Saturday, March 8, 2008

To Have and Have Not

It's a damp grey day and usually this sort of weather tends to get me a little down. I'm cleaning my house and seeing all the dirt a pup can track in, and a man with boots that works on a horse farm and if I let it get to me, the dirt will win. There's no sense in mopping the floors and more sense in waiting until the weather breaks and the sun comes out. The dog jumped into my bed this morning to wake me up and he was soaking wet. And muddy. Good thing that today is the day I wash the sheets. Today, after my chores, I'm heading to visit my girlfriends and stay over and I'm glad for that. I'm also glad for all the things that I have and most of them are not 'things' per se, but something else entirely. Well, except for my camera. That's a thing.
I have a family that loves me.
Two sons that I'm very proud of.
A husband who loves me. The best dog ever. A cheerful countenance.
The love of my friends.
An excellent camera. Oh, and Photoshop. And a good computer.
A job that I don't despise. A strong body and mind. A beautiful place that I can call home. A dependable car. A firm belief in God. There's probably lots more, but these come to mind right away. And at the risk of sounding sappy, I'm posting this because I think we need to remember the things we do have, rather than dwell on things that we don't. Sometimes I get a little down because we don't own a home. It's a goal, though. And we get by. Amen.


Russell said...

Enjoyed your comments - sounds like you have a lot of balance in your life. Yes, a good camera is a must. I have a little Canon PowerShot A610 which I could not live without. It is always with me.

I don't know a thing about Photoshop but have heard quite a bit about it. One of these days...! But for now I am content with just downloading the digital images. My philosphy is that if I take 50 images perhaps one will come out (if I am lucky!)!!

Regarding a home, you DO own a home! A lovely one that is filled with more riches than any person could buy!! Yes, it is nice to have legal ownership to a parcel of ground, etc., but, to be honest, it is a bit overrated! Don't misunderstand me, but it is true.

Once you actually buy a property (along with your bank) you then have a ton of expenses that go along with it. I just paid my property taxes and, well, that was a punch in the stomach! Ouch!! Then you have such things as buying a new furnace and all sorts of other things. Sure, it is okay but like so many other things in life it looks much better looking in than it does looking out!!

Life needs to have a balance. I don't know you, but it appears you have an extremely high quality of life and a beautiful family. It doesn't get any better than that!

Instead of paying property taxes, take that same amount of money and go to Cancun or Las Vegas!!

Take care.

Mental P Mama said...

Kate, thanks for the reminder of how blessed we all are...even on the dreariest of days. Have a safe and wonderful trip this weekend!

Anonymous said...


Anyone can buy a house...only strong, kind, loving, determined and faithful people can have a home. You've made a wonderful home because of who you are.

So often we get caught up in life and forget about the simple pleasures that are all around us. I watched my son open a package from his Daddy made me cry. Steven had sent Christopher an army hat. Nothing much really, but priceless all the same. He's kept that hat with him, even wearing it to bed as well as keeping the note written by his daddy close in his pocket. It's amazing how a simple act of kindness or thoughtfulness can mean so much.

Everyday I try to concentrate on the positive things in life. I try to be kind and loving to family, friends and everyone else who's come into my life each day. I make sure I tell my children how much I love and appreciate them. I try very hard to say what I mean and mean what I say, because you never know what life is going to throw your way.

Enjoy your friends and make some wonderful's that will last a lifetime.

Country Girl said...

Russell, thanks for putting it that way. I do have a home! Thanks for visiting again.
Mental P, hope you enjoy your weekend as well!
And Alisa, I hope you're feeling much better soon. Yesterday was not a good day for you. But it was for Christopher! You are such a good mom and a good person. Lovya!


Minna Dyer said...

Very nice thoughts. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

That was a very thoughtful and moving post. It is good to stop sometimes and think of all we do have, instead of what we don't. Honestly, as long as my family and friends have their health, I feel like I've gotten more than my share. Well, I do love having my camera. And I do lust after a macro lens, shallow person that I am ;-)

brneyedgal967 said...

Thank you, for everything you said. You have a wonderful way of putting things in perspective - and your beautiful flowers always brighten up any dreary day.

Also, thank you for being forthcoming about not owning your home. Neither do we. We'd love to someday, but for now we rent. And although our house is on beautiful 5 acres and is haunted... I love it here. And we'll plant flowers and a garden and trim trees and mend fences and do everything we would do as if we owned the place because we love it so much. And I haven't said that on my blog that we don't own this place because it's been a bit of a source of shame, to be our age and not own our home - so thank you. For allowing me to say that and not be ashamed. Home is home whether you own it or not. Hopefully now I'll have the courage to blog about that.

Have a great weekend with your girlfriends. Oh, and remember you've got great blog buddies also. :-)

Jeannelle said...

Good thoughts! We're all just passin' through this place we call we really own anything??