Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hello again

I have just written an entire new post using the program I have always used for this blog called Windows Live Writer. Perhaps because I've not posted in so long, my account went stale. I don't freaking now. What I do know is that I've spent a good two hours working on photos on this old laptop and when I went to hit publish, Blogger returned the error to WLW that I am not found. I give up. I have things to do. Just know that I'm still alive.

So exasperating.

Apparently, it is a Microsoft issue and twitter blew up mid-week over it. Thousands of people have been affected. I'm going to try to attempt to write directly into Blogger. Annoying because the reason I use WLW is the freedom I have with my photo size and position. Blogger does not have this.



Country Girl said...

Well, I guess it worked. I can't believe it's taken me nearly 3 hours to post something I thought would take less than a half hour. Hello again, my friends!

Michelle said...

I always wondered how you got your beautiful photographs so large on Blogger; ha! Tricks of the trade, apparently. ;-)

linmil said...

Hi Kate...don't know if you will read this or not, but on your March 22 post you had two photos that you probably used a photo editing program to get the watercolor effect. I loved it so much. Would you share what program you used or which is your favorite? I was pleasantly surprised to read you latest post. I miss you when you are absent for a while, but glad that you are busy. It's a good Martha would say.