Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Waiting for my real life to begin

I'm really not waiting for my real life to begin, although it does kind of feel that way at times. I'm actually sitting in my living room listening to Pandora with the Colin Hay station on and that song came up. I don't know what the urge was to actually write on this blog today but I think it had something to do with having it in my mind lately, the holidays coming around again, and a lovely e-mail from a reader asking why I hadn't blogged in so long and that she missed me. Thank you, Yvette, for making me remember why I had been doing this in the first place.

I think it's about connection.

For those of you who know me and have visited me here before, you know I can't have a post without photos. So there I was, perusing my deplorably scant photo files looking for something to share here. I finally came to the realization that my camera must be lonely without me. I have very few recent photos.

The one above was taken a few weeks ago during a visit to Florida to celebrate my father-in-law turning 90. You would never believe the man was this age because he doesn't look or act it. It was a good family visit and I'm so glad so many of us could come.

This photo was taken during another trip to Florida -- to St. Petersburg for an impromptu Labor Day weekend trip with friends. I've been doing more traveling than I had in the years with my husband. I am still living in the old manor house on the hill and the owner is prepping it for sale. I believe it may go on the market next Spring and then I'll be finding somewhere else to live. It's fine really. It feels like it's getting time to move on.

George is still here with me and turned 10 years old in July.

He suffers occasionally from a bit of arthritis in one of his front legs -- maybe it's his hip; I'm not sure. But he still acts like a puppy sometimes and he does love a good game of fetch be it with a stick, or a frisbee, or one of his current favorite toys.

And yes, he still knows the names of his toys.  But if you don't work with him on it, he will forget over time.
I took this late this summer. I'd gone outside because the light looked so pretty and saw a hawk in one of the tall trees in the west lawn. I went back inside to get the camera and coming out again, he began to fly away, screeching while doing so. 

There is a small herd of deer that visit each evening. I took the photo above late in summer when the bucks were still in velvet. 

I got up early today because today's the day I'm celebrating Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law and her husband in NJ. I'm taking a brussels sprouts side dish and for dessert, an apple pie cake with brown sugar & rum sauce. I hope they're really good. This is a first for making each.

Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with long-time friends, Jeff & Karen, in NJ. I've been spending a lot of time with them since my husband and my best guy friend, Warren, passed away in 2013. Warren was Jeff's brother. 2013 was a crappy year. My husband's brother, Richard, also passed away that year. Three deaths, all so young. 

But life goes on. And it's ok. 

Oh, crap. I meant to tell you but am almost embarrassed to do so but I signed up with last month. I dislike it immensely. And that's all I have to say about that.

 One of my relatives snapped this photo of me with my sons while we were in Florida earlier this month. My youngest, Shaun, is on the left and that's Matt on the right. I'll see both of them today for Thanksgiving (I hope).

Here's hoping that all of you in the States have a wonderful holiday. I'll try to post more in the future!