Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Sunday in January

It’s been a beautiful weekend so far and here at the old manor house on the hill we’re watching the Baltimore Ravens play the Houston Texans in a home game today. Actually, I’m not watching at all, and had to look up to see who Baltimore was playing. I’m really not into football but I like the background noise that it makes. It’s kind of comforting.

My blogging friend, Caroline, {Constantly Evolving} introduced her readers to a new set of actions that are a really good deal. I purchased a set with 24 different offerings for only $25 at K. Miller Photography.

Thanks, Caroline ~

All of the photos in this post, with the exception of the last, were processed using the Chunfen action set. An action is a recording of a sequence of commands and operations in Photoshop. So rather than perform ten or more different things, you simply press a button and then adjust accordingly. I love actions.

K. Miller Photography

DSC_2108 copy 2

I used Tinto to process this one with the house in the background. I was standing in the little woods in front of the house. I love the radial blur and the softness.

DSC_2130 copy 2

The rest of the shots in this post were taken inside. It’s cold out there today! These are some of the books that are piled up on the built-in library shelves in the room we use as our living room. I guess I have a lot of books on Maine. I think I used Balla Lite and Harvest on this one, turning off some of the layers on the latter.

That’s a Lotta L’s in that last sentence.

DSC_2065 copy 2

If my walls look rustic, it’s because they are a little bit. The action brought it out some.

DSC_2056 copy 2

I thought the play of light through the lace curtains looked pretty here in the dining room. I didn’t stage anything for these shots – I don’t think I’m all that great at that sort of thing. And yes, I have feathers tied with a bow.

DSC_2058 copy 2

When we find feathers on the ground, I steam them over a tea kettle of boiling water to clean them. I don’t remember which action I used on the dining room shots but I believe it may have been Balla Lite.

DSC_2054 copy 2

This is a sweet present from my friend, Margie, who teaches art at our school. She made this for me, using things she found and modeled it after a prototype we found at ABC Home & Carpet in NYC. There’s a photo {here} of the original. I love this gift.

DSC_2167 copy 4

Tinto used on Margie’s gift and the photo above of the geraniums in the dining room. When I first downloaded my actions from this set, I wasn’t sure if I really liked them. But once I began playing with the layers, I changed my mind. Tinto has a layer with a lot of red in it and I lowered the opacity considerably for this one.

DSC_2177 copy 2

The mantle in the dining room where I have a couple of framed prints. The wave image is a recent purchase from someone who comments on my blog. I had no idea she had an etsy shop and fell in love with this print.

CheyAnne Sexton on Etsy

DSC_2160 copy 2

And finally, my little buddy on one of my newest acquisitions, a rug from my friend, Hilary, at Crazy as a Loom. George thinks it’s a really soft place to lie but I’m planning on using it for myself, where I stand to wash the dishes. Sorry, George.

Crazy as a Loom Rugs

The sun is shining and it’s beautiful here in Maryland, and quite cold which is as it should be for a day in January. This time last year, we had snow on the ground. Here’s a link to the post, below.

Winter arrives on silvery-toed slippers

: : :

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .
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Denise at Autumn Sky said...

You packed this post full with so many nice nice nice photos! And I have to say, I love the green shelves you showed. I will go back through this when I have more time.

Christie - Fine Lines said...

I love Crazy as a Loom, too. I'd have a hard time in the kitchen without my favorite woven potholders!!

Hilary said...

George is saying......but.....but......but........

I do think George should have his very own, and Roy agrees.

tj said...

...Oh my, there's gorgeousness around every corner here. :o)

...I too am listening to the football as I work upstairs in my sewing room and yes, there's something comforting about the noise of it all. My husband is the big football fan and I of course, get to hear all the play by plays. *sigh* Oh, and btw, "GO PACKERS!" And that's it. ;o)

...I so long for bookshelves. I love 'em. And my fav' photo is the one of the geraniums in your dining room window. Did I tell you I so long for a dining room too? I do.

...Such lovely things you have from such lovely people. I love Crazy As A Loom's work. She's got it goin' on I'm telling ya. And I think George looks quite smashing on that rug! Love you George. ;o) Love you too Kate. ;o)

...Enjoy your Sunday. :o)

...Peace & Blessings

tj said...
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tj said...

...I agree that George should have his own rug. A nice black & white one would be cute. Just sayin'. ;o)

Kacey said...

Love seeing a slice of your house...and of course, I smile at George. Always.

Reena said...

Always enjoy little tours of your home ... and love that rug .. .Hilary does such great work!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Beautiful shots. I love the daily dose of joy.

Karen said...

I love Hilary's "stuff"... have a jeans rug upstairs in the hall... George looks quite handsome and proud of HIS acquisition.

Coooold here too. As it should be. drat.

JC said...

Love the rug. Been thinking of getting one myself. On my things to do list. We've had snow all day which isn't normal for the Seattle area. Your photos are great today.

Nellie said...

It is easy for me to see that I will be wanting a better camera sometime soon, if I'm going to keep this up! Your pictures are wonderful, Kate! Oh, enjoy your day tomorrow!

wayne15575 said...

I really love that capture of the light through the lace. Beautiful.

beth said...

but it looked warm and cozy inside your house....and it's amazing how you and actions seem to get along so well....xoxo

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Great photos! I especially love the stack of books in your library! And George is a cutie pie - that goes without saying!

It's January allright and it's flipping cold in Maine tonight! LOL!!! It's 2 degrees!!! We came up for the long weekend, and it's been really relaxing to get away and clear the cobwebs from my mind!

Have a great week!


Cloudia said...

mmmm sharp shadow on the wall. . . . and GEORGE!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Mental P Mama said...

I wanna come over and hang out;)

jinxxxygirl said...

So lovely to see around your home and the wonderful things you purchased online and on Etsy. Its so great that you support them.

Georgianna said...

Hi Kate, Beautiful collection of images – I love the one with the shadows on the wall most of all. :) Glad your week is off to a great start. We have snow but I hope not for long (lovely to look at, yucky to drive in). :)

xo – g

Lili said...

I would just love to plunk myself down in your living room and peruse all those books on Maine. Between all your beautiful new acquisitions, those incredible lacy curtains and that wonderful new rug from Hilary (and of course George AND YOU) it has such an atmosphere of comfort. Also I never thought about it before, but having the game on in the next room IS kind of a comforting sound (I never watch the games either.) xo ~Lili

Kerri Farley said...

What a cozy home you have!!

mrs mediocrity said...

really lovely, the photos, the actions, and your home.

we've had snow, and bitter cold, but tomorrow it is supposed to rain.


JaneK said...

woohoo! look at me, I'm commenting again :)

once again, you've made ordinary things seem romantic and not so ordinary (cue CSNY music...)

never thought to steam a feather, I just wash them but that kind of ruins them.... aren't you clever! I wish i could be inside your creative brain just for a day so I know what it is like: sigh.... said...

Love the new header for your blog. It's very you! Love your photos! Love George! We just got a new puppy after 12 years without a dog. Falling in love with dogs all over again.

Caroline said...

Ohhhh these photos are so awesome...and don't you love those actions? I am having too much fun playing with them. Hope you had a relaxing weekend! xo

The JR said...

Great pictures. I really luv that little rug.

Sarah said...

There's a reason your blog is the first thing I read when I turn on my computer each morning. Love the glimpses into your home and life. You are a wonder with the actions. Mine always look overdone! Also loved getting a peek at your books. I have Many Lives, Many Masters too and read it every couple of years.

Mary said...

We had a little dusting of snow overnight, but the temps are going up today...

I love all these images from your day, especially the beautiful shadows and the beribboned feathers. :)

I'm going to check out those actions. Because I surely need more actions. Well, not really. But I can't help myself. ;)

Daryl said...

George has a nice butt warmer there .. I should get one for Rose so the $$$$ pillow she has in her cat cave can go back on my chair and warm my butt

Cait O'Connor said...

Two of my favourite things, border collie and rag rug. Both are just gorgeous.

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Jill of All Trades said...

You may not know how to set up things to photograph but you definitely have a very artistic eye. I love your photography and that photoshop stuff I don't have any idea of how to use. I have to come here to enjoy such beauty.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Pretty, pretty, especially the lovely curtains. And, George, of course. Although, he's more handsome than pretty.

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