Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

Oh my gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve posted. And for that, I apologize. I could give you some excuse of my being overly busy, but it wouldn’t be true. No truer than it always is. I just haven’t had much to say. Although this has never stopped me before, right?!

It has been quiet here on the hill. I get up every day and go to work and on the weekends, I open my eyes on Saturday morning and revel in the fact that it is the weekend and I can sleep longer and relax. This morning was lovely when I woke up, because I woke to a very clean house. I do love me a clean house.

It would be nice to have someone to clean it for me, however. Although in reality, it is satisfying to take something messy and turn it into a source of pride by cleaning it well.


Painted in Waterlogue

Enough of domesticity, though. I’m sharing photos (because this is what I do) taken from my cell phone over the past several days. The above is from the west window in the dining room of this old manor house. I cut the pussy willow from a bush outside and brought it in.


Painted in Waterlogue

I pack a lunch and a breakfast every day when I go to work. I have cereal with blueberries. The milk is in the little glass jar. I just hope that the phone doesn’t ring while I am chewing.


IMG_20150304_060244 copy 2

Driving home from somewhere – probably the tax people in nearby Newark, DE.

This is part of University of Delaware, shot through the window in the rain.


IMG_20150319_101143 copy 2

My best buddy.


IMG_20150322_063543 copy 2

The pussy willow branches again.


IMG_20150321_074747 copy 2

This sweet little scamp.

The new kitten (as yet, unnamed) is settling in quite nicely.

My son wants to name him something dreadful, although I didn’t say as much.

It’s his cat. I mean, I acquired the cat for him.


IMG_20150321_075111 copy 2

I think he looks more like a William.

Or Winston.

Wee Willie.

I just call him Kitten.


IMG_20150322_064322 copy 2

He is so very soft.


:   :   :


I am on the 7th book of the Outlander series. I still love it, have always loved historical fiction. We are up to the Revolutionary War, in 1778. I am learning so much. It is a good escape.

In other news, my work is pretty much ready to go to the gallery. I just have to do pricing.

Hope all is well in everyone’s world ~

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Heard this tune by The Sundays today. Very pretty, imho ~

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Clad with radiance are the woods

It has been snowing all day and the schools are closed again. I figure this is probably the last significant snowfall we’ll have because next week things are supposed to warm up considerably. Through my window in the living room, I can see that it’s practically blowing sideways. The DirecTV dish has been out for hours and the only thing working on it are a few of the music stations. For some reason, they’re the last to go.


DSC_7323 copy 2

I stood at my front door earlier today and took the few photos you see below. At the base of these three trees, I could hear what sounded like animals screaming. There were more than one, and I’m wondering if it’s a fox den. I was going to upload it to Vimeo so that you could hear it, but unfortunately, it will suck down way too much of my data plan as I still don’t have the internet going at my house (am using my mobile hotspot on the cell phone to upload this post).

I miss it, but not nearly as much as I thought I would.

And I’m reading a lot more. I’m in the 5th book of the Outlander series, the Fiery Cross. It’s as good as the first and second books.


DSC_7321 copy 2

When it snows like this, I really miss my husband. He loved a good snow and when he was well, he would spend much time plowing and clearing it on the horse farms where we lived. And when he became disabled and we moved here, he still loved it. He enjoyed having me home on snow days and when he could still cook, he would spend time in the kitchen and the whole house smelled wonderful.

I’m not sad. It would just be nice to have someone to share a snow day with is all. I’m fine by myself, though.


DSC_7324 copy 2

This spruce has gotten even taller since we moved here in 2008.


DSC_7325 copy 2

As has this hickory (to the right) and the holly (to the left).


DSC_7374 copy 2

I shot a few bird photos from the kitchen window but nothing was really worth sharing here.


DSC_7422 copy 2

Sometimes I’ll sit by the window and read, knocking it on it now and then to make the flocks of starlings go away.

They are so annoying. They scatter the regular visitors, like this little juncoe (above).


DSC_7424 copy 2

George is at my feet, resting. He’s been trying to make friends with the new kitten, but Kitten is having nothing to do with him just yet. At least there is no more hissing, which is very promising.

And so, back to my book and the soothing music coming from the television. For supper tonight, I’m making Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake, garden salad, and maybe some garlic bread. Yum.

Hope things are well in your neck of the woods ~

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There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance. ~William Sharp

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Of sleet and a new kitty

As I write this, it’s raining ice. It’s been sleeting all day and everything is covered. The TV dish is thick with it, so only a few channels are coming through. I’m sure you must be shocked to see that I’ve published two posts so closely together. Yes, lately I’ve only been posting once a week or less. I still don’t have internet service but things seem to be getting a little better with my son and when he is gainfully employed again, then I will think about turning it back on. I hope I haven’t said too much.

I’m listening to the dripping of the roof into a bucket upstairs. We have two leaks that I discovered today and called the roofer and e-mailed the owner. It is depressing, frankly.

I have recovered from my fall on Friday afternoon. My arm and my hip still hurt, but thankfully nothing but a bottle of wine got broken!


DSC_7216 copy 2

I bought this squirrel baffle over a month ago. The squirrels do not seem baffled by it at all. But it does help keep the birds dry when the weather is bad.


DSC_7173 copy 2

This is pretty.

I took it this afternoon.


DSC_7109 copy 2

I sat outside in the sunshine yesterday and it felt so good. Had to wear my gloves because my hands were cold, but that’s ok. It was a good day.


DSC_7095 copy 2

The dang squirrels are varmints who raid my feeders, but they are still cute.

If you like varmints, that is.


DSC_7141 copy 2

Mrs. Cardinal is all fluffed up, keeping warm.


DSC_7158 copy 2

And someone was caught in an embarrassing pose.

:  :   :

As for the new kitty, he arrived yesterday afternoon. We haven’t named him yet and his current name is rather ridiculous. So we call him Kitty for now. Yes, we still have Miss Blackie. The kitty we took in was slated for a shelter and belonged to a friend. At first I said no, absolutely not. But when they could not find a home for it, I relented, thinking it could make a good friend for George (who loves cats) but more so for my son.


DSC_7164 copy 2

He is a tiny little thing and his vet said that he won’t get much bigger. He is six months old with fur as soft as silk. And unlike Blackie, he loves being pet. He is full of energy when he’s awake and has mainly been living in my son’s room but this morning he went exploring in the house, and by this afternoon, he seems fairly comfortable.


DSC_7166 copy 2

George watches as kitty explores my bedroom.


DSC_7170 copy 2

So far, we’ve had some hissing. Kitty has never seen a dog before. He was interested in Miss Blackie but she made it clear in no uncertain terms that this is HER house and she was not going to tolerate a newcomer so easily. And it IS her house. The newcomer is just going to have to get used to that fact. George would like to sniff kitty, but can’t get near him for fear of being swatted. So we’ll see how things go. But so far, I like the little cat. And my son really likes him.

Oh – I can hear him coming now. I like that he wears a little bell.

Hope your week is a good one.

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