Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Whatever makes you happy

Well now. I hope I can remember how to do this . . . it's been so long since I've been here that I'm a little rusty.

But I missed it here. And I thank you for the kind comments you've made over the past year since I've blogged. Well, nearly a year anyway.

George is still here (thank heavens). And we're still living at the old manor house on the hill. This evening after work, I spent some time in the yard with my buddy, throwing his favorite frisbee. The weather has been surprisingly lovely for February and we've hardly had any snow at all here in Maryland. I'll stop now before I jinx it.

Rather than posting here, I've been uploading photos to my FB page and occasionally on IG. I was actually going to post George's photos on FB tonight but I remembered a co-worker who is going through an illness with her beloved Great Dane and I thought it would be unkind of me to post photos of a happy dog, just in case she's browsing Facebook tonight and it comes up in her feed. So rather than the possibility of hurting her feelings, I decided to come here and try this.

I guess not a whole lot has changed in the past ten months since I've written. I can't remember the last time was that I visited a blog . . . and I don't understand that.

Sometimes when I look at this tree, especially from this angle, I remember [this].
It's a good memory. And who doesn't like a good memory, eh?

The owner is planning on (eventually) selling the house. And last fall, had someone come cut all the bushes down to nothing so that they could sandblast and paint this spring.

George and I will find somewhere else to live . . . eventually.

He looks like a crazy boy going after that frisbee, doesn't he?!

He's still sweet as ever.

A bit lonely while I'm away all day at work, I'm sure.

But I thank God he's still in my life.

Until next time,