Saturday, May 15, 2010

My favorite catalog

If you’re like me, you probably get a lot of junk mail and catalogs in the mail. Most of it goes immediately into the recycle pile before I have a chance to see what’s on sale. This method helps me to save money, actually. What I don’t see, I don’t want.

Sometimes though, I keep catalogs out just for something to browse through when I have an idle moment. And one mailer that I never put into the recycle bin is the Isabella Catalog.

DSC_0547 copy 2

I love a good read, and the descriptions on the items they have for sale are reminiscent of the distinctive lifestyle merchandise of J. Peterman, if you’re familiar with that.

Isabella carries everything from jewelry to natural housekeeping products, to unique sorts of music.

DSC_0532 copy 2

I love the way their writers describe the items. I feel the urge to purchase this coffee flavored lip balm. I want to be perked up by the delicious flavors of chocolate hazelnut and caramel latte.

I could probably be cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for having tried more lip balms than appear in the world. I was a given a tube of Mobu Herbals balm a year ago and to date, it is still my #1 favorite for all categories: taste, feel, and performance (as in giving me outrageously soft, smooth lips).

~ From the catalog

DSC_0528 copy 2

I have found the most interesting music on this site. I’ve been meaning to buy Waterfall for years but I actually prefer and have the offering above this one. It’s Eva Cassidy’s Songbird which I first heard in 1997 while visiting Bar Harbor, Maine while on vacation with friends. I walked into a shop and her CD was playing. As I browsed, looking at all the shop had to offer, I knew I had to have that music. I bought it and remember playing it during the remainder of the vacation and all the way home.

DSC_0533 copy 2

I like the colors and the simple layout of Isabella.

DSC_0536 copy 2

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t an advertisement for the catalog. I just like their stuff, man. And for mosquito's and biting flies, this Bite Blocker (photo above) is one of my favorite products. It won’t harm your body and (you won’t believe this) it smells really nice.

DSC_0537 copy 2

I want these earrings. And the photos in this post do them no justice. The prices are fair, as well.

DSC_0538 copy 2 .

I adore coffee. I worship it in secret but let’s keep that between ourselves. Just reading the description of this press makes me want this even more.

Although it is a press, it works very differently from French Press. For one thing, French presses cannot make espressos or lattes. Just put a scoopful of your favorite coffee in the bottom, pour hot water in the top, and press the plunger. Within seconds, you’ve got a perfect cup of coffee or espresso.

~From the catalog

The website doesn’t cut it for me, though. I like the feel of the heavyweight paper, the colors, the simple layout ~ but most of all, I enjoy the descriptive writing of their offerings.

Here’s the link: Isabella Catalog

Disclaimer: I get no compensation from Isabella Catalog in any way or form for having written this post. I just happen to like what they have to offer. The catalog came earlier this week and I saved it for today to peruse.

Have a beautiful weekend, all. We’ve just had a lovely thunder storm come through here this evening. It had turned quite hot and steamy today but now is nice and cool. George is still a little shaky from the thunder and is sticking close to us.

And that concludes my little weather report for Maryland.


Andi said...

The same storm blew in here too! Tornado warnings were a bit freaky. We finally got our Zoey some valium to ride out the storms. She literally makes herself ill from anxiety. Looking forward to a nice cool sunny day tomorrow!

GailO said...

I used to love the J Peterman little mini stories...and to think I have never heard of Isabella!...will look into it...thanks for the link...

Have a great weekend Kate!

Chrissykat said...

I'm so jealous of your thunderstorm. We've lived here just over 7 years and I've heard thunder twice...TWICE! That's just not right.

No Friday questions this week? Okay, I'll be patient for next week. Have a wonderful weekend!


Hilary said...

I used to have a border collie named Zoe...and she was so afraid of thunder storms, if she got lost, she ran wildly into the was terrible.
Love the Isabella catalog....
Your link to Cassidy goes to the catalog as well....oops.

Mary Lou said...

I'm checking out Isabella for the Bite Blocker...and maybe something cute.
Do you remember J. Peterman on Sienfeld?
Thanks for sharing..

Girl Tornado said...

I do love the Isabella catalog - I can waste a good hour looking at that one, and reading the wonderful product descriptions/stories!

I get way too many catalogs, and like you, the majority go into the recycle bin without me even glancing through them. Again, like you, it's better for my wallet that way.

But I always keep a few out too, just to peruse when I feel the need to shop a bit... it doesn't always end in a "buy", but it satisfies my need to fake "shop". :-)

becky up the hill said...

Catalog looks like fun and I've been thinking about getting a new French Press. I wonder how that buggy stuff would work in my garden now, the skeeters are hungry! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Love love love those earrings, Kate! I'm wondering who the artist is in the Blue Ridge Mountains that makes them.

We are having a bit of thunder and some breezes here tonite and hoping like crazy that we get some rain. The lawn is so terribly dry.

Just ordered the catalog so can't wait to start receiving it... thanks for mentioning it!


Julie Harward said...

Me too...I just love looking through the catalogs! I order from them too since we are an hour from even a Walmart! Come sayhi :D

Char said...

i do love a good catelog! this looks great

Karen said...

Nver heard of this catalogue, and now I'm going to order it, because I love what you have just shown us. Do you get the Sundance catalogue, Also a pleasure to look at :-)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Two things..first Eva Cassidy lived in the DC area and was a not-so-well known artist at the time. She was a kind soul with an incredible voice whose life was cut too short too soon - cancer, breast cancer I believe.

When I lived up there I read a lengthy article on her in the Washington Post Magazine. The story will make you cry. She was an amazing, understated woman who is as--or more--popular now as when she was living.

I have two of her CDs - Songbird and another one Live from ______(can't remember - Blues Alley, maybe?). They are hauntingly beautiful and great background music for a gathering.

SEcond, you, my dear could write for such a catalog. I've always said that anything you photograph and then describe makes me instantly want to dash out and buy it. As proof, although I never look at catalogs, I will now be clicking on the Isabella website just to browse, and perhaps see about getting, if nothing else, a catalog. I may also browse employment opportunities and see if they need an extra contributor and perhaps send them to Country Girl Kate.

Mary said...

I've never heard of that catalog... Love the bracelets in the fist pic, though.

We had that t-storm, too. Nice here this am. :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Deb said...

I'm not a catalog person...I'm not a real shopper...I do enjoy thrift shopping and garage sales...

zoom yummy said...

Oh, how I love leafing through catalogs. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend... :) Petra

Jayne said...

I've always enjoyed the Isabella catalog as well, and now have ordered this neat little gizmo for hubby for Father's Day!

JC said...

I will have to check this one out ... love the name ... it's my dogs.

mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, I do the same thing, right in the recycle bin so I am not tempted, but like, you, there are a couple I save. Crate and Barrel is one, and Williams Sonoma, both funny because I don't cook much. But hey, a girl can dream! And as a graphic artist, there are certain catalogs and magazines that I love just for their design, the feel of their paper, etc.
We had a great thunderstorm the other night, it was late, I was lying in bed, lightning flashing, thunder rumbling.
Happy Weekend.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I love catalogs as well...I've never seen the Isabella catalog but I just ordered one. I also love Sundance and Williams Sonoma as well as one called Signals.

Gayle said...

Love your inclusion of the Isabella catalog pix. Do you also get Chinaberry catalog? I am one of the lucky few that lives only a couple of miles from their outlet stores. I love, LOVE going there. It is such a wonderful field trip! I have some lovely treasures from both stores.

maryelizabethroche said...

I love this I type this I'm wearing a very old, very comfy nightshirt I bought from Isabella years ago...and their lavender sleep mask has gotten me through a few migraines.
Have a wonderful weekend.


CarlaHR said...

That thunder storm spread far and wide - we had it too - woke me up in the middle of the night.
I'm not a big shopper (except for quilting material and notions) but I do enjoy looking at catalogs so I'll check out the link. Thankfully for my wallet they probably do not ship to Canada or else the cost of shipping will double the price.
Enjoy your weekend - perhaps you could order those earrings as a belated mother's day present to yourself.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

That thunderstorm was crazy! We had quarter size hail. The kids (older two) played out in it in their bathing suits. It was their father's idea ;0)

Anonymous said...

Looking thru catalogs tends to relax me....that alone is good enough reason to do it! smiles.

Mental P Mama said...

I have never heard of this one! Going to go check them out;)

Deb said...

I love Eva Cassidy. Her voice and music have helped me through some trying times. I have passed her music (and cd's) on to many friends and family members.
We had thunder here in Michigan last Thursday and my Charlie was beside himself. Nothing seems to make him feel better and I have tried everything but Valium. I keep hoping he'll outgrow it.

abb said...

I have just about every CD Eva Cassidy is on. I say it that way as there was more than one released after her untimely death. I often wonder what she would have accomplished if...

Songbird is just a wonderful song - the ultimate love song. And Autumn Leaves on that same CD is also one of my favorite, sad though it is.

Janet said...

Kate! The Isabella catalog may be your favorite catalog, but I think I have a new favorite blog -- yours! Ohh, your post about Isabella absolutely made my night! Really, it made my weekend! As an Isabella merchandiser and the writer for many of the items you listed (yep, I'm the lip balm fanatic!), I am thrilled that you're so happy with the catalog! We really do put our heart and soul into its production, so all your kind words have put a huge smile on my face tonight. Thank you so much!!! In closing, I've just got to say that your dog George is irresistible! Please give him a big hug for me.

Country Girl said...

Janet, you know what? You comment amazed me. Never in a million years would I have thought that one of the writers for this catalog would see this blog. I meant every word I said. (And I have that lip balm in my cart).

~ C.G.

Thanks, all.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

I have to check this one out --- there really is "something" about flipping through a catalog, soaking up the photos and descriptions. So much better than online. I love to sit in a comfy chair on the patio and just browse... thanks for sharing this one!

The JR said... favorite catalog is the vet supply one. I have a paper wish list of stuff to order and am slowly whittling items off the list.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh you know I've gotten that one before and I think I tossed it. Will have to be vigilant and catch it the next time. (Have the Eva Cassidy CD and love it)

Daryl said...

I thought Khiels was your fav lip balm! Pretty catalog, oh Kate you'd have loved the shops in Franklin/Leipers Fork this weekend ... thought of you a lot