Monday, February 1, 2010


I’m excited to introduce you to a new site that was created and designed by my blogging friend, Dlyn. It’s a feast for the eyes and features nothing but decadent desserts.

Don’t worry if you’re on a healthy eating plan! It’s non-fattening when you’re only lookin’!

DessertStalking is the name of this beautiful site and the photography is oh, so good. Clicking on any one of the photos you see will take you directly to the blogger’s site where you will find step-by-step instructions.

Dessert Stalking site

It’s a proven fact that people love looking at food and I enjoy reading the recipes and gawking at the beautiful step-by-step directions.

“DessertStalking has a two-fold purpose. First, for those who just come to watch, it is a place to find all the sweet stuff that food blogs have to offer, in beautiful photography and great recipes, as well as reviews and conversations. Secondly, it’s a place for food bloggers and photographers to show their stuff and to drive a bit of traffic to their websites”.

~ From the info page, DessertStalking

I have entered two recipes on this brand new site and already have a list of desserts I plan on making for a special occasion. And honestly, who needs a special occasion when it comes to dessert? The site is only in its beginning stages but is already filled with scrumptious goodies. If you have a recipe that you’ve posted along with some beautiful photos, you can join and submit it. I look forward to seeing your submissions, if so!

And now I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Do you enjoy looking at blogs that offer step-by-step recipe instructions and the beautiful photos that go along with them?

2. Do you make your own desserts? If so, how often?

Hope your Monday is a good one. See you in the comments, my friends . . .


Country Girl said...

1. Do you enjoy looking at blogs that offer step-by-step recipe instructions and the beautiful photos that go along with them?
I've already admitted my secret passion for recipes and instructions that include photos. Unfortunately, I don't spend that much time in the kitchen but I have found a lot of recipes online that have become favorites for when I do.

2. Do you make your own desserts? If so, how often?
I only make desserts on special occasions or when I think my husband needs a pick-me-up or he's mad at me. I think sometimes he pretends to be mad at me just so he can get Dlyn's apple crisp which is one of my favorite recipes. And his!

~ C.G.

Ellen said...

I'll make sure to mention that blog to my doctor after I have my blood work this week and have my sugar and A1c checked. That blog looks dangerous!

1) I love looking at recipe blogs and the related photos. In fact, I prefer the ones with photos so I know what it's supposed to look like in the end.

2) I love to make my own desserts, but I try not to do it too often as it's not necessarily the best food choice for a diabetic!!

Donalyn said...

He is a very wise man Kate - I would pretend to be mad if someone made that apple crisp for me!

Thanks so much for the great review & I hope people will come and enjoy the site - it represents a lot of hard work by food bloggers from all over the world. I just give them a place to show off their stuff - they do the tough stuff.

Should I answer the questions? I think yes.

1. I DO enjoy looking at blogs that offer step by step instructions. A lot of the time, I am enjoying how the blogger has portrayed the action as much as the actual step.

2. We always have something baked at our house. Shocking eh?

thanks again my friend!

Mary said...

I have always loved looking at Donalyn's scrumptious recipes and beautiful photography. I can't wait to see the new site!

Yes, I love looking at all the wonderful recipes that people post online, along with their beautiful photos.

I occasionally make my own desserts. I used to make a lot more when I was young and skinny. lol

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

Oh dear, I must visit this blog and soon.

I do enjoy looking at blogs that have the step by step instructions and photos. Sometimes you get to a point where you aren't sure about something and those photos really help.

I make my own desserts weekly. My husband has a major sweet tooth. The richer and sweeter the better for him.

The Bramble Patch said...

Oh yes, I love looking at blogs with beautiful step by step instructions and photos.

I do make my own desserts. I am not that technologically savvy but I like to make what tastes good and is relatively easy.

Tonight I made an Orange Cake.

Anonymous said...

1) I love the step by step photos of recipes because I get a better idea of how they may taste instead of just reading the ingredients.

2) I make our desserts occasionally. When our 4 children were home I baked more often but baking for 2 is just 2 much!

I haven't made apple crisp in years and that is a good amount for two people.


Julie Harward said...

Yes I do...makes it easier. and I do make my own deserts..about every week and more if my kids will be coming! Thanks for sharing..come say hi :D

Hilary said...

I do love blogs with recipes and instructions, and in fact, I use the recipes quite often.
Desserts, ah, desserts. LOVE 'EM.
But I do try to restrain myself from making them all the time.
I am the BEST pie my family tells me.

Donna S. said...

1. Yes, I like looking at step by step instructions & especially like seeing what the end product looks like.
2. Occasionally.

Annie said...

Yes, I don't mind looking at food blogs occasionally when I stumble over them, (like pioneer woman), though I never get around to making anything.

Yes, I have been making fruit salad every night (while here in NYC for the family)...if you don't cut it up and put it in front of them they don't eat it! With yogurt..yum. Good n healthy.

Low Tide High Style said...

Yum! I will definitely check out that blog, though I fear it might not be a good idea! ;)

1. I don't visit cooking blogs as much as I should, I seem to make the same stuff over and over again. Maybe it's time to step out a little!

2. I don't cook elaborate desserts except when company is coming, but I do make homemade cookies and brownies when my son and husband request them.

Kat :)

Egghead said...

I love looking at recipe blogs with pictures. It makes me happy...and fat because I always have to try them.

So I try to control myself. I do make desserts for special occasions mostly but try to refrain otherwise because I will eat them.

But I will go check out this new site....looks like fun.

JacksDad said...


Do brownies from a box count as making your own? :)

bv said...

love ideas and beautiful pixs...
don't make sweets often, or never. the holidays are full of goodies but the rest of the year not...cuz i eat it all 'till it's gone.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE looking, reading, researching and finding recipe sites. One of my first sites I started following was Smitten Kitchen. Every once in awhile, I try to recreate and publish recipes on my blog. Not quite professional, but hey, someone has to do it!

I ALWAYS make my own desserts, that's the fun of finding food blogs - to try things out! I try not to make desserts too often, as I'm trying to lose weight. The downside of being a foodie!

I'll be looking forward to adding Dessert Stalker to my blogroll!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love looking at recipe blogs, but rarely cook from them. I love to cook but never measure anything!
My hubby loves to scan through recipes and follows them to a T!

We always have something baked. Last night it was a small cake. Tonight cookies. Yum :) Hubs is the baker, not me!

Kate, I wanted to invite you to a giveaway, since you always have so many wonderful "gives" for us!
Ariat Boots!! Just come to my site by 7pm Monday evening! Feel free to pass it on!
Have a wonderful Monday and give George a smooch from me!

alphabet soup said...

1) Yes. A great pastime reading cooking/food blogs

2) only occasionally from recipes but some sort of dessert/fruit/yoghurt/ricotta thing every day. It's a good finish to a meal at the end of a day.

Ms Soup

Flea said...

Oh man. Right off the bat that peanut butter fudge looks fantabulous.

1. Yes.

2. Yes. Not often enough.

Nurse Nancy said...

What a beautiful sight! In more ways than one. I love step by step directions when it comes to preparing food. And I think dessert is the best part of the meal. I make my own from scratch all the time and then try not to eat them!

Golden West said...

I love looking through cookbooks.

The last dessert I made was 4 days ago - your recipe for orange glazed cranberry cookies! I had run out of sour cream, so substituted yogurt instead and threw in a half bag of chocolate chips toward the end to stretch the batter a bit - love those cookies, Kate!

Daryl said...

I love watching cooking shows, I also like reading recipes but I dont cook .. ever .. never.. ever .. but I love this site.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I try not to make too many desserts Kate as they are so fattening. I have one or two party pieces - English trifle, almond tart, raspberry pavlove,
but other than that I try not to look!

The JR said...

I do enjoy looking at the step-by-step instructions and photo's. I think it's great that the bloggers take so much time to post these recipes and take such great pictures.

I do make my own desserts. Nothing fancy. Most of the cakes involve a mix. Why measure when they've done it for you. I like to make cookies as our main snack choice. We have several pies that we enjoy too. A new one we tried this year was a Walnut pie.

Anonymous said...

What a fun new site! Thanks for sharing!

1) love looking at recipe sites, especially if they have lovely photos to go along with the recipe

2) I am a baker. Rather bake than cook any day. If I can combine chocolate with baking, so much the better ;)

Joanne said...

I do enjoy looking at blogs with recipes and photos ... per chance to dream! I'm not much of a cook, so it's nice to see the possibilities of food. Clicked over from Carolynn's blog, enjoyed browsing here ...

Deb said...

All in all, I like the overall photo of the finished item rather than the step by step.
I make desserts rarelybecause if I make them on a regular basis, I will eat it all.

JC said...

Yes, I do follow a few food blogs. Love the photos and the details. I need details...

I don't cook often. My rule is that I can't buy a cookbook unless I make one thing from it. Last Summer I bought the Hershey's cookbook and made the dark cheesecake. Three layers ... delic.

Suzette said...

I absolutely DO enjoy blogs that show step-by-step photos. But, having said that...I always forget to document the recipe when I am going to blog about it. I figure I'm doing good to get one shot of the finished product! But, for those who are better organized than I...I really appreciate you! :)

Yes, I make my own desserts. I bake at least once a week, which is a lot for our little family. My daughter doesn't eat carbs (which explains her size zero wardrobe). So, I take sweets into work pretty often. They make me very popular!

Andi said...

Thanks for sharing! I am totally addicted to food blogs. And I am learning a lot to boot! I am a completely self taught baker and "cooker". I don't necessarily need step by step if the recipes are pretty straight forward. Anything that is too multi step oriented it is nice to be guided along. I don't have a computer in the kitchen so too many photos do me no good "in the process" but at least I can read before I start and have an idea what things should look like. I cook fresh nearly every night and bake a treat every weekend.

duchess_declutter said...

Oh my - I do love a good food blog - and with such luscious photos to match. To answer your questions - step by step instructions are good but not totally necessary IMHO. Usually because I don't tackle anything too difficult. I do make desserts occasionally but nothing too flash!

GailO said...

I will be going to check out that site next!...what a great idea...

I love looking at beautiful food photography...and reading the stories and recipies that go with it...I do feel guilty sometimes because I have so many recipes printed out and not enough time to make them all...

I love to make and eat desserts...but I try not to do it too often...