Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another offering from my husband

I found this on my kitchen countertop this morning. My husband told me he'd cleaned out his coat pocket and there it was. He said that he must have been out walking somewhere and it just caught his eye, so he picked it up to bring home to show me. And I love it. I mean, it's only a feather, but I absolutely love how the edges look like fringe. And I love the colors in it. And what makes it more alluring is that he saw this and picked it up to share it with me. (Plus it's so much better than the jawbone thing I threw out the other day).

Today is a beautiful sunny day in Maryland. It's probably about 40 degrees, but there's a wind and it's making it feel about 25. I'm hoping to find a good spot in the yard in a few minutes where I can sit and feel the sun on my face and not be buffeted by the wind. Still moving slow, but I'm getting there. How's the weather in your neck of the woods today?


abb said...

You could use that in a new contest.
The "What bird did this come from?" contest.

By the way, what bird DID that come from? I'm thinking a turkey? I think I remember their under-feathers
being like that, but not sure they're that white. Hawk? Hmmmm.....sure do hope you know and can tell me!


Jeannelle said...

Oh, cool.....a Holstein feather!!

Hope you found that sunny place to sit this afternoon! Keep feeling better!

The weather here is cloudy and 20's......feels like precip of some sort is coming.

Country Girl said...

Funny, Jeannelle! But no, I have no idea what sort of bird, nor does my husband. Remember, this picture was taken with a macro lens. The real feather is about an inch and a half long. So it probably came from a small bird, rather than a turkey.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I wish I could find stuff like that!! So so pretty!!

We are having rain here. I love it! Because for the 1st time in months it is up to....

drum roll...


Is spring really coming???