Thursday, May 6, 2010

I remember

Six years ago tonight I sat in a hospital waiting room with my friend Karen, hoping for good news about my husband who was undergoing emergency brain surgery for the first time.

It was May 5, 2004.

My in-laws were on their way to UVa in Charlottesville to pick up our eldest son who had just finished his first year at college. I was hoping to give them good news later that night when I called them. Our youngest son was staying with friends. When the surgeon came to talk to me, I took notes as I was told the type of brain tumor and the chances for survival. With radial treatment, I was told that he could possibly live another six months.

That was six years ago.

DSC_0231 copy 2

Life hasn’t been Easy Street since then but hey, we all have our crosses to bear. I consider us lucky because we were given a new lease on a relationship that had seen better days. And when you know the end could be that near, you tend to savor life and those you love a little more.

Ok, a lot more.

I wrote and re-wrote this several different times, not wanting to say it out loud, to put it out there. But those of you who read this blog regularly already know the story.

Everybody has a story. And I don’t define myself by this one. It is simply how it is and our lives go on. And right now, life is just fine.

Today is May 5. And another year has passed.


Photo taken today by my husband. I found it on the camera disk.

Please, no comments. I know that you care. And I’m so glad that you’re there.

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