Monday, March 10, 2008

Movin' on up

Our eldest son, Matt, moved out of our home a long time ago. He's been living on his own for the past several years during college and hadn't even been coming home for the summers anymore like he did his first and second year, as he'd taken jobs down in Virginia.

Matt graduated from the Architecture School at UVa last May and in October, he accepted a position at a firm in NYC. Last September, he even flew to Paris to interview for a position at a small firm there and was offered the job. It wasn't going to pay much, but it would have been a great experience for him to work there.
I'm glad he took the New York job, though. Since October, he's been staying with friends and when one of them moved out of the apartment and a bedroom opened up, he took it. This weekend, he traveled to Charlottesville to collect his things and drive them back to the city, stopping here in Maryland to drop some stuff off and to pick up some other things.

Just like the time
Shaun moved his stuff out, the sun is shining and it's a happy day. Our sons are moving on. We're just really glad for Matt that he's found a home and he's happy. He's got a great job and a promising future. It's all you really want for your kids, isn't it?
So good luck to you in your new home, Matt. We're really proud of you.


Russell said...

I can relate to this - very much. Our daughter goes to school at Drake in Des Moines. (Their basketball team won the Missouri Valley Tournament and they are going to the NCAA Tournament!!!)

When she left for school it was difficult, to put it very mildly. You are so happy they are growing up and doing so well. But at the same time you are crying inside (and out) because you will miss them so much.

The child is so focused on themselves they don't have any idea of the emotional wreck mom and dad have become!! Only when YOU are the parent seeing your children drive out that driveway do you really understand.

You are happy when they go to college, get a full time job, get married and so on - but it is so, so, so very hard, too.

I am happy for you but I also understand.... Take care.

Anonymous said...

I often look at my boys in wonder at how they have "turned out". It's a whole different stage of life, relating to them as adults. Or almost adults.

Seeing them successfully move on is the greatest thing we can give them.

Country Girl said...

You are so right, Kacey. And Russell, just seeing that truck drive out the driveway and knowing he was headed for the Big City, I was so happy for him but so, I don't know at the same time.
It never ends, does it? We just try to do our best.


Mary said...

What a wonderful kid, Kate. You should be very proud!

abb said...

Congratulations! You have so much to be proud of.


Jo said...

Watching our children leave home is the toughest thing we have to do as parents. But they have to make their way in the world, just as we had to do. We raise them right, do the best we can, and then give them our blessings.

There is a saying that we don't "own" our children, we only "borrow" them for a little while. It is so true. We have to let them go.

I think you can be very proud of yur son. My goodness!

Anonymous said...

Becuase I have boys I have a soft spot for this. I can't even imagine the day that this happens but want their happiness more than anything. You make it seem so easy.

Jeannelle said...

Best wishes to Matt! Living in NYC sounds very exciting to this country girl.

Anonymous said...

Matty has always been a great kid. You only want what is best for them but you have to let them live their life even if it isn't the best choice. That's how they learn. But what a great feeling to know they are happy and doing well and doing something they enjoy. Good luck my nephew....

Fave Babe