Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A decent day

These little hummingbird photos were taken this morning by my husband, and shot with our old camera, the Nikon D80 and the 70-300mm Quantaray lens. I believe he went back and forth between different auto modes (sport, auto, landscape).

They are pretty much SOOC (Straight Out of Camera) and I love ‘em!

DSC_0477 copy 2

Pay no attention to that big white blob in the background. It’s just the birdbath.

DSC_0483 copy 2

DSC_0487 copy 2

DSC_0500 copy 2

He keeps the feeder filled daily with fresh liquid.

DSC_0508 copy 2

And he says they come to the window when he’s sitting there on the computer and they look in on him. I think that’s pretty cute.

: : :

School is going well, yet still super busy. Our son (the one who is living with us) is in between jobs at the moment and today began helping out in the maintenance department as a volunteer until things quiet down. I think he really enjoyed being there today, and everyone was so happy to see him. He graduated in 2005 and doesn’t often come back to visit, so some of his teachers haven’t seen him for years.

The nicest part of my day came when I was leaving, as my boss – our new Head of School – pulled me aside and told me that there was one thing she had to tell me. We’d been talking about her day and how her class went, and then she told me this story that she said I needed to hear. She told me it was the best part of her whole day. She was extremely busy, and was walking down the hallway after her class, and as she walked past the Alumni Room, she began to hear the most beautiful music floating in the air. She stopped at the door where it was coming from, and quietly peeked inside. And, to her surprise, there sat my son playing the piano. She went in and talked with him a little bit and was astounded to find that he was self-taught.

Shaun taught himself while waiting for me to get finished school every day. Both of my boys always rode with me to school, and their day ended at 3 unless they were playing sports. If they weren’t practicing or at a game, they had to wait around until 4 or 4:30 to go home with me, so Shaun would amuse himself by playing the piano in the Alumni Room. He plays by ear, and is really quite good. (Proud mama talking here).

It was a decent day. And what made it all the more better was seeing my son feeling good about himself and being appreciated for whatever help he could give.

Hope your week is going well ~

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Here’s a shout-out to my friend, Hilary, whose brain surgery today was a beautiful success. Rest easy, my friend. You are in good hands and we will be here when you get back.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh my goodness, glad to hear about the successful surgery.

Also, what a wonderful story about your new boss and your son's old school. A perfect blending of new and old.

You should be very proud.

JaneK said...

oh, I almost cried... that would be the best story one could ever hear!

Olive said...

The hummer images are wonderful. We have about six hummers here and we are surely their slaves. I photograph mine when I wish an exercise in patience. Thanks so much for cheering me on in the GB surgery. hugs, Olive

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Glad school is going well for both you and your son!

And Hilary!!! Oh I haven't been to her blog yet today but I'm scooting over there now to see if her daughter posted.

Country Gal said...

What a wonderful post ! WOW ! Hubby has a good eye for photography as well, fantastic photos ! I would love to hear your son play, I can imagine sweet melodies as his fingers touch the ivory keys ! My dad was a self taught pianist as well and played by ear , then he played the accordion and then turned to playing the organ , way back made tapes of him playing and I have those tapes to this day ! You have every right to brag as a proud mum. My youngest plays the guitar , most of my family are all musically inclined a great gift to have ! It feels good to see our kids proud and happy ! Have a wonderful evening !

Country Gal said...

P.S . I am soo glad to hear your friend Hilary's surgery was a success.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh I love the pics your hubby took! And what a great story ....... So glad to hear that wonderful story about your son! What a talented family you have :)

Anonymous said...

That's good news about HilAry. I wondered about her all day.

Cloudia said...

you shared your treasures with us today!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

GailO said...

A very decent day indeed! Your husband's photos are fantastic but the joy of hearing your son praised is priceless:) Hope all your days are decent Kate!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Nothing but awesomeness here again today.

Expecting a full and speedy recovery for Hilary.


Daryl said...

thanks for the update on Hilary .. and how cool for the new boss to be so complimentary about S's music .. he really is a talented young man .. and the SOOC photos .. yea! A!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad to hear about your Son. It is always important to feel good about oneself.
I do wish we had humming birds here in the UK - those photographs make me green with envy.

The JR said...

Get well soon Hilary.

Your son is extremely talented. Would love to know how to play the piano.

Great photos by the hubby.

Reena said...

OH, love your little hummers! What a wonderful story about your son. I'm sure it brought back great memories, for you and him. It would be so cool if he could do something with that talent.

Anonymous said...

Incredible photographs, as always, I love the hummingbird.

What a lovely compliment to your son; I'm not surprised you're so proud. I also play the piano, it's a delightful instrument.

CJ x

thecatalanway said...

Isn't it great when people make the effort to tell you something nice? I now promise to do it more often.
I have never seen a hummingbird feeder before - imagine having that in your garden and being able to see them visit and feed! Wow.

Glad your day was good


Mental P Mama said...

Smiling. Seriously. From ear to ear.

Gillian Olson said...

Beautiful little hummers, what a treat.

beth said...

oh, proud mama you are and should be !!
and YEAH for shaun...for so many things :)

and your hubby and his hummers.....i love that !!

beth said...

oh thank god that hilary is out of surgery and doing well....

mrs mediocrity said...

oh, boo, i just typed a long comment and it got lost...

anyway, i'm glad it was a good day, all the way around. xo

Annette W. said...

Yay for HILARY!

That is a great story from your new boss!

Mary said...

What a great story from a justifiable proud mama! And those images are crazy wonderful!!! xoxo

Lili said...

Your entire family has so much talent Kate! I am always in awe of anyone who can get clear shots of a hummingbird AND people who can play by ear as well. Loved reading this post! xo ~Lili