Monday, February 4, 2013

No shame

I was so out of sorts yesterday. I have never given a whit as to who wins the Super Bowl, and I’m ashamed to say that although our home team, the Baltimore Ravens, were playing in yesterday’s game ~ I was still not all that excited over it.

I have no shame over this.

The hype is so over-the-top, and after that Go Daddy commercial aired the first time, I buried myself in my book until my husband went to bed and Downton Abbey came on.

Everything seemed to annoy me yesterday and going to the local WalMart at mid-day didn’t help matters any. I would have gone to the regular grocery store, but there were a few things I needed at the big store, which was the only reason I went. I find it irksome that people wear their pajamas and their bedroom slippers in public. And I find it highly annoying when there’s no room to navigate through all the end-caps and displays in the center aisles of this store. My usual cheerfulness was rapidly being replaced by someone I didn’t recognize, so I made a trip to the licorice store on the way home.

It helped somewhat.

I snapped a minimum of photos to share.


2013-02-03_11-59-46_83 copy 2

Heading down the driveway while the sun is shining.

We got an inch of snow on Saturday night.



2013-02-03_12-48-22_715 copy 2

And coming back up after shopping, as the clouds began gathering.



DSC_7330 copy 2

After giving the kitchen window a good cleaning, I took some photos from it. 99% of the bird action is out the breakfast nook windows but we’ve got them covered in plastic to keep in the warmth.



DSC_7333 copy 2

Today was no better, frankly. But luckily, I don’t seem to stay in this mode for long. Tonight I made bangers and mash for dinner and it was delish, if I must say so. Everyone had seconds, which is always a compliment.

The new season of Smash begins tomorrow night and I’m psyched for that to start again. Downton Abbey is still my favorite, though.

Hoping you all have a good week. We may get a little more snow tonight, which makes me glad. Until next time then ~

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Caroline said...

Walmart depresses me...I can't go in there. I swear it makes me feel so sad inside (and for what is happening to out nation...). Anyway, bangers and mash sounds so good right now...oh I wish I could have some!!! Hope tomorrow is sunny and bright and all that stuff...LOL. Hugs...xoxo

Bluebird49 said...

My new obsession is Downton Abbey! After that--it's Hulu Plus..lots of shows I missed or hubby wouldn't deign to look at--I am really en- joying.
I've been a real witch lately--I sort of know why, and I'm trying to work through it. I need to stop by the licorice store--but wouldn't you know--in our little hamlet-it closes at 6 and I didn't get out. So no candy here--(well--maybe some mini Snickers(--but no way does that work like a mini licorice!
I miss you when you don't post--I love to come here and chat and see what you have put up for us to see!
NO SUPER BOWL in my world anymore---thank the good Lord!

Michelle said...

Must have been making the rounds; my whole weekend was like that. No time to myself, and grumpy because of it. But this afternoon redeemed it; I unexpectedly got an afternoon all to myself! Rode my horse, checked email and blogs; sipped hot drinks....

it's me said...

I have days like that--too many lately--thought it was just the age. Wal Mart makes me sad too.
I love the titmouse photo.

Sheila said...

I agree with you on the "pajamas in public"; maybe it's our age :) Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful images.

Hilary said...

You are very brave......I can't tolerate the nonsense in Walmart, or the majority of the people that go there.
So I don't.
Everybody is entitled to have a day like that now and then.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You went to the licorice store and not the liquor store?

Any trip to Walmutant demands a trip to the liquor store.

I can't stand the people in the scooters. They get out and walk to their cars. LAZY does not even begin to describe it.

I'm slowly becoming a Downton fan myself, it's very well done.

Hopefully the week will get better. February is just an overall aggravating month.

Country Gal said...

I get like this to , there are just days that I am irked and don't know why and certain things just drive me nuts at the time ! Oh bangers and mash for supper YUMMY ! Yes Downton Abby is my fave to . As for football I couldn't care less for and neither does Papa lol ! Wonderful photos ! Have a good evening !

JaneK said...

Ohhhhh....... I was sooooo extremely grumpy last week; Walmart would have pushed me right off the cliff! And, yea, what Chesapeake Bay Woman said: totally liquor and not licorice!
Go daddy commercial complete infuriated me.
Your pictures on the other hand make me smile.....

Here's to a better week all around!!!

Anonymous said...

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Gone Country said...

First off, what are bangers and mash?

Second, I agree with the pajamas & slippers. I mean really? You're out in public people!!!

Also, I don't think you're alone on having irksome days. I get like that too for some reason that seems to elude me. I try not to let it affect others though... Not always easy!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Merisi said...

I still remember the shock when the morning paper brought the headline that the Ravens had left town during the dark of night.

That GoDaddy commercial is disgusting in so many ways. Yikes! I love the farmer and the Clydesdale ones, though.

Wishing you a cheerful week,

Merisi said...

P.S.: I noticed that "bangers and mash" - must be under the influence of Downton Abbey, I suppose. ;-)

Annie said...

Funny how how moods can change so quickly from one day to the next.
I was a little depressed at times today after having a relatively good mood of late. Very strange, especially as there have been floods and cyclones and power outages to contend with. The adrenalin must carry one along for a while!
The snow is making me homesick for some cool winter weather, I am getting a little tired of summer, although the weather has become much better, and slightly cooler.
Thinking of you.

Cheryl said...

Dear Kate..
How you could have gone to the Walmart when you were already feeling a bit down is more than I can imagine. You have strength, girl!!
Your photos, as always, are just stunning. The little titmouse is sweet. Do you remember what lens you had on the camera?
I hope the week is picking up!

Cheryl said...

Dear Kate..
How you could have gone to the Walmart when you were already feeling a bit down is more than I can imagine. You have strength, girl!!
Your photos, as always, are just stunning. The little titmouse is sweet. Do you remember what lens you had on the camera?
I hope the week is picking up!

Sharon said...

I do all I can to avoid Walmart.

And I hate the clogged center aisles. These are sized for emergency exits and I don't know how they avoid fines from the fire inspector. Can you tell I am an architect? ;)

I read somethings on Twitter about a big game. ;)

MrsB said...

I am going on 2 years without stepping in a WalMart.

Try a Super Target - they have most of what you want from Wal-Mart plus a better grocery store.

abb said...

Beautiful photos as always. You have such an eye!

beth said...

we watched the game, mostly for the commercials and ewwww, the go-daddy commercial made me throw up.
choosing to read a book was a very good choice on your part !

have you heard the paul harvey commercial though? now that is worth googling !!

you are so lucky to live in such a beautiful spot....i'm jealous !

Anonymous said...

The Go Daddy commercial literally made me nauseous. Yuk! But the Dodge (farmer) and Clydesdale commercials left me in tears.

Walmart frustrates me as well. Sometimes I go there, but try to go there very early in the morning when there aren't as many people. People amaze me with what they wear in public. Not only the PJ's and slippers, but also showing way more than I care to see. I don't think I am a prude, but I believe you should dress the way you want people to see you and in turn treat you.

I love your pictures... especially the driveway ones. Looks like the way to a paradise.

I hope you are feeling better. I always feel better after a walk in a quiet place, usually with my honey (meaning my dog, ;).

thotlady said...

Lovely photos and I also love Downton Abbey.

Low Tide High Style said...

Hate I never go there otherwise I would be cranky! ;) I did watch the game, but missed that commercial. Even when you are not happy your pictures are always joyful!

xo Kat

Daryl said...

didnt watch the stupid bowl (you stole that from me ... saw you use it in reena's or hilary's blog comments) or the commercials ... i am not sure what i was doing .. maybe editing pix or answering emails ..

as Cher said SNAP OUT OF IT!

Nellie said...

I can't remember the last time I was in Wal-Mart. I much prefer Target.

Did you REALLY see someone shopping in pajamas and slippers? That is just unthinkable!

I like your pictures of the snow. We had a little here both on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but it was gone by midday both days.

Julie Hargreaves said...

Beautiful little bird

Jo Barnes said...

Well you may have been feeling out of sorts but you made me laugh - I really was expecting to read liquor store, not licorice!

there's a supermarket local to me, in Wales, who made the news last year for banning customers in their pyjamas. About time! Is it so hard to pull on a pair of jeans?

Carolynn Anctil said...

We all have our evil twin - in fact, my husband and I have named ours. It helps to break the spell - sometimes.

(aka Coraline)
A Glowing Ember

Anonymous said...

When you have seen all of Downton Abbey (we watched it all through Amazon Prime), we found another British series we loved. It's called "Lark Rise to Candleford". It was on four years, ending in 2011. It's totally different than Downton. Getting great reviews on Amazon. "Mr Bates" is in it.
Love your blog....beautiful photography, beautiful dog and love the way you write/think. Just found it a few weeks ago. Thanks.

Mary Ann said...

I hope you're feeling a bit better. I'm sorry your husband is feeling down.
Thanks for sharing your real self and not just the happy stuff. I think it helps to know we're all human and in this crazy life together.
I just started watching Downton Abbey and love it.
Have you ever seen "Call the Midwife" another great PBS series. The second season starts this month. If you love Downton Abbey I'm pretty sure you'll love Call the Midwife. It's based on the memoirs of a nurse from the 1940's. It's so well done. Make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

GailO said...

Shopping in Walmarts can bring anyone down:)

I didn't care who won the super bowl but we watched with friends and it was an exciting game...meanwhile we played commercial bingo... an exciting life I lead:)

I think we will all feel better when some nice spring weather and more sunlight comes around!

Lili said...

I forgot about that game and was reminded while doing my shopping trying to figure out why they were out of croissants...they looked at me like I had 5 heads when I couldn't figure it out and asked the bakery lady why! Ahhh well! As usual, your little birdie pics made me sigh. xo

The JR said...

I couldn't even tell you who played.
Care NOTHING about football.