Tuesday, September 1, 2015

For my sisters (and everyone, really)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that my three sisters and I write to each other on a regular basis. This is done via group e-mails and has been going on since our mother passed away in 2006. We have always been close, but it was her death that brought us closer and I’m sure she’d be glad to know that.

I actually began this blog about a year later, in 2007, as a way to write to my sisters and incorporate photos I’d taken and wanted to share with them. It was private back then but they liked it and I was encouraged to open it to the public. And so I did. And I became extremely popular in the blogging world.

I’m kidding. Just making sure you’re all still with me.

* snort *

DSC_9316 copy 2

My sisters have been telling me how much they miss my posts.

And after reading the latest group e-mail this morning where my youngest sister, Ginny, asked why I couldn’t just write once a month rather than not at all, it really made me think. I haven’t written anything since the first week of August. Good grief!

And so here I am, coming to you live from the old manor house on the hill on a dark and quite warm night, with George at my feet, Miss Blackie in the windowsill seat nearby, and the gray kitty, who my son has named Squeakers, sitting on the rocking chair.


DSC_9239 copy 2

I am sharing photos I’ve taken over the past month – the first three from a tour that I went on with my school this past weekend. We toured the Historic Tome School for Boys in Port Deposit, Maryland which was named a National Historic Site in 1984. It’s been crumbling for many years but the remnants of what it used to be are still there. The buildings were designed in the beaux arts style by one of the premier architectural firms of the times, Boring & Tilton. And the grounds and the Italian Gardens were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.


DSC_9370-1 Photomerge copy 2

This is the old football field, looking toward the Susquehanna River which is through the trees and down the hill. The buildings surround the field. If you are interested in reading about the old school, which was one of the premier educational institutions on the east coast, here is a link:

Bainbridge Development Corp – Tome School for Boys

And if you want to see more of my photos taken that day, here is my Flickr link:

K.Young Photography Flickr – Tome School for Boys 2015


Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

The rest of the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone using VSCO Cam. (Thanks for telling me about it, Daryl). I’m not sure if you remember that I was working on this shade garden back in May but here it is in full bloom. That potted bush is actually a pussy willow that my husband rooted using a bunch of them that I’d brought home from the grocery store several years ago. I’m going to have to plant it in the ground . . .


Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

And George, of course.


Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

The iPhone 6 takes some pretty good photos and I’ve enjoyed playing with it.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Kitty aka Squeakers

(ugh – I really dislike that name)


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

And Miss Blackie who I have to sneak up on because she has this thing about having her photo taken.


Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

I met a friend for dinner last week and stumbled on a vintage car show in the nearby town. (The gallery where my photographs are displayed are right up the street).

And well . . . I guess that’s about it.

Oh, except for the fact that school started on Monday and it’s really nice having all the children back. I mean I like summers and all and I can get lots of work done but it’s all about the children. And it’s good to have them all again.

Until next time, my friends. And I’ll try not to make it so long until we meet again ~

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Gail said...

I'm glad your sisters shamed you into letting us know how you are. Teasing...not about the happy I feel from knowing you are okay, too.

If you keep showing this phone pictures I must get a phone. Can I just take pictures and not have to let people know my number?

Have a blessed week.

Cloudia said...

Thanks, Sisters! Generous of them to share you with us your "blog sisters."
My heart leapt when I saw you'd posted. My life is actually getting pretty interesting. . . I'm posting pics from a trip to Northern Cali. Many surprises ahead - though not as rich a cornucopia of new children at the start of a school year. I'm jealous! [while being grateful to be retired]

Ah George. You and the 2 kitty folk have sweetened my day considerably!

Note how good you feel after you have encouraged someone else. No other argument is necessary to suggest that never miss the opportunity to give encouragement.

George M. Adams

The Furry Gnome said...

It's not only your supinate rv's who miss your blog posts!

beth said...

i had to laugh, only because i posted tonight, too...with the idea that this might now be a monthly or bimonthly activity…..since it's been almost a month…ugh

great minds think alike :)

so happy the kids make you happy and that you love your job!

ps…love vsco

oh, and hi george!

Michelle said...

So happy to see your words and photos – especially that stunning portrait of grey kitty! (I agree with you on the name.) :-/

Susan said...

I remember Squeakers the cat from "Return to Me" - one of my favorite movies.

I am a Quiet Life follower, and I added your blog to my Feedly reader a long time ago. I am so glad I did, great to see a post from you.

alphabet soup said...

Ah Kate, your sisters aren't the only ones missing your posts!

Squeakers is a fine name for that grey kitty.

And Boring and Tilton - what a name for an architectural firm..... if you want a boring building with a tilt on one side you've got the right firm.

However there is nothing boring about Mr Tilton's McGregor Public Library.

Ms Soup

Mersad said...

George always steals the show! :) Luckily you have opened the doors to your blog to us all since you started it.

Mersad Donko Photography

Daryl said...

always good to hear from you ... and i am tickled you are enjoying the VSCOcam .. another good one that shoot in HDR is ProCamera .. i switch back/forth but still edit in Snapseed .. i took the big camera with me this past Friday on my epic culture day - 3 museums - but ended up shooting with the iPhone at the Met because the low light made the big camera (35mm lens) want its flash and flash is not allowed in the Met .. anyway .. i loved your post, i am happy the kitty has a name, tho not one i would have chosen .. and George always is a pleasure to see ... xoxox

The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice to welcome you back Kate. Glad that kitty has got a name at last, even if it is not to your taste.

Debbie From Illinois said...

Hi Kate, it's good to hear from you. Love the photos. I love my iPhone camera, it's just so darn handy. Oh, it's so good to see George and the cats.

Connie in Hartwood said...

It's always wonderful to get a glimpse into your world, no matter how infrequently. I love the photo of the Thunderbird!

thotlady said...

Love me some George, the other photos are nice as well.

jinxxxygirl said...

So good to see you again my dear. :) I miss your lovely photos, quick wit, and just your everyday goings on... I hope you'll pop in on us more often. Hugs! deb

Linda Kay said...

Good to see you, thanks to your sister. Great pictures this morning, and love that George.

R.M. said...

So good to hear from you again. Monthly is certainly better than never. Love the pics, and the history lesson. I, too, am posting sporadically, and have several posts still on 'draft' status. So much going on here on our farm, but not enough strength to blog about it. Please stay in touch. (he could do better than 'Squeakers")

Lee Owenby said...

So happy to hear from you! Love the photos as always. Call me weird - but I LOVE the name Squeakers!

Kerri Farley said...

It's wonderful to see a post from you! And your pictures are awesome as usual ...and I'm really diggin' the Thunderbird perspective!

Hilary said...

I'm so glad to see you post.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Hello again! I missed you, honestly. Your photos are such a breath of fresh air for me!

Mr. George, you are looking handsome as always! And Miss Blackie, just beautiful. Squeakers...well you're totally adorable but I have to agree with you, Kate, not sure about that name! I know someone who had a cat named Sneakers, though...

I am SO showing that vintage car photo to my dad! He's a huge fan of all things vintage when it comes to cars, he's one of those ones that can look at the taillights or a tire and know the year, make and model of an old car just like that! I know he'll love this one.

Have fun back in school!


Devon said...

Welcome back! I would never complain about your lack of posts... I myself haven't written a post in years!

Stella said...

Glad to see you back. Missed you. Have a great school year. Stella

Annie said...

Whoopee! You, George, the cats, and your beautiful pictures are back. That really made my day. Hope your weekend is wonderful and you get to play with your iphone camera

Unknown said...

I'm always happy to see a new blog post from you. Love seeing your travel pics, lovely home and Dear George.

Hedy King said...

Kate, good to see a post from you, yet I totally understand the lack of postings. I hadn't written anything in months till last week. Too hot here in Indiana to be outside, so I'm trying to revamp the inside of my home some. After sleeping in my bedroom suite on and off for 64 years, I bought myself a new one! Anxious to paint the walls white and set up the new black iron bed. Simplicity attracts me at this point in life.
Please, keep posting, I miss seeing updates. Hedy

JaneK said...

You know a post from you makes me smile! What a beautiful portrait of Kitty (I mean, all of your pics are great but this one was very portrait-esque). We'll just keep calling him Kitty, right!
Cheers and hugs.....

Annie said...

It's good to "see" you again! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! :-D Happy back to school time! Have a great start to the school year. I look forward to "seeing" you again soon!

BB said...

It's been too long between visits - have been almost as naughty as you in the blogging department. Love your pics Kate... :-) Glad your sisters are a bit naggy (which autocorrect wants to make into 'baggy'... rude thing!).