Sunday, February 14, 2016

To better days

It has been so long since I've last posted and I thank those of you who have sent me kind notes inquiring as to how I'm doing - maybe a little worried because you hadn't heard from me. I am fine and that was very nice of you. I figure if I post about once a month, it's fine. I miss you, too.

I've been sick since nearly the beginning of the month and was diagnosed with bronchitis last week. Today is the first day that I actually feel almost "better". I'm trying not to overdo it, although George would love to have me back in form much faster than I'm able. But he is a patient pet.

We had some snow and still have a nice layer of it on the ground here. I've been keeping the feeders filled, which sometimes sucked the life out of me, but it's good to see the birds. They have been good company and an inspiration for my camera lens.

I often post my bird photos on Facebook. It's easy to do and doesn't involve writing a lengthy post here in blogland.


I like this one. Pretty colors, too.

I use a lot of Florabella actions when I edit. The bokeh is a texture layer I added.

The suet cakes are rock hard.

This morning, it's 9 degrees here and feels like -3. 

We had several flocks of red-winged blackbirds that came through here, eating me out of house and home as far as seed was concerned. But everyone's got to eat, right?

 Even the squirrels.

Today I'm going to venture out to the grocery store.

Down the long driveway.

I plan on roasting a chicken for dinner tonight.

I love the smell of roast chicken on a cold winter afternoon, don't you?

What a beautiful week we've had (although I was too sick to enjoy it).

At least I could sit by the window and be entertained.

Thank you for stopping by to visit me here today.

To better days, then ~