Monday, January 2, 2012

Smile and say cheese

Returning to work today wasn’t all that bad. I was reminded of the fact that I have off two Mondays from now. Something to look forward to, I believe.

Today I’m sharing several pet photographs taken over the past few days. I may not be the most exciting blog you visit today, but I don’t think any of you are coming here for the sheer excitement of it all. If you have pets, then you should understand what I mean when I say that my life wouldn’t be as full without them in it.

DSC_1455 copy 2

I don’t post enough photos of the cat, but I believe I mentioned before that she just plain does not enjoy having her photo taken. She will watch me get the camera, and then she will make a dash for it.

That’s why these were taken through the long lens, the 70-300mm.

DSC_1457 copy 2

She doesn’t know I’m watching.

DSC_1496 copy 2

This was also taken with the long lens, as was the one below. I think I may have found what it takes to get a good picture of Miss Blackie.

Above, she is enjoying the New Year’s Eve festivities at the manor house. And when I say festivities, I’m using the term loosely.

DSC_1429 copy 2

How old are you, Blackie? I really have no idea. People were always dropping off cats when we lived on the various horse farms throughout our life, and she was the product of one who had a litter of four. I believe she’s 8 to 10 years old.

I should know better, but I just do not remember.

: : :

And then there’s George. As much as Blackie loathes to have her photo snapped, George adores it. He actually seems to pose for the camera sometimes.

DSC_1501 copy 2

Here he is sunning himself in the gorgeous weekend weather we experienced in Maryland. It’s since gotten biting cold.

DSC_1316 copy 2

He has two squirrels treed in this pose. Wait, I remember taking a photo of each of them. Here are the little varmints below.

DSC_1417 copy 2DSC_1418 copy 2

Exciting, yes?

What’s really exciting is when they drop from the trees and make a mad dash for the woods. It’s really worth waiting for, which is why he’s under that tree.

DSC_1482 copy 2

What’s also exciting is frisbee. And it’s so cool that he picked up the disc in this one and has it turned so that you can read the words on it.

Good boy, George.

His life really IS good.

DSC_1464 copy 2

New Year’s Eve with his new santa toy. It squeaks (of course).

: : :

And now on a completely different note ~ I still have my Christmas decorations up and have traditionally taken them down the following weekend after the New Year. I’m ready to let Christmas go – I really am. I’ll put everything away, and won’t revisit any of my favorite movies until next December. One of the ones I enjoy the most, though, is Love Actually. And this scene with Colin Firth and the Portugese woman he’s just hired to do his housekeeping is one of the best. Jamie (Firth) has recently split with his girlfriend and has taken up residence in his French cottage where he goes about the motions of writing a book.

It’s sweet and it’s funny and I’m going to miss it until I see it again at the end of this year. (And I love the music).


Enjoy your week, my friends. May it be a good one ~

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Chrissykat said...

You know I love this post because I love own, your and everyone else's. Blackie is beautiful and woot woot for the long lens! One of my late kitties was a poser like George. He loved to have his photo taken and knew he was gorgeous.

It'll be nice to see more pix of Blackie (hint hint!).

p.s. adore Love Actually

Anonymous said...

George looks like a sweet heart! I love taking picts of my pets also. My Boston Terrier is a bit on the hyper side and wiggles to much for picts. Every once in a while I can catch her sleeping. J's ranch dog loves her picture taken.

Thanks for sharing your pets with us.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

First, that picture with George and the Life is Good frisbee is poster-worthy (t-shirt-worthy/button-worthy/just worthy).

Second, I will not rest until I see Love Actually - Colin Firth is one of my favorites (from the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice) so any endorsement from you that includes him means I MUST HAVE IT AND WILL SEE IT.

Glad your day back wasn't all that awful.

TexWisGirl said...

i love your pets - and your varmints. and i really like that movie too - a feel-good movie, for sure.

Deb said...

Cats are hard to photograph....Dogs...especially mine tend to enjoy the spot light...George is so handsome...

Hilary said...

Miss Blackie reminds me of a black cat we used to have, her name was Smudge.....she was one of many Smudges in our family.
She's very beautiful.

Nellie said...

Cats are such independent creatures, aren't they? Ours is now 19 1/2 years old, with not too many photographic moments.:-( We laughed one time in his youth when he was chasing a squirrel from tree to tree. Such chattering from the squirrel!

abb said...

Smiles here! :)

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I have a special fondness for black cats and truly enjoy seeing pics of Miss Blackie :) I love the treatment on the photo where she's sitting in front of the tree :)
George, as always, is stunning in his white in the world do you keep him so clean? On our walk this afternoon, Layla jumped in every puddle or muddy spot she could find. I always have to hose and dry her off before we come back inside. :)

Low Tide High Style said...

Aww, I'm glad you've found a way to capture beautiful Miss Blackie. And the photo with George and the frisbee should be on a card!

Love Actually is one of my all time favorite movies, and I own the soundtrack. Just be advised that I sometimes belt out The Trouble with Love very loudly in my car, so choose to ride with me very carefully!

Kat :)

Bluebird49 said...

Gotta love beautiful Miss Blackie-and you, Country Girl, Kate,Yes I do believe you are blessed!

Jamie said...

Love the pics of Blackie. Love Actually is one of my favs. CBW- you must see it!

Cloudia said...

George always makes me laugh!

Happiest New Year wishes
with Warm Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Caroline said...

I took all the Christmas decorations down today. Felt wonderful. Funny, I watch love actually ever year at Christmas too!!! I hope that 2012 brings you much happiness and joy (and no computer or hard drive issues!!!).

Skogkjerring said...

Hey Kate,

Just watched the trailer, I´m not sure if I should admit this but I´ve never seen that movie before! Maybe it´s time to see it? ;-) That scene looked very cute...loved how everything she was saying he said the opposite!

Your pets are as always adorable- even the nature pets, those fat squirrels!!! Being as fat as they were George must be able to catch them if he wants? But I imagine it´s probably much more fun for him if they run rather then if he catches them!!!

Your Miss Blackie reminds me of my cats, I can see her personality in the photos and either it´s a cat thing or she shares a similar personality to my cats...kinda, " pictures dear and if you´re going to take some please hurry up and get it over with!" Love it! I don´t really know my cat´s ages either, I don´t celebrate their birthdays like I do the dogs...isn´t that weird? But my cats were brought in to work on the homestead keeping it free of varmits. I didn´t bring them here for the company ;-))) Although they love to give us tons of attention when it suits them...

Have a great day Kate :-)

Joyce said...

You're right, I don't come to your site for "sheer excitement", I come for a visit w/someone who seems like a friend and who I wished lived nearby! I always enjoy your photography and today's animal shots make me smile. I've always said my dog loves me when no one else does. George feels the same way about you & your husband!

Karen said...

What a pretty cat, love the photo of her sitting under the tree?.... frameable.

Reena said...

This is my all time favorite movie and that scene is one of the best along with when he proposes to her in the restaurant!

Kerri Farley said...

Such sweetness in this post :)

Daryl said...

I dont know why so many of your comment leavers have a hard time taking pix of cats .. my two pose for me all the time ... I have a copy of Love Actually, so if you'd like I can have Toonman make you a copy .. the copy of Tintin is in the mail!!!!

beth said...

can you believe the holiday went skidding past us and we didn't watch love actually....again. maybe it's meant for our new year :)

love your furry babies....and wow, they love you!!

sharon said...

Miss Blackie is gorgeous! Although I must say I am partial to black cats. They have a certain mystic about them.

Jan's camera said...

Hi, I haven't seen that movie in ages. I will have to see it again soon while Christmas is not too far in the past. I love your cat photos. I have a black and white cat and he shuts his eyes tight when I try to photograph him. Also, because his face is black with just a white chin it is sometimes hard to see his features. George is so cute with the Frisbee.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Love the cat photos, aren't they funny! Duke, like George, loves the camera also!

OK, seriously, why have I NEVER seen that movie? I'm a Colin Firthfile! LOL! Going to order it now!


P.S. Glad your 1st day back wasn't bad, my students were decent too! LOL!!!

Mary said...

I didn't get to watch Love Actually this year... :(

I have found that our cat doesn't like the camera either. Wish I had a "George" to model for me, and sit on my feet to keep them warm... It's fricken' freezing tonight!

mrs mediocrity said...

I love at the end when she says "Just in cases."
I always say that now instead of just in case, and people look at me like I'm crazy.

I love both your pets, great shots. My dog is the one that hides from the camera, and one of my cats is the poser.

Freezing here, too. Brrr...

Marcie said...

I just love your border collie!!! And..what a sweet kitty. Happy 2012~

BB said...

You. Me. Twins seperated at birth. (I know we aren't the same age - maybe one of us was frozen and thawed?).

Your cat - identical to my Middie. Your dog, a hopeless camera hog like my Axel.

Love Actually - totally my favourite Christmas movie (and probably close to all-time fave). If I need a smile (with some tears thrown in for free) this is the one.

Plus we now have the same camera. I rest my case.

BB said...

You. Me. Twins seperated at birth. (I know we aren't the same age - maybe one of us was frozen and thawed?).

Your cat - identical to my Middie. Your dog, a hopeless camera hog like my Axel.

Love Actually - totally my favourite Christmas movie (and probably close to all-time fave). If I need a smile (with some tears thrown in for free) this is the one.

Plus we now have the same camera. I rest my case.

Carolynn Anctil said...

My cats are camera shy, too. Or there isn't enough light to capture them. Or...Blackie looks so regal!

Lili said...

You have 2 very cool fur babies Kate. George is so good with the props too, what are the chances to have that frisbee perfectly positioned like that?! We have only been to one movie in NINE years so I love it every time you post a clip from a movie. They're all new to me! xo ~Lili

Lisa said...

What would we do without our pets, critters and good friends and add some music on top of that with Ice cream . Sums up somethings simple and yet so unique.
and the U tube..
Oh O I love this , It was sweet and funny even if I could not understand all the language. Its really cute.

GailO said...

It is my dog that hates the camera...if she hears it or sees it she takes off like a shot and I have learned the hard way that she better be on a leash when I do take it out. She has even been learning that the iphone is a camera and tries to escape that....No one can tell me she is not smart!

Love seeing Blackie as I am a cat woman at heart:)