really dreams about squirrels??????? That made me smile.

Dessa said...

One of my favorite things is curling up next to a roaring fire in the fireplace with a good book.

Outside my window it is dark & cold.

I am hoping that our 2-1/2 hour drive to my mother's for Thanksgiving will be safe and easy.

Sweetpea said...

Good evening, CG! Hi S. W. George!!

One of my favorite things is burying my nose in my dawg's fur after she's been bathed & all fluffed up - HEAVEN!

Outside my window I can hear our resident baby gt. horned owl, screeeeeeeeching while the wind blows...

I am hoping that one day I can teach myself Photoshop as well as CG has taught herself :>}}

Deb said...

Sometimes its fun to go back to something that worked in the past.

I'm watching House...I recorded it. My kids brought dinner over and we watched Star Trek. It's the first one I've ever seen.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

One of my favorite things is walking along the beaches around here while taking pictures and basking in their beauty and the solitude.

Outside my window is paradise mixed in with a yard that needs a whole lot of tending to.

I am hoping to win the lottery to pay someone to landscape my yard, clean my house and pay my bills so I can spend my days kicking seashells along the beach, taking pictures.

beth said...

one of my favorite things....hot almond vanilla tea

outside my window....it's been hazy for days now

I am hoping...my son behaves, my dessert turns out for thanksgiving, I find a new dog groomer, my dryer gets fixed, my family learns to love each other all over again and that my son learns that he is not invincible.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

One of my favorite things is the scent of toasted sesame oil.

Outside my window it is very dark and a light standard shines on a belvedere (deck) down the hill.

I am hoping that Country Girl might tell this novice photographer what she thinks of Photoshop Elements.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Char said...

i enjoyed Julia's book more than I did Julie's - Julia was much more likable I think.

One of my favorite things my new pillowsoft slippers, my camera and my angel from momma (sorry couldn't narrow it down).

Outside my window is a cold dark sky.

I am hoping that e-mails send to mend fences work out.

Sugar Creek Beads said...

1.One of my favorite things is this wonderful old grey cat curled up in the chair next to me and purring softly.
2.Outside my window is a dark, cold and rainy night. Glad I'm inside where it is warm and cozy with the cat.
3.I am hoping for a really safe and blessed Thanksgiving for all of us. Oh, and while I am hoping for something, I hope I can find a few more hours in each day this week to get all I need done.

Cloudia said...

MMMMM! Soft pretzels with grey poupon!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Skogkjerring said...

One of my favourite things is the smell of gingerbread cookies baking inside a warm home with lots of snow outside and hot chocolate to drink.

Outside my window right now it's a dark morning and wet..as usual...

I'm hoping my family will be able to get through our first holiday season since mom passed without too much heartache.

Have a great day!

Annie said...

One of my favorite things is playing tennis...amongst a lot of others!

Outside the window it is a fine sunny hot day with blue skies, and a lovely cool breeze.

I am hoping I survive the next couple of days, and have a safe journey to NYC. And that you have a wonderful thanksgiving Kate.

Caroline said...

One of my favorite things: Watching a great romantic comedy, snuggled up in blankets with fresh hot popcorn

Outside my window: Chilly evening, clear skies, reflection of my xmas tree lights.

I am hoping: That I don't over cook the turkey and serve up a dried bird!

Caroline said...

BTW...are you trying to figure out how to remove the header border lines in blogger? Shoot me an email and I can tell you how to do that :) it's easy!

Mary said...

One of my favorite things is: playing with Photoshop.

Outside my window: it's pitch black

I am hoping: that I can get back to sleep soon. :)

Have I told you how much I love your new header?

Scriptor Senex said...

One of my favorite things is listening to music from when I was at college (the late 60s) - nostalgia rules OK!

Outside my window it is still raining but we are fortunate to be in a part of the country that is not flooded.

I am hoping that my partner has no appointments this morning so we can have a coffee and a crossword together.

Mary Ann said...

One of my favorite things is the stillness that can come with living in the country.

Outside my window it is pitch black, but I know there is a nightlife of creatures milling about the woods.

I am hoping to someday have a flock of sheep and a working dog to herd them...or perhaps some alpacas!

troutay said...

One of my favorite things is searching for a new book in a book store.

Outside my window it is dark and damp and very early.

I am hoping we all remember what we are truly grateful for on more days than just thanksgiving.

Dagmar said...

One of my favorite things is playing around having fun with my two wonderful boys.

Outside my window the wind is picking up to end up in a thunderstorm like they predicted.

I'm desperatly hoping for a new job on my path any time soon.
But even more so that we all stay healty and happy. And so may you and your loved ones be.

Pocono Dreamin' by Renée Hoover said...

As for your day - "If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"
- John Wooden
I think you had a perfect day for taking the time for "perfection."

Debbie said...

One of my favorite things is enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with family and reminising about times gone by.

Outside my window is cool, cloudy and a fine mist of rain. Another low passing up the coast by not as intense as the one on the 12th of this month.

I am hoping that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

abb said...

One of my favorite things: a fire in the fireplace while the snow is flying outside.

Outside my window: a big fat nuthin'. There's no window in my office. POOH!

I am hoping: I make it through this Thanksgiving without having a complete and total nervous breakdown. 30 for dinner and I'm working today and half day tomorrow. POOH POOH!!

Daryl said...

What is a seamless background border?

One of my favorite things is sending friends dups of CDs I like.

Outside my window is Times Sq and its a dreary day.

I am hoping to have a stress-free Thanksgiving.

The JR said...

One of my favorite things is riding our horses

Outside my window is the parking garage wall and air conditioning units

I am hoping that the lottery ticket in my car hits the jackpot

Well, you asked and that's what I'm hoping.

Have a great Thanksgiving, out for the rest of the week, so will be back to posting next week.

Marilyn said...

One of my favourite things, coffee and hot buttered toast.
Outside my window are some rather wet and cranky squirrels.
Hoping my children are happy and healthy and loved.

Mental P Mama said...

One of my favorite things is staying in bed on a rainy Saturday.

Outside my window are a few remaining golden leaves clinging on for dear life.

I am hoping my babies arrive home soon!

RoseMary King said...

One of my favorite things is Autumn days when the sun is shinning and the air is brisk.

Outside my window, the clouds are moving in and there is a cold wind blowing (cold for South Texas) and my gardens are crying to be taken down.

I am hoping everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't forget to hug your kids, your grandkids, your brothers, your sisters, but most of all hug yourself.


Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

One of my favorite things is snapping photos in Longwood Gardens (Let me know next time you visit and I'll meet you there. I'm just a few minutes away.)

Outside my window bare branches form jigsaw patterns across my rain-streaked windows.

I am hoping life will continue to be as good to me kn the future as it has in the past.

GailO said...

One of my favorite things is to have a quiet morning like today in which I can catch my breath and catch up on my reading..

Outside my window it is very grey...just shades of grey and brown...

I am hoping my family can enjoy Thanksgiving together this year...

...and I want to say how much I love your header...and to ask for help on how to change the size of mine:)...to make it more narrow like yours is...and I'm with Daryl and want to know what a seamless background border is:)

CarlaHR said...

One of my favourite things - right now it's the Christmas centrepiece that I am quilting.
Outside my window - the 9th hole of a still green golf course, bare trees and too many squirrels - perhaps you could send George over to herd them away.
I'm hoping that the earrings I mailed three weeks ago to my step daughter in France finally show up.
I'm wishing you a very happy thanksgiving - hope the recipes all work out and that the family enjoys their time together.

alphabet soup said...

One of my favorite things is food.

Outside my window the sun shines on the green leaves of trees swaying in the breeze.

I am hoping to get through a meeting tonight without too much bad behaviour on my part.
Ms Soup

Michelle said...

One of my favorite things: A warm, toasty bed and a good book.

Outside my window: a cold, dark night, with a bit of drizzle.

I am hoping for a peaceful Thanksgiving break with my family.

Donna S. said...

One of my favorite things is rocking my grandbaby.

Outside my window the trees are almost bare now.

I am hoping for a laid back weekend-I'm tired-been doing a lot of traveling lately.

Reddirt Woman said...

Is getting back in my own bed with my 2 mini-schnauzers after a trip out of town without them.

The night is dark and the air has turned and is coming in from the north with a smell of the cold coming in...

That my niece and her family and grandkids are all healthy and happy when Bro and I go to enjoy Thanksgiving with them.

The Bramble Patch said...

One of my favorite things is hearing from one of my children.

Outside my window is a sweet little front yard and then a parking lot. I lost my job last January and found another 2 hours away from home. Now I rent a little apartment that I stay at during the week while my husband stays at our home.

I am hoping that next year is much better for our family. After losing my job and nearly dying from multiple PE's (blood clots) in both lungs earlier this year I am ready for an uneventful year!

The Bramble Patch said...

LOL, I meant that hearing from either child would be great; not just one of them! :)

Golden West said...

One of my favorite things is a walk on the beach on a blustery day.

Outside my window the dutch iris bulbs are a foot high and the paper whites are blooming.

I am hoping to savor the Christmas season and cultivate a grateful heart.

Jill of All Trades said...

One of my favorite things is blogging.
Outside my window, at the cabin, I watch my many bird feeders and smile.
I am hoping for a safe journey home, or her 2nd home for our youngest.