Monday, October 27, 2008

Contest announced!

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I need a laugh. And I need it bad, ok? The other night, while I was sitting in the breakfast nook looking at what I consider to be really bad wallpaper, I imagined the little hunter men pictured to be talking to each other. What they're saying, I have no idea. But I was not drinking, nor did I partake of any crazy wild mushrooms. I just thought it would be funny.

So please, readers, put on your thinking caps and come up with a funny caption for any one of these four wallpaper frames. The person with the best caption, the one that actually makes me chuckle, will be the winner of one of these six prints.

This is the wallpaper from the 1960's that is on the walls of the breakfast nook of the home to which I've just moved. I was seriously thinking of taking it down, but a couple of people said, "No! Not the hunter wallpaper!" One of these people was a grandchild (currently in college) of the former owners of the home. The other was my husband.

So please, make me laugh. C'mon ~~ it shouldn't be that hard! I just can't come up with something clever right now. It's as if I'm all clevered out at the moment.

Contest will run until 9 AM Wednesday morning, Eastern Standard Time. After that, the judging begins. I will send an 8x10 print of your choice (see link above for choices) directly to you, printed on e-surface paper with a lustre finish.

There is no limit to the number of captions you submit. One caption per comment, however. It's easier to judge that way. Winner will be announced Wednesday evening, 6 PM EST.

Until Wednesday evening, my friends.

My husband is doing fine, by the way. It's one day at a time.


Ellen said...

Here goes:

Frame 1:
Hey, isn't that Country Girl's house over there?

Frame 2:
Nah, she lives over this way.

Frame 3:
Did your dog just clone itself?

Frame 4:
Nah, I think the brandy is getting to you. Look, there's CG's house over there - I can see the pink counter tops glowing in the window!

Okay, so there not captios but dialog, but I hope it gave you a giggle at least.

By the way, if they were prints, I'd love to have them - I think the art work is kind of neat in a retro sort of way!

Hope your husband is feeling better. Prayers for him and you too.

Anonymous said...

If you need a laugh come see me today. And for the caption...

"I think Sasquatch (spelling?) went this way...and judging by the footprints, he's wearing heels again."

Minna Dyer said...

Oh, man! I wish I were in the least bit clever, so I'm just commenting to say HI!

brneyedgal967 said...

Frame 1:

Binocular Guy: "Get a load of the hideous wallpaper in that farm house over there. Check it out, you can see it with the binoculars."

Kneeling Guy: "Let me shield George's eyes first, he's a good dog and doesn't need to see something like that."

I guess if hubby wants the wallpaper to stay, let it stay. But take this opportunity to kitsch the kitchen up as you like - with pink counter tops call for totally funky retro decor. :-P

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the one day at a time hubby has lung cancer and is undergoing chemo..we take it one day at a time here too.

Anonymous said...

#1..good dog..what are we hunting for today ? #2..I don't see anything moving .. #3.. Maybe the dogs can pick up a scent...#4...Where the heck did the dogs go !!

Woman in a Window said...

eek! No! You do not want to hear from me! It's perverse, not funny at all. Just reflects my bad mood. I'll keep it to myself. Seriously. Just wrong.

Country Girl said...

You guys are so cheering me up already! These are good. And Womaninawindow, you'll feel better soon. The contest runs 'til Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Frame 1: Ya know Bob I have lived here in Alaska my entire life and still can't seem to find Russia.

Frame 2: Well all the CNN anchors you should be able to see it from here, lets go this way.

Frame 3: Bill maybe ya just need new bincolors.

Frame 4: Maybe, I still do not see it, can only see that bridge that goes no where.

Hope I did not offend any McCain/Palin fans out there! Just having some fun! I however are still undecided who to vote for, looks like I need to be making up my mind quick!

Tess Kincaid said...

I actually think the wallpaper is really cool! Leave it up!!!

I'll think about this and be back with mine...

Tess Kincaid said...

Frame 4:

Dad: One day, lad, all this will be yours.
Son: What, the curtains?
Dad: No, not the curtains, lad, all that you can see stretched out over the valleys and the hills! That'll be your kingdom, lad.

Dad: When I first came here,
this was all swamp. Everyone said I was daft to build a castle on a swamp, but I built in all the same, just to show them. It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one. That sank into the swamp. So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the fourth one stayed up. And that's what you're going to get, Lad, the strongest castle in all of England.

Jeannelle said...

Oh, my....wallpaper so awful it might grow on a person and become memorable. That must be what happened with the owners' grandchild. clever captions come to mind tonight....but, you have a cheerful idea, here! Keep smiling....I've read that we should just smile whether we feel like it or not. There's something about the interplay of muscles used in smiling.....if we put them to use that way then it will make us feel better in spite of everything.

abb said...

I'm gonna put on my thinking cap....tomorrow!

abb said...
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Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Ok frame #1-
Frank; Bob isn't that Dick Cheney hunting over there?
frame #2-
Bob; OMG it is, hurry lets go this way fast you know what kind of aim he has!
I am not trying to be political, just stating a little humour.

Mental P Mama said...

I love that wallpaper!

My quote for all four:

Cheney: I swear I can't see anyone. Where did everybody go?

Anonymous said...

OK! I need to preface this by saying in frame #1 We have a 'Boonie hat' hunter and a 'Hunting cap' hunter. In frame #2 and #3 we have two 'Hunting cap' hunters. In frame #4 we have two 'Boonie hat' hunters. So this is going to be a skill in trying to link the 4 frames.

Frame #1 - Hunting cap Bill says "Hank?, I knew you shouldn't have taken that bet at the bar last night!

Boonie hat hunter Hank, says " Well hell, Bill! Our dawg can outhunt their dawg anyday of the ol' week! Cover his eyes so's I can show ya what I mean!"

Hunting Cap Bill, " Well if you say so, Hank, but I still think you're plumb crazy."

Frame #2 and #3 - Hunting cap Bill says " Hey Cooter, where is Boonie hunter hat Jack?" Hunting cap Cooter says " Well he's over yonder, trying to scope out where his dawg will out hunt y'alls dawg. Where is Boonie hat Hank?" Hunter cap Bill says "Well, ol' Hanks out there trying to outsmart Boonie hunter hat Jack, of course!"

Hunting cap Bill says "Ain't this gonna be fun!" Cooter replys " Oh hell yeah! Now, here is what we are going to do..........and then I'll meet ya at the bar, shoot some pool, and have a brew. How's that sound?" Hunting cap Bill says, "Meet ya at the bar, my friend! Let's get the dawgs on their way! They know where to meet us in a couple of hours."

Frame #4 - Boonie hat Hank and Boonie hat Jack are traipsing around looking for Hunting caps Bill and Cooter, and their dawgs.

Boonie hat Hank and and Jack bump into each other and say "what the hell? So they start looking at the mountains, and Boonie hat Jack says, "I hear a tune comming from them thar hills." Boonie hat Hanks says, "Yeah, me too, but it sure doesn't sound like 'The Sound of Music to me' and ol' Jack says, " Nah, it ain't the sound of music. It's the braying of 'She'll be 'comming 'round the mountain when she comes'! And I think we done been had!"

I know this was long, but it was fun! A few more frames I could go on! LOL!

Bless you and yours sweet CG. Know that we all luvers you and wish and pray for the very best for YOU and YOURS!


Deb said...

ok, this requires some thinking as I was going to go with the Cheney to think...but I will tell you that I love the paper.

Emily said...

1: I thought you said there were birds out here, Jack
2: Well whats that over there, Dick?
3: The dogs arent picking anything up Jack.
4: But the guy at the liquer store SAID they would be here!

Jo said...

Kate, I'm so glad your husband is okay. I have been concerned about you guys. And never, never, never take down the hunter wallpaper.

I'm so glad to hear your husband is doing well. I have been concerned.

I love, love, love the hunter wallpaper. Don't take it down!

Frame One: American Hunters: "Hey, Bob, isn't that Canada over there?”

Frame Two: Canadian Hunters: ”Hey, Jim, isn’t that the US over there?”

Frame Three: Canadian Hunters: ”Hey, Ralph, let’s go check it out.”

Frame Four: ”Hey, Bob, I’m so glad you and I met. I was getting tired of Ralph. But did he and Jim have to take both the dogs? I had better phone my lawyer and make sure I get visitation rights, at least.”

Leslie: said...

Okay, I've got a story for you Kate. Do you happen to know David McMahon at authorblog? Well,this is for him!

#1 David: So this is the Yukon, eh mate?"

#2 Guide: Hey, take this here Canajun cap, Dave! That Aussie cap of yers looks too much like a Stetson. Ya never know who ya might see out here so close to Alaska, eh."

#3 Guide: Follow me, Dave! Let's round us up some grizzly fer a bbq!

#4 Aussie tourist 1: Sure am glad Dave told us how great the Yukon is!

Aussie tourist 2: Say, who's that running from that grizzly?

Aussie tourist 1: Oh man! It's our mate Dave!

Leslie: said...

I forgot to mention that I hope your husband is continuing to improve. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you both.

Russell said...

Looks like you already have a lot fo great choices - and it is only Monday night!

I will come back and see what other great ideas you get from people. I am always amazed at how creative people can be with such things!!

I think Jo and Leslie have come up with some pretty fantastic entries ... but perhaps I am a bit biased!! Heh!

Take care.

Shimmy Mom said...

I am not that creative. All I could think of was they were trying to use the binoculars to see into some ladies bedroom or a strip club or something. Bad, bad, bad.
Great contest idea though, and I wish the contestants lots of luck, it's fun to read the other answers.

I have a game of my own going at my site though, so...
"You've been Boo-ed" come over and see what you get.

Kelly said...

Ok, here's my good ole college try!

Frame 2: See I told you I could see Russia from my backyard!

Molly said...

Frame 2: I don't think anyone will know if we just go over here and ask for directions.

Chocolate Cat said...

Must say I rather like the 'hunters wallpaper' in a quirky kind of way!! Of course I don't have to live with it!!
Have just caught up with your posts over the last few weeks and my thoughts are with you and your husband and of course George as you adjust to the changes happening in your lives at the moment. Wish I was closer so I could volunteer my hubby to cook you a dinner!! (yep he is the normal cook in our household too).
Hugs xx

A Scattering said...

Frame 2

Honestly, I've completely gotten over the fact that you ran off with my wife last year. Just walk ahead of me - say about 50 feet ahead - and see if you can see a deer.....turn around and call out if you spot something.....

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

(Frame 4) "No, we're not lost! We're right here!"

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I am soooo not good at this. Honest! I am not a clever person. At all. Ever.

I can think of only one caption...Frame #4...

Harry and Bob wait patiently across the field. They know that every day, like clockwork, Heather takes a shower and dresses for work.

Daryl said...

#1 I dont see anything that way

#2 Maybe over there

#3 Lets go see

#4 I dont see anything that way

I hope these 2 teams dont shoot one another


Anonymous said...

#1 Nothing good to look at over here.

#2 Come this way there is a nice historical home on the hill.

#3 Zoom into the window....she brushes her teeth naked!

#4 Wow! She's hot!

Anonymous said...

Frame One: “I know, I know, Bosco…when I told him to take a shot I didn’t mean out of the bottle. We’ll leave him home next time.”

Frame Two: “When you find a bird you point at it, see? Man, this reminds me of when I had to demonstrate fetching sticks for you.”

Frame Three: “You know dogs aren’t supposed to heel when they’re hunting, right?”

Frame Four: “All I’m saying is, just think about how far away that thing is before you shoot it. I mean, we’re going to have to haul it all the way back here if you hit it.”

Thanks for the challenge, Country Girl. It was fun.

Carin said...

"Which way did he go? Which way did he go?"

Please say that in a Elmer Fud cartoony voice.

Chelsi said...

My take, Hunters from the deep south *think accents* on a hunting trip to Alaska....

Frame 1- Do you see any thing Bill? No. Good, cause I'm freezin' my nuts off here! And it looks like poor old Buddy the coon dog here don' n' gotten his frozen to the ground!

Frame 2- I dont know who's idea 'twas to head north for a holiday! I dont see a muskrat or armadillo anywhere! Nothin' but a buch of ducks and moose out in these parts. Now which was the cabin? This way?

Frame 3- I think them coon dogs are trying to lead us home! at least I hope they are because I dont have a clue where we are and these here wool underwear are itchy as all hell.

Frame 4- Billy: Now where in the hell have those dogs gone and gotten themselves? I do believe we've gotten ourselves in a pickle here, Frank. You see anything?

Frank: Nothin'! This place sucks! Next year, we're goin' to Florida.


I have tagged you over at my blog with a ghosting it forward...if you feel up to it:) Hope you and yours are keeping your chins up!

Picket said...

frame 1: Hey Moonie..did you know you could see ol man Silas's house from here....there's Miss Mamie coming out now going to her flower garden...MOTHER OF ALL CREATURES...she just bent over!!!! My eyes my eyes!!!

frame 2: We ain't lost Chester..I had old Buford mark the trees as we came up here....see yonder he even left us alittle ol 'toadstool' by that bush!

frame 3: Hey Bubba.what excuse did you give the wife for getting out of the house.." I told her I had to come help you with some chores that you was sick"..."oh man...we are dead now..I told my wife You was sick and I had to come help you!"

frame 4: Now sheriff right over there was where Miss Mamie claims she saw the mysterious lights coming from the other night....but come to find out it was ol man Silas's moonshine still and he had gotten alittle to close with his match when he went to light his
pipe and the whole thing went up in flames...he offered the young deputy $20 if he wouldn't tell Miss Mamie!