Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Texture photo Giveaway. That’s right.

Imagine my despair upon arriving home from the hospital late last week to find that Pioneer Woman had begun another photo assignment and not only that, but it was textures! If you know me at all by now, you know that textures are one of my favorite things to play with and at the point where I read her photography tab, she had already been receiving thousands of submissions. I knew I was too tired to pull it together, so I let it go. There are worse things to despair over. And besides, the submissions she had already posted were, in a word, awesome. [Results here].

By Saturday evening, however, I managed to garner enough energy and submit the following photos. And even if she didn’t post one of them for entry into the contest, I felt fine because she’d already posted one of my offerings, earlier this year. (It’s the 4th one down).

So here’s what I’ve decided to do. I’ve decided to host a giveaway, where the winner will receive not one, but two photos suitable for framing. Keep one for yourself and give one away for the holidays! Or keep them both for yourself, if you’re feeling a little greedy. I don’t care. Here’s all you have to do:


Choose the two photos that are your favorites. Leave me a comment as to which two you’ve chosen. On Thursday morning, I will announce the winner after I’ve used the random integer thing over at random.org. Contest ends at Midnight, Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday. Got it? Ok, then. Here are my submissions:

Tulip in texture


Late September 


Looking Up




Goldfinch pair


Heading home




Midsummer's dream


Have fun and good luck!

PS ~ Feeling a little better today. Yesterday not so good. Life goes on, though! Thanks for your encouragement, your kind words, and your advice. It would be difficult doing this without you all!


Ellen said...

Ooh, could it be that I am first? Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Here's hoping that it was the last bad day.

I love the September landscape and Midsummers Dream.

maillady said...

so glad your feeling better,. i;m home today sick so i get to be the second one to vote...

my first pick : singular

my second pick : looking up

thanks kate. have a great day

Debbie said...

Careful not to rush the recovery process...take care and be well.

My two favorites (after much deliberation because they are all wonderful) are Mother's Day Tulip and Singular

Skogkjerring said...

Only two?????? Ugh....I want them all! But I guess if I have to pick only two, the first one, Mother's Day Tulip and Going Home with the Amish man and his horse and buggy. Don't see the Amish here so that's a sentimental one for me. Saw lots of Amish as a child living in PA.
So glad you are on the mend- keep it up my friend! Have a great day!!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Oh my, what a generous offer! They are all exquisite, but I would choose:
1. Looking Up
2. Rosebud
I do love what you do with textures.

Hope you are feeling stronger every day. And thank you for this give-away!

A Scattering said...

My faves are Looking Up and Heading Home. But it was a struggle to pick these two - they're all gorgeous. Take good care of yourself!

Unknown said...

They're all beautiful but I like Mothers's Day Tulip 'cause tulips are my favourite and Midsummer's Dream because that pink is absolutely dreamy.

Be well! ~Andrea~

Jeanne Walker said...

Time heals all wounds...with a lot of rest and love too!

Not fair asking us to choose only two...but, alas here are my choices:

1. Midsummer's Dream
2. Rosebud

I like the daisy tooooooo!!!!!!!

Feel better, Jeanne

Michelle said...

So glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the links to PW's photog blog; I read her regular blog, but not the specialty ones. There are SOOO many talented photographers out there, including you, that I just want to hang up my camera! But then I see something I want to "capture," and pull it out anyway.

Anyway, I LOVE "Looking Up;" that one would HAVE to go in my blue-toned bedroom. And then I'd choose "Rosebud" to give to my mom.

Anonymous said...

Mother's Day Tulip
Late September Landscape

You're cruel to make us pick only two, as all of these photos are gorgeous! Thank you for being so generous. Hope today is better than yesterday and tomorrow, better yet.

Linda said...

Late September Landscape & Singular speak to me.

Glad you're feeling better today. Take it easy, take a walk, relax :)

JC said...

You will have bad days but they'll be less of them. It does take time to recover.

I'll go look at what she submitted for you from last year.

If I would win, these would thrill me ...

One ~ Late September Landscape
Two ~ Heading Home

Unknown said...

Oh, dear sweet Kate....I do pray you are feeling much better by now. You really have been entrenched in my thoughts..in my prayers.

I have always loved Valentine's Day and I think Midummers Dream is wonderful as well.

Jan said...

Of course it's hard to choose. My faves are Singular and Heading home. They are both so peaceful.

Glad you're feeling better. I'm having a surgery at the end of the month, and am hoping for a very short recovery. It doesn't hurt to hope.

Betty said...

They are all wonderful it is hard to choose.
are my choices.
~~Love and Hugs~~

Daryl said...

Late September .. awesome

Heading home .. always has been one of my all time fav photos ..of yours or mine

Baby steps ... healing from one surgery is not easy, but with the complications you had it will take longer ... slow and steady ... keep on taking those slow walks .. xoxoxo

Weathered & Worn said...

Very nice photo's- just lovely! Hope your feeling better.

Nonnyboop said...

Late Sept.Landscape and of course Looking up, never tire of Daisy's!

So glad that you are feeling better!

CarlaHR said...

Hi Kate, I'm so glad that you are on the mend - please don't go back to work too soon - take the time you need to recovery properly. I love all of the pictures, but given my druthers I would go for
1) Valentine's day
2) Rosebud.
Take care and thank you for continuing to post.

Gail said...

Heading Home

Had to write them down quickly before I forgot. Hard to choose they are all equally beautiful.

Fantastic job.

Sugar Creek Beads said...

Kate, how wonderful you are feeling better and how crummy you didn't get first prize at Pioneer Woman today. Her entries were great, some quite unusual, but I had hoped to see you had entries in over the last week. My favorites are:
1. Late Summer Landscape
It looks like a wonderful painting and September is my month.
2. Looking Up
It is the kind of picture that causes an automatic smile. Love it.
I'm afraid I would keep the both, I have just the spots for them!
Keep getting better! Jeanne

mitchiesmom said...

Late September and Valentine's Day are my favorites!! You are soooo talented! Thanks for the opportunity!

Mental P Mama said...

September Landscape and Singular. Feel better, baby;)

The JR said...

I like Late September Landscape and Looking Up.


Anonymous said...

Valentine's day
Late September Landscape
and a cuppa for you so you feel better!

Annie said...

Hi Kate. I don't normally participate in your giveaways since I am from Down Under, but since I am (hopefully) coming back in December to visit family...thought I might enter this time.

Good to hear you were feeling better, not good the day before!

I love all your photos, but the ones that are speaking to me today are...

Looking Up
Late September Landscape

Lovely lovely lovely!

Take care. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Oh is this hard, I would love to have your Late Sept. Landscape and Midsummer's Dream.
Teresa in STL

Deb said...

I love the textured look to all your photos Kate ~ my two favourites are:
1. Late September Landscape
2. Heading Home

Glad you are feeling better ♥

Terri said...

1. Mothers Day Tulip
2. Midsummers Dream

Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win , they are all beautiful!

Glad your feelin a little better...


Deb said...

Awesome, Kate....and let her come. nuf said!

BB said...

Looking Up
Valentine's Day

Your stuff takes my breath away! (Which would be why I mentioned PW's texture post in my comments last week!)

troutay said...

Oh, I love them all! I would happily just look at them on your website,
I am greedy!

I love the Mothers Day one and
the Late September Landscape.

So glad to hear you are feeling better. With surgeries, it takes time
to feel "normal" again.
You will, and things will get easier.
Just take your time. Don't try to push things......

Donna S. said...

So hard. Looking up & Midsummers Dream!! :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Hard to choose, they're all so beautiful! But if pressed, I'd say Late September Landscape, and the Daisy, although I can't recall what it was called. But I really love that lone tree also. So glad you're perking up!

Jo Whitehurst said...

So glad that today is better! All of your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for offering to give a couple of them away:)

Looking Up and Singular are my picks today (I think my taste reflects my "mood de jour"!

Unknown said...

They are all so beautiful, but if I had to choose it would be Late September Landscape and Midsummer's Dream

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Donna said...

Hello....I'm glad you're feeling a little better!
I love the Late September Landscape....for me! And would love to gift my sister with Midsummers Dream.....beautiful colors! I really enjoy your pictures of George, too....we have his mirror image!

rxBambi said...

I love Mother's Day Tulip. there's something sensual about it, but I can't put my finger on it. I really like it tho.
My second fave is Looking Up. When I was younger I always wanted to be a fairy and be smaller than a flower and have to "look up" at them, and have a whole world in a small patch of grass. Remember Thumbalina? I wanted to be her, and that picture reminds me of her.

Glad today was better.

hugs xx

Cindy said...

Oh, I want to enter. I love Last September Landscape and Singular.

Glad your feeling better. Take care.


Weathered & Worn said...

I would have to say- valentines day and looking up would be my two fav's. Thank You for a chance to win these lovelys!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Late September Landscape and Heading Home.

WOW - I haven't been to PW's site in a long time, but how fantastic that one of your photos was in one of her contests - that's like being a nominee for the Oscars!

RURAL said...

Amazing, they are all lovely, and it is hard to choose.

Glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better.

I love Looking Up

And Heading Home. I actually love all of them, but those two are my absolute favs.

Have fun with this.


Char said...

singular is just stunning

i like rosebud too (but i would clone out or crop the green leaves at the top)

Sweetpea said...

Howdy CG! it sure is nice of you to offer this Giveaway while you are on the mend. There is much to be said, I think, for how far our true passions can take us when even in the midst of a painful healing, one can still be transported elsewhere by image-making-sharing :>} All best to you!

#1 = Late September Landscape
#2 = Singular

I {{{heart}}} these two sooooo much.

Sarah Anne said...

Oh, goodness. Those are brilliant! I love them all. Narrowing it down, I picked:

"Looking Up"
"Midsummer's Dream".

They were all fantastic though.

Swetha said...

i always like landscapes.. so i think i go with September Landscape and the Singular

Shawna Mitchell said...

My favorite is still Looking Up, but I already have that one framed in my living room (love it!!) from Etsy...

So for today, I love Midsummer Dream, and Rosebud, because they would look amazing in my bedroom :)

Healing thoughts, and stay strong. I always enjoy your blog even though I rarely comment.

Gayle said...

Glad to hear that you are perking along so nicely.

1. Valentine's day (I loooooooove this)

2. Late September

All are so lovely, though!

Dawn said...

Midsummers Dream and Looking up because I can see them side by side behind white iron a bed with a softly draping quilt....

But honestly I love them all.

Mary said...

Take it easy, Kate. Hope your days will only get better! My picks? Gosh it's hard to choose...

Mother's Day Tulip
Heading Home


becky up the hill said...

Oh I love the Late Sept Landscape and Heading Home. My son who lives in Amish country the last few years is heading home to California in a few weeks. I am so happy. While visiting him I did enjoy seeing the lifestyle of the Amish.

Anonymous said...


Meg McCormick said...

Hard to choose! But, I like Looking Up and Heading Home.

I'm happy to hear you're up and around and on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Picking just two is tough, but I'd have to say Late September Landscape and Valentine's Day. They're all beautiful. Hope you're feeling better today.

Treasia Stepp said...

So sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope things continue improving for you and your in my thoughts dear Kate.

What a truly generous giveaway. I love them all and narrowing down to two of them was hard.

But I love: Midsummer's Dream and
Late Sept. Landscape.

Staci said...

My favorite is "Singular". My second favorite would have to be Valentines Day. I love trees and birdies!

Leslie: said...

Mother's Day Tulip
Looking Up

it was sure a tough decision to make as they're ALL simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! I like Looking up and Midsummer's Dream.

Alli said...

Loved the pictures of Chesapeake City today. It looks like a truly enchanting place!

Mothers Day Tulip and Midsummers Dream are my two favorites!

GailO said...

Argh!....It's ten past 12!....I feel like Cinderella late for the ball:(