Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh, deer

Yesterday afternoon, I opened an e-mail from one of my sisters who asked if everything was ok because “you haven’t posted all week on your blog.” I hadn’t realized that – and I wrote her right away to allay her fears.

Regular readers of this blog know that when they haven’t heard from me for awhile, it’s likely that something’s wrong and it usually has something to do with my husband’s cancer. But honestly, I just haven’t had the inclination to write.

I’ve been working like a dog, staying longer hours and trying to get things ready for the school to start on the 27th. And I’ve been consumed with a biography I’ve been reading on someone I find fascinating – Frederick Law Olmsted.

Please don’t say, “who?” Not enough people in this country know who he is, and I think that’s a crying shame. I’ll write more on him later, but for now I give you what happened yesterday evening. No need to get excited because it’s really nothing much.


DSC_2313 copy 2

These are three of the four deer who visit the grounds at the manor house on a regular basis. They come from the woods behind the barn at the north side of the property, taking the same route always. I was ensconced in my book, curled up on the loveseat, when I saw George get up from where he lay at my feet, go to the window and begin wagging his tail. My husband and I went over to see what had gotten him excited and saw the scene below.


DSC_2270 copy 2

There was much frolicking and cavorting going on out there. Racing back and forth were the two young does and the spike buck as the buck with the crooked antler stood and watched. We watched from the window for a moment until I decided to get my camera.


DSC_2305 copy 2

I snuck quietly around the back of the house and proceeded to get a few test images, realizing that the P mode wasn’t going to work for me in this light. So I set the camera to manual and fired off several shots.


DSC_2307 copy 2

It was dusk, but I was able to better capture the beauty of these animals who visit here every night. In early to mid-summer, there are plenty of berries for them to eat along the edges of the woods here which is one of the reasons they take this route.


DSC_2310 copy 2

The spikes are getting really big.

Here he is on July 4 when they were smaller.


DSC_2316 copy 2

I love living here.


DSC_2319 copy 2

And everything is ok. For now, at least – and that’s good enough for me.


Have a lovely Sunday, all ~

And thanks for coming by to visit. It’s always nice to see you here.

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Cheryl F Sparks said...

I understand the not wanting to post. Sometimes it's just like that. I do think of you and wonder how you are both doing.
You captured some amazing photos of nature at its finest!!! Love them.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh DEAR I LOVE your Deer :)
Glad things are going well.... but sorry you are so busy!

It's rainy here today..... but one of those nice soaking rains that we need ..... the windows are open and I am enjoying listening to the sounds of nature :)

RURAL said...

There is something ethereal about a deer sighting, I will never tire of them.

Saw a young one running down a country road, I have no idea where Mom was, but I hope she was nearby. It looked fine, and we know enough not to bother it.

It's funny how our favorite bloggers missing a post can worry us, it's a strong bond this blogging.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

beth said...

just one question....."who"

and deer literally take my breath away every time i see them.....i find myself not breathing, not wanting to startle them or move any of my body parts, as i stare fascinated with their beauty.....

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Just beautiful!

Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos ! Glad to hear all is ok. We all get busy with life and don't always have time to blog about it ! Have a good Sunday !

jinxxxygirl said...

You know the blog in my opinion is suppose to be for you......we all just come along for the are so fortunate to live where you live....hubs and i would give our right arms to be in such a natural setting....after many years of country/rural life we are enconsed in a city which has a whole new set of 'animals' its alright...for the have to live in the moment and hope for the best...and remember...'hope is the thing with feathers..'...Hugs! deb

Hilary said...

I so love these beautiful creature. What a gift that they come to your property regularly. And also a fine gift from your camera to us. Thanks for that.

Valerie Hartman said...

I watch the deer pass through each day as well and never tire of watching them. Mama does have figured out that our lab will live her babies alone, so we get to "babysit" the babies each afternoon.

Great job capturing your daily visitors and sharing with us. Thanks!

Sabrina Steyling said...

They're so beautiful! Love the photos <3

Hilary said...

I love Mr. Crooked Horn.
And Mr. Olmsted was a busy man. How could one person do all that???

Marcie said...

FANTASTIC! Just the other day - my sweet pup took off into the woods after these guys. Didn't even have a chance to capture the moment with my camera. Love these!!

Donna said...

Glad everything's OK. Love your deer shots. I'm betting next year, you'll have at least one doe who starts showing up by herself end of July, early Aug. Shortly after then, she'll show up with one or more fawns. That's what we've experienced here going on 5 years now. Have fun with them!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We had 5 bucks, my hubby called them a batchelor herd, in our backyard at the edge of the woods last July. They were grazing, but have not come back to visit like that since. We have seen them at our neighbor's pear tree--they do love those tasteless pears that are as hard as rocks!
Love your photos! My hubby took some through the window, but the quality isn't so good.

Jayne said...

Kate, Good to see that all is well at the manor and that you still get to see some of the best sites around your grounds. I've missed your tales of country life. :c)

Dawn Gross said...

love seeing deer! great pictures - as always!

JaneK said...

How lazy has FB made me..... I was looking for the "like" button to hit so I wouldn't have to write it out.... Haha!
But consider this post "liked"!
Glad everything is fine for now..... I'm with you in thinking that's good enough for now.
Have a great week! My baby starts kindergarten so there will be lots of emotions around here!

Daryl said...

awesome snaps ... xo

The JR said...

We had a doe jump out in the road in front of us yesterday as we were pulling the horse trailer to the arena.

I started hollering for my husband to stop cause I could see the fawn on the edge of the road.

She decided he couldn't make it across and turned around. Both of them went scampering into the woods.

Mary said...

I'm tempted to call them rats with antlers, because of all the depredations they inflict on my garden, but they ARE beautiful creatures... ;) And your photos are wonderful!

I'm right there with you, as far as having nothing to write... I had a wonderful time without wifi last week on vacation!

Oh, and three cheers for Frederic Law... Central Park rules!

Mary said...

Really loved studying FLO in college. I've forgotten a lot about him, but am still filled with admiration at his wonderful talents. What is the book you are reading?

Caroline said...

OMG!!! I wish I had deer in my yard. You are blessed!

Carolynn Anctil said...

It thrills me every time I see a deer. These are such fabulous shots!

Anonymous said...

I do think about you--and do get concerned, and I miss your funny, and thoughtful posts when you're not here. However, I haven't been "here", because of my $^%&^-ing computer which is fried.
As usual, you saved the best pic for last! :)
Bluebird49. (Trudy)--yes, I forgot my google sign in--and I just changed it 3 days go and I've orgotten it already--Bleh!

Lili said...

They are such graceful creatures and you've completely captured that Kate. That's amazing seeing how quickly their antlers grow. xo ~Lili