Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh, what a day

I would not venture to say that today was a good day. It was extremely busy at school. Two people told me I looked ‘tired’. I got much done and by 3 PM was ready for a nap. At the end of the day, I stopped in the ladies room and looked into the mirror as I washed my hands.

I’m sure we’ve all done this – had this image of ourselves only to be surprised at the reflection in the mirror. Had my hair really been this bad all day long? No wonder people were telling me I looked tired. I did look tired. Earlier today, two people patted me on the back and one asked if there was anything he could do to help me.

What the what?


DSC_7425 copy 2

Like my friend, Daryl, says . . . I need to snap out of it.

:   :   :

Speaking of snapping – I took the above image from my front door this morning. I was running late (mainly because I wanted to stay in bed in the soft, warm covers and so I did) when I saw this beautiful red glow coming from the living room windows as I walked by. And not only was there the red glow, but purple and blue too. Because I was in a hurry, I grabbed the camera and didn’t change the lens. This was taken hand-held with my 60mm macro lens set to shutter mode as low as it would go to compensate for the lack of light while trying to stay as still as possible to get a sharp picture.

I like that you can see the lights of the houses at the bottom of the hill, too.

:   :   :

Today three packages came in the mail. Two were gifts (thank you, Daryl and Hilary) and one was a purchase I made from Photojojo. On the advice of a friend, I bought a Pop-Up Flash Bounce. It was thirty bucks and well worth the money spent.


DSC_7444 copy 2

I know I’ve told you before how much I loathe in-camera flash shots but this changes it up quite nicely for very little money. Per the instructions, I took all of the photos here on manual mode, using my 18-70mm lens, f 3.5, 1/200, adjusting the ISO from 800-2000, as needed.

You also need to up your flash exposure compensation. I took mine up to +1 but I probably could have gone to +3 on a couple of these. Nikon users need to set their cameras to Spot Metering Mode and make sure that the flash is set to TTL metering.

If it sounds like I know what I’m talking about, I only do because I googled how to do some of this. And it was seriously easy.


DSC_7452 copy 2

I love how they turned out and will definitely be using this baby the next time I’m forced to take indoor shots with low light.


DSC_7457 copy 2

George can’t help thinking that I want to play with him, especially when I’m lying on the floor. He brought me his super squirrel which is one of my favorite toys, too because it’s like a sling shot. (I had the ISO upped too high in the photo above).


DSC_7465 copy 2

This one is my favorite. Low light, all the settings above, while using that sweet little pop-up bounce flash. I fiddled with the ISO to get just the right look. Thanks to Beth for telling me about this little tool. You can get it here:



Pop-up Flash Bounce from Photojojo


:   :   :

ps – going to bed early. I don’t want to look tired tomorrow.

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Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

"Snap out of it!"(followed by two slaps to the face) is one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies, Moonstruck. It was on just the other night, absolutely love it.

That's a pretty nifty little gadget too, for very little money. If I knew anything about what you were talking about, I'd get one too. As it is, I only do Auto mode. Sigh.

Reena said...

Just catching up on your week's posts. Oh my, what a week! So loved your poem, filled with honesty and heartache. Sending a huge hug. xoxox
Oh, and I also just ordered the flash bounce. George's images are awesome!

Country Gal said...

Awesome photos ! I to like to play with taking indoor photos, setting this that way and what not sometimes you can get really cool shots . I am yet to get that little flash gadget one day but I do more out door photography then indoor really . I always look tired part of my anemia . oh well it is what it is lol ! Hope you have a good day !

becky up the hill said...

Wow on the photo's..but man oh man, on those built in book shelves and deep window sills. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a neat little gadget. George looks fabulous as always and I love the green cupboards in your home. Poifectly poifect.

mrs mediocrity said...

George is just so handsome.

My husband took our dog for a walk this evening and the dog got freaked out about something and tried to jump into a frozen pond.... with very thin ice. Fortunately it was the the shallow end.... But it sure added a little excitement to the night!

Cloudia said...

Honey, this time of year we are ALL tired! And I work at home!
You sure do know about photography. I'm just changing the settings on my nikon point/shoot and +/-.

LOVE George, and that you play on the floor with him. Kitty and I mirror each other by laying on our sides facing: we're the comma twins in parenthesis!

Sending YOU Aloha
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a dog with such an expressive face! What would we do without our pets, who give so much and ask so little in return. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos. I wish you well.

Barbara said...

I hate those moments when I look in a mirror and realize what I really look like. Ugh. But I have one of those flash bouncers and love it! Well worth the money!

BB said...

Really? Never seen that piece of equipment... looks FABULOUS. Am a big fan of the bounced flash. Only ever used a slide-on flash to do it... will totally look into this!

Did you EVER get either of my calendar packages????

Hilary said...

You are always downplaying your photography skills.
Silly're awesome!!!
And EVERYONE gets to have a bad hair/looking tired day.
This too shall pass.
Take it from me.

Jamie said...

If I ever manage to get my grown-up camera I'm going to get one of these flash bounce thingys. It's good that I don't deal with the public in my line of work, I'd probably scare them away with my I'm-too-tired-and-blah-to-make-myself-presentable look these days. I blame the winter.

beth said...

YEAH....i'm so glad you bought it, used it and loved it and know that it will help in some of those ugly low light much less frustration :)

i play with mine. i walk around the house taking useless photos, using the bouncer-not using the bouncer-using the bouncer-not using the bouncer.....just to see the difference and what it's capable of doing.

have fun !!!

beth said...

ps....i have literally scared myself by looking in the mirror at myself....especially while traveling. the lighting in the airport bathrooms i think are fixed to make you look awful !

Daryl said...

if i felt confident enough to set the camera on manual i would get one of those .. maybe sometime when we are out photo hunting you can show me .. i learn better doing vs reading

the books got there already? that is amazing. xo

Sharon said...

I love that you got catchlights in George's eye.

Once I got my external flash, I never looked back. I even use it outside to open up the shadows.

Photokismet said...

I've got to get me one of these! The shots came out great! And, yes, why is it I think I look decent in the mirror at home and then catch myself in the bathroom mirrow at work and see a clown?! Yikes! Again, all beautiful shots! Happy weekend to you!

Hilary said...

I try to avoid mirrors. They don't allow me my illusions. The lighting does indeed look great in those shots.

The JR said...

That's a cool gadget.

So glad you posted some pictures of my Most Favorite George!

Photokismet said...

PS - Just place an order for the flash bounce. AND just caught some recent posts I've missed (I have no life during the week...ugh!). It's good to vent, it's healthy...I do it all the time. In fact, I think some people have actually seen steam coming from the vent at times. Love every single one of your posts!!! Hugs! And Olive Garden is the best...along side Red Lobster.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Wow, love those shots of George! He's the perfect model. I'm envious of your new flash. It's impossible for me to take indoor shots with my little pocket camera. One day, I'll graduate to a grown up camera.

I know what you mean about the mirror...lately, I've been feeling like I'm looking old. Ah well. Such is life.

A Glowing Ember

Anonymous said...

I just love George. He is such a handsome guy. I have a border collie as well, but she is a blue merle. Much softer looking, which is okay for a lady. They are so loving and expressive. I swear she understands every word I say.

And yes, sometimes it is just good to go to bed early. Sometimes very early...

dawnymarieeeee said...

seriously whenever someone would tell me and I worked with the public for thirty years "you look tired" it always translated to "you look like *ell" thank you very much you look so "perky" that comment gets to me - everyone please stop saying it LOL

dawnymarieeeee said...

btw - your dog is beautiful and wow he can pose - a naturale (it is a word, it is the old English spelling which I favour) my husband is disabled he has Multiple Sclerosis and complains ALOT - he does not realize he is doing it - it becomes a habit and he is a postive guy - we have a tween at home and I feel for him having to hear it the grumblings of a pained man - he loves him so no worries - hang in there - sorry that sounds ridiculous coming from someone who has been there for many years now - btw the picture of the Eagle is amazing my Son loves eagles and we have a webcam here of a local nest so soo cool you would love it (maybe) LOL

Sabrina Steyling said...

Oh, George. What a soul behind those expressive eyes!

Marian said...

Isn't the flash bounce terrific! i use it with my little grandsons all the time.

Smalltowngiggles said...

Love the sunrise shot. I don't have the opportunity of seeing or taking pics of sunrises.

Unknown said...

beautiful images....of course, I am partial to one in particular......smiles

thecatalanway said...

I love all those photos of George but especially the one of him looking for something on the chair. That is a picture that tells a story. The room looks like I could step in there right now and feel comfortable and at home. Love the cupboards and all the photos you have on the shelves. Just gorgeous. hope you sleep well and wake tomorrow to another fabulous sky. Thinking of you. Remember the feathers! Kx

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Ya, I've had those mirror surprises too! Scares me sometimes!

George is the perfect model!

Bluebird49 said...

I really wish I knew what I could get out of my little Canon Rebel xs. I just don't feel like I can learn any more! I know it sounds silly, but after having Fibromyalgia for 16 years, and some other stuff--I feel I can't take in things like I once did.(Plus I'm not in my 30s, I'm in my 60s!) I know you said you got a book about photography and all that, and I am so glad someone still can LEARN!
Frankly, I downloaded a game called Lexathon on my tablet to see if it would help my memory. A square with 9 letters in it--see how many words you can make int a certain time period--always using the middle letter in each.. I am getting better --so maybe there's hope!

The last picture of George would be a GORGEOUS oil painting, wouldn't it??! But it's adorable as is--he is just Gorgeous George!

Lili said...

Oh I love the mood of the last pic of George. He has such soulful expressions. Thanks for sharing about your bounce flash, I have often wondered about them for interior shots and did not realize they were pretty affordable. Great! xo

Acorn to Oak said...

I just followed a link from the "Crazy as a Loom" blog to read about the flash bounce. Thank you so much for sharing about this. I'm going to look into getting one. I hate flash pictures too but this looks like a good solution/alternative.

GailO said...

You work with some nice loving people Kate!

It is quite a coincidence to see you review that pop up flash bounce today because just this morning I was Googleing a diy flash bouncer I could use at the flower show this afternoon...I came up with an index card thingy but I do believe I will buy one of these bouncers instead:)