Friday, October 31, 2008

Coffee and pumpkins

Today, I woke early and came downstairs to the usual coffee that my husband always makes. If he ever leaves me, I'll have to get an automatic coffee maker, one that grinds the beans. I would feel absolutely bereft if I awoke to a coffee-less aroma. My husband makes the best coffee in the world. Well, at least I think so.

He boils the water, and then pours it through a glass Melitta coffee pot with the cone top and filter. We have to buy the pot at a special place (in Amishland) because everybody uses automatic coffee pots these days.

But not my husband.

Even when we go on vacation, and there is an automatic coffee pot in the home, he'll still bring his beloved Melitta pot with us. He's such a cowboy.

So when I come downstairs in the morning, my coffee awaits. I get out one of my favorite coffee mugs from the cupboard in my pink countertop kitchen and then I look out the windows of this big, beautiful house. Sometimes I can catch a glimpse of him, out there on the property, walking with George in the early light. This place seems to agree with him. It's very calming.

Today, he carved some jack-o-lanterns for us. When I carve jack-o-lanterns, I use a pattern and make awesome designs. But I sort of like these that my husband did. Let's call them rustic, shall we? I've put one of them in the greeting above. Another one had three triangles, two for the eyes and one for some other orifice, I suppose. I think they're sweet. As I write this on Thursday evening, they're out on our front porch, for the owls and fox to see. And George. I think he's out there somewhere.

Today I drove us to Baltimore again, back to Johns Hopkins to visit the oncologist. There are a million and one things for me to remember. It makes me wonder what people do who are alone and have no one to figure out their pill doses for them. We found out he'll have to be on chemo for an entire year. It's the type of chemo you can take orally and it's for 5 days each month. So you're not sick the entire time. Just most of the time.

Ok. I'll stop talking about it now because I don't want to get depressed about it.

A friend stopped over from school today! I really miss my job. I miss my friends. I miss the children. And I miss the normalcy that life used to be before the tumor returned. But I know that I'm where I should be. And that's a really good feeling.

Oh, and guess who ate the entire apple crisp last night?
(it wasn't me).

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

And PS ~ Thanks for visiting. It's sort of like having friends over. Every day. I'll ask my husband to make us some more coffee, ok?


EmmyRedneck said...

Ohhh I looooooove fresh coffee. I am like you: Lucky, because my hubby also has wonderful, strong, black coffee waiting for me when I wake up in the morning. How did I ever awaken each morning before him? Lol!
I am glad to hear that you are at peace at your new place. And the pumpkin looks great! Thats old fashioned is what that is. And yes, rustic. I think its perfect.
I am sooooo making that apple crisp this weekend by the way! Cheesecake AND apple crisp together? Count me IN.
Still loving your site, girl. Keep on keeping on.
You and your hubby are in my prayers tonight.

Mental P Mama said...

I will totally come have some of that coffee, and I want a tour of that fantastic house;) As always, I would love to be of some help to you both, so ask away, and I'll hop in the car...I was thinking of you today....

That Apple Crisp is going to be my undoing. Seriously.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

MMMMMM... coffee!!!
I am also a strong coffee lover.. with my half and half!!!
I am the one that gets up first and I also grind beans but use a French Press... No machines either... well, except for my electric teapot!
Gorgeous pumpkin.. All our pumpkins (2) are rustic, their artists are aged 9 and 10!
Chemo.. wish my dad could have had oral chemo ... I'll save you the depressing details...
Have a beautiful evening...
ps.. I love your kitchen! Pink! Too darn cute!

Jessica said...

While I'm not a coffee drinker, the aroma sounds heavenly.

I love your posts. It's always this great feeling that I got to go out to the country and visit a friend. It's a nice break to my baby filled days.


willow said...

That coffee sounds heavenly! I love mine EXtra strong with cream, but have had to cut back on my caffeine lately, so just sometimes.

Hang tight, dear bloggy friend. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

DesertHen said...

We love coffee brewed in a pot on the stove, not in an automatic coffee maker. We found my Nana's old coffee pot in some camping gear that we got this past summer and have put the pot to use. Hubby makes the best darn coffee....must be a guy thing. I can never get the coffee right. That old coffee pot has found new life in our house.

I love the pumpkin photo.....very festive.

((((Hugs))) to you and your hubby. Have a lovely evening......and Happy Halloween.

Donna Boucher said...


annie d said...

I love the entire "coffee" experience. Wrapping my fingers around the warm cup, leaning in to feel the warmth on my face on a cold day...just sitting with friends and finding comfort.
P.S. I"m an oncology nurse and if dear hubby is taking Temodar, there usually isn't a lot of nausea. I'm praying he'll do well.

Jen said...

I bet the pumpkins are wonderful.


brneyedgal967 said...

Love the jack-o-lantern ... it is definitely rustic and perfect! Soooo funny that he ate all of the apple crisp, perhaps that's a message that you should cook/bake more often! Obviously you're good at it - who knew?

Sorry to hear about the yucky chemo. I pray it works for him, he's strong and glad you have such a great hospital nearby (John Hopkins) for doctors!

Ellen said...

What time will the coffee be ready tomorrow?

What a thoughtful husband. Even though his illness and recovery, he takes the time to take care of you! A real keeper.

Hilary said...

You're such a model of strength and grace.

I'm glad your new home is calming and that you're settling in so nicely. I'll keep thinking best thoughts that your husband doesn't feel poorly with this chemo.

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Oh man, you had me craving Apple Crisp all day long! I make cowboy coffee every morning for my DB...I have been buying the same brand of coffee for seven years and I just put the grinds into a pot of boiling water and pull it off right away, filter and voila! DB's very favorite coffee. We actually own a coffee maker but he doesnt like that plain old simple coffee. Sometimes, the best things in life are the little things that make our heart glow or that make us smile. I like the "old school" pumpkins too. They are kind of scary! lol I think I might make a carrot cake instead of the apple...just for the cream cheese icing (thats how we do it up here in Canada!)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I do love his pumpkin! He's charming. My husband makes coffee for me in the mornings as well. It is indeed a most wonderful way to wake up! We are spoiled ladies! But lucky ones.

Egghead said...

I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee but alas I don't like the taste without dumping a bunch of sugar in it. But I do drink tea and hot chocolate and I love the feeling of that warmth. So glad that this place is a haven for you and hubby. Kyla took Temodar and although she was sick once the medications they give you for nausea work wonders...we had to try two different types before we landed on the right one. Same for other types of stronger chemo later. She really did well. I know exactly what you mean about wishing for the old normalcy. I had to change my way of thinking to this is my normalcy now. Hard I know. Love and hugs for both of you.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummmm I will absolutely come for coffee as I have never had that kind... (yeah sheltered I guess)
I feel the smae when bloggers come by... I so wish they could come in real life... and me go to see them too... Big hugssssss and prayers

Rathna said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but the aroma sounds heavenly. Hey You are very luck!! your husband is preparing it for you,i never got the chance so far.And the pumpkin looks great!

Anonymous said...

I Miss you too Kate...I miss seeing you with that small coffee cup for some extra coffee in the morning.

Picket said...

Morning girl....I love the old fashion craved look on a pumpkin. I am so glad you feel at home in your new place....I cannot begin to imagine all that you are facing right now but I pray that God will touch and move in your behalf and that things make a quick turn around...Happy Halloween friend.

Country Girl said...

I got coffee in bed this morning. At 6:30. I think someone wanted me to get up!
He wanted to show me that he found our house on GoogleEarth, so that was cool. He just walked by and asked me why I was crying.
I told him that all these people that write me are so nice. There's even an oncology nurse (hello and welcome to Annie D), and that these people make me feel good and well, it made me cry.
I know. I'm a dork. It's still dark outside. But the coffee is good and strong and we're going outside to sit with the jack-o-lanterns for a little bit.
Have a great day, everyone!

Country Girl said...

I miss you, too, Lori!! And today is the Halloween Parade. I don't think I've EVER missed that. Take some pictures for me, ok?

womaninawindow said...

What a gift you are, you and your husband's coffee, that big window and what you see. I'm hoping the best for you guys. Sending up positive energy right from my toes.

debbie peterson said...

You know I heard pink is popular in kitchens!!!REALLY. I have been looking at sites on new kitchen trends and I saw that.I love coming to your home,I can smell the coffee,The pumpkins look great,and you have a trendy kitchen....Keep the Faith,Enjoy everyday

Daryl said...

Okay .. very important that you know you can buy that Mellita pot online at Melitta or however its spellllllet. I know this because before I went to the awesome Cruisinart drip I have I used Melitta's glass drip pot! I still buy my filters from them ..

Okay .. aside from that ...

Love the pumpkin ... and you!


TSannie said...

In the midst of everything the good comes through.
What a lovely post, Kate!

olivia said...

LOL ... I have also been craving apple crisp since your post!

And now coffee ... manually brewed, oooh (I thought French press was the peak ... mmmm) and of course, a George. Got to get me one of those too ... ;-)

ELK said...

I'll be right over for the coffee and I will bring MORE apple crisp~
hang in there dear!

Starwoodgal said...

I'm the coffee maker in my house. I get up everyday at 6:00 AM so I can have a hour to myself, alone, with my coffee. :)

I haven't made the apple crisp yet, but I'm going to make it this weekend. Yummy!

We're keeping y'all in our prayers. I think of you everyday as my photo by Kate sits on the shelf by the TV.

Happy Halloween!

Kelly said...

Oh, I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee! There's nothing better than waking up to the wonderful aroma of described it so well that I am smelling it too (lol)!! What a wonderful husband you have!

I glad you are settling in so nicely and the your home has such a "calming" feeling for you guys. I know that's so important!!

Deb said...

Is the french brewed glass pot like the mellita pot? It makes wonderful coffee and I think the aroma is stronger than drip coffee. Do you like the flavored creams? I like the seasonal ones and right now I have peppermint mocha.
Just remember...some middle aged lady in Atlanta is sending prayers your way.

Shimmy Mom said...

I like the pumpkin too. Your hubby has my prayers. My hubby's partner that was recently re-diagnosed is on the oral chemo. It makes him a little sick, but mostly it just makes him tired. He's still working full time. Sorry it has to be for a whole year, but hopefully, your's won't have much of a side effect either.
Have a Happy Halloween!

Sue said...

How many people can say that they have 32 friends over for coffee in the morning!! I thought about you and your husband last night while reading the new AARP bulletin. There was an article on the surgeon/scientist from Johns Hopkins who came across the border from Mexico at 19, got caught and sent back, came back the next day. From migrant farm worker to college to Harvard!! To being head of surgery for brain tumors...How inspiring...And he's so young. It shows anybody can become anything with hard work and determination....Have a Happy Halloween!

Mary said...

I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste... but I can see how it would be wonderful to wake up to. I love that jack o' lantern -- rustic is totally wonderful. :)

Wishing you a day filled with sunshine!

Starwoodgal said...

PS - I posted my ghost story today for Halloween. check it out

Maria said...

I ask my cat every morning to make me some coffee hoping that she'd surprise me one day, but...hasn't happened yet. Coffee is always the best when someone else makes it-especially first thing in the morning.

I love your husband's jack-o-lantern. Sounds like this is a good place for you and your husband and George. Continued best wishes and Happy Halloween. ;-)

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Love the jack o'lantern! Kudos to your DH!
Coffee is one of the pleasures of my day. I like it strong and hot, but have become used to a bit of creamer.
This was a lovely post, Kate, in every way. I'm keeping both you and your DH in my prayers.

Annie said... the smell of your hubby's coffee, Kate...I can smell it from here in Australia!

I love that "you are where you are meant to be"

God Bless you both!

Prayers from Oz, Annie

dlyn said...

Coffee is life. Is that an exaggeration? I don't think so.

Still got you guys in my prayers every day - blessings, strength, healing, joy. All the good stuff. (((Kate)))

Ellie said...

Wow…. I too have lot's of such great memories of family & home to share with you.

Rosezilla said...

Things sound a little better. Gotta stop and smell the coffee, eh? I'd much rather smell it than drink it - but it smells wonderful.