Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Point blank

I would love to tell you that I had a lovely day today. I really would.

But that would be a lie.

You gotta take the bad with the good, though, right? And hey, nobody got hurt.

That’s how I look at things.

DSC_0880 copy 2

I actually wanted a drink after I came home from work today. A drinkie drink would help me calm down, I reasoned. But I’ve got these rules that help govern me. I made them up myself and am the sole enforcer. Some may say I have issues, but I could care less what others think about my issues.

The rules I’ve set for myself include no drinking during the week. Well, unless it’s a special occasion. And just because it’s Tuesday and I’m feeling sorry for myself does not constitute a special occasion.

Hey, it works for me.

Photoshop works for me, too. Besides, I don’t like using alcohol as a crutch.

Can Photoshop be a crutch?

DSC_0959 copy 2

Hello there, little moth with the chocolate chip eyes.

You know what? You really are all that and a bag of chips.

~ :: ~

I returned the 105mm macro lens to its rightful owner today and I’m here to tell you how much I’m really going to miss it.

At first, I found it cumbersome and heavy. But in the end, I found that I loved the depth and the clarity of the photos I was taking with it. It’s more versatile than the 60mm. All of the photos in this post were taken with the Nikkor 105mm 2.8 macro lens and were all hand held captures.

DSC_1015 copy 2

I love feathers.

DSC_0914 copy 2

And George loves his daddy. Here he is half in his dad’s lap.



What George doesn’t love is an intruder.

DSC_0193 copy 2

He found this cat cruising around our property and chased it up the dogwood tree in the backyard. It was several hours before it ventured down again.

George and Miss Blackie were double teaming it.

But it is a pretty little thing. And very photogenic.

And I really do love this lens.

Hope your day was a good one. I’m prayin’ that tomorrow . . . everything will be alright.


A New England Life said...

Oh Kate, I'd tell you about my day but it would depress you even more. It might actually make you have that drink after all. I know I sure could use one!

This morning I was actually looking at buying a new/used camera on Craigslist. Nikon D80 and D90. Hubby says I can get one if I want but I really don't see how it's in the budget. Your pictures are fabulous as always.


Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

I am praying the same prayer, both for you and me, my friend! I think I will pull out the macro tomorrow ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
It must be in the air. I had one of those days also. I work in a high school in the office......first day back with kids and teachers and nothing went right!
I walked my dogs after dinner and that seemed to help. I wish I lived near the water or in the country...peace and quiet is all I want.
Hope you have a better day tomorrow.
Kim :)

Country Girl said...

Wish I could write you but you're coming up no-comment@blogger. Exercise is always good for the spirits. It's better than spirits, I guess you could say!
Things were going wrong at school for me, too, but tomorrow's another day. Hope it gets better for you.

~ C.G.

Hilary said...

Must be a full moon......I had a difficult time today too.....let's hope for a better tomorrow.

Mary said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow! I think I self medicate with Photoshop quite often, especially when it's been a crazy busy day... LOVE that moth picture! I think I have lens envy! :)

becky up the hill said...

But I’ve got these rules that help govern me. I made them up myself and am the sole enforcer. Some may say I have issues, but I could care less what others think about my issues.
Bless your heart. If more people had these 'rules/issues' we'd have alot less trouble in the World.
I pray tomorrow is a better day. Kate. p.s. I love feathers too ;o)

Lili said...

If it wasn't for your amazing photography I would have never known about the chocolate chip eyes of the moth. You just reminded me, I have a fresh batch of raspberry liqueur that was due to be ready on 9/1, wish you could join me in a sample (on a weekend of course!) :) ~Lili

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We can commiserate--I had a bad day also. Bad couple of days in fact. It doesn't feel good to be misunderstood! That's all I'm sayin
Gorgeous photos--I love feathers too! After today, wouldn't it be nice to just float away on one? Had me a white peach sangria at Applebees--didn't help a bit!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate:
Love the photos! (I knew you'd love that 105!) Hoping you have a better day tomorrow.

Mary Lou said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day. So did I actually.
I do love the photos with that lens and I do think PS is a crutch. I don't drink so I use other things...
Feel better.

Cloudia said...

WXPN, what a stab from the past!

Your shots are breathtaking, hope tomorrow's better.

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Laura ~Peach~ said...


Lynell @ Just Two Farm Kids said...

I'm still waiting for my morning glories to bloom. I live in Minnesota and with the potential for the first frost approaching, they need to get going! Love the pictures and the lens!

Tammie said...

I've had a few of those days lately and today was no different. What's up with all us girls and the "no good very bad think I'll move to Australia days"? Great kids book if you haven't read it.
I like your drink rule. I might just have to implement it, might......maybe I should get Photoshop first.
Praying for better days tomorrow for us all.

Maria said...

Oh this post is funny to me. I came home from work today and immediately opened a bottle of prosecco. I just had to. Hahaha.

I love the description of your chocolate chip eyed moth. I tried to photograph the exact same sort of moth this past weekend but just got a back view. That's what every animal is doing these days when I get a camera near them. :-/

Hang in there.

Michelle said...

Love-love-love the photos of George (such luminous eyes!) and the cat! Sleep tight, and wishing you a better day tomorrow.

Jayne said...

That would be Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Love that book! "I think I'll move to Australia!" he shouts!

(((((Kate))))) hugs for a better day ahead.

SouthernSass said...

Man, it must be in the water, cause my day (actually past 2 weeks) have been rough. Notice my post today - its called "blue." I sure hope we all have a better day today!

Karen said...

That prayer is going around, I think. I'm saying it for all of us on your blog today :-)

LOVE THE FEATHER>>> you give me so many ideas.. is that terrible?

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi K,
You are so right we mix the good with the bad and hope the results = OK!!! Sometimes it does seen we have a thunder cloud over our heads....Good for you taking your day by the horn great pictures...
love the moth,
Madi and Mom

BB said...

I hear ya! Same my end - only pictures aren't quite so purty. Hugs.

Candice Michele said...

Nice pics. I just had a bad day too. I thought about taking pictures to make it better, but I think there's going to be writing and music, as walking outside would involve getting out of my pj's. Have a better day today. :)

Daryl said...

Oh poor Jack-like kitty .. orange kitties are so sweet .. did he have a collar? I hope it found its way home ..

And now do I want to start jonzing for a bigger macro?

JacksDad said...

Well, that is one surefire Cheshire cat if I've ever seen one! :)

GailO said...

Looks like I'm the only one who didn't have a bad day yesterday:) ...still had that glass of wine at the end of the day though:)

Hope today is better Kate!
xo and extra ooo's

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Kate, Some days are just like that...even in Australia :) I love that little book also! I think it's just plain difficult to get back on track after an extra day off :) Hang in there...and set out an extra special bottle of bubbly for Friday evening :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Yeah, mine was kind of a downer too. But photos like this brighten my day. They make me feel as alive as one can feel, seeing the intricacies of nature and all their glorious textures.

Jill of All Trades said...

Pretty kitty...oh and let's not forget Mr. George. Hope tomorrow is better.

mrs mediocrity said...

There was something in the air on Tuesday, I was so stressed I ended up having a good cry. But I survived. I adore that first morning glory shot.
And the feather, and George and the kitty. Poor kitty. Bet he'll think twice before he comes for another visit...

Kerri Farley said...

As I'm late in reading this - I hope your week improved my friend!! You got some WOWZER shots here!!

The JR said...

Great pictures! I've been out if you couldn't tell. Am catching up now.