Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lunch at Jordan Pond House, Maine

Yes, I’m still posting images from my trip to Maine two weeks ago. I’m posting them because I want to, because Maine is beautiful, and because I miss it there.

Today’s images are from lunch at Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park, something I’d never before experienced. I’ve hiked past the place with my husband, and we usually hike the 3-mile loop trail around the pond you can see in the photo below, but we’ve never been inside the restaurant.

My blogging friend, Lili, along with her husband, Henri, were taking me to lunch.


DSC_1577 copy 2

I posted the photo above on my Picture A Day blog as well. I hadn’t updated over there since the end of 2010. Ah, well.

See those two mountains in the distance? They are the North and South Bubbles. I’d like to hike that trail on my next journey to the national park.


DSC_1589 copy 2

I was lucky to get the shots without any people in them. The restaurant was getting quite packed, and there were hikers everywhere. But it’s all about timing, you know.


DSC_1576 copy 2

I was definitely going to have the popovers. Jordan Pond House is famous for their delicious popovers with sweet creamery butter and homemade strawberry jam on the side.


DSC_1585 copy 2



DSC_1590 copy 2

Delicious clam chowdah.


DSC_1593 copy 2

Henri’s he-man lunch.


DSC_1595 copy 2

Lili and I each had the walnut, apple, and dried cranberry salad with a delicious vinaigrette.


DSC_1609 copy 2

Then, for dessert, we shared a slice of chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream.


DSC_1616 copy 2

The Jordan Pond House has been in existence as a restaurant since the 1870’s. John D. Rockefeller bought the place around 1946, bequeathing it to the national park to ensure its continuation. The Acadia Corporation, a small group of locals, have been operating the restaurant since then and are committed to preserving its traditions.


DSC_1617 copy 2

Sometimes when I’m in Maine, I feel like I’ve stepped back in time.



DSC_1619 copy 2

Lili tells me that this is hers and Henri’s favorite restaurant in the entire area. They’ve had dinner here too, and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend this place but will warn you – it can get packed in the summertime. We arrived at 11:15 or so and waited in line until they opened their doors at 11:30. When we left about an hour later, there wasn’t a spot left in the parking lot and there was a bit of a line to get an outside table.


DSC_1608 copy 2

One of the best things . . . you can bring your dog.


DSC_1607 copy 2

But the best thing, the very best thing . . . is enjoying an awesome meal with this wonderful view.


Anonymous said...

Okay..... now I really DO want to retire in Maine. I know the winters are long and cold, but the beauty of the state makes up for any frost bite I could ever have.

Country Gal said...

What a beautiful place ! Wonderful photos . Yummy food . Thanks for sharing .Being able to take your dog is the there is awesome ! Have a great day !

On The Road Again said...

I love your photos and your narrative, thanks for sharing.

On The Road Again said...

I love your photos and your narrative, thanks for sharing.

Nellie said...

You have just whetted my appetite, not only for popovers, but for a visit to Maine! Lovely photos, Kate!

spindrift,maine said...

My favorite Jordan Pond house story is the one about the popover mix that was being sold in the parking lot by clever entrepreneurs. For a hefty price, you could buy the mix, then go home and add your own milk and eggs. (Read the recipe to get the humor if you don't know how to make popovers.) xo

Hilary said...

beautiful, just beautiful, all of it.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Looks like a feast for kings & queens! I agree the view is spectacular! How sweet that you can bring your pups too!

Cloudia said...

all THIS and dogs too!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

JaneK said...


Sabrina Steyling said...


troutbirder said...

Beautiful views. And the food oh my! That's it. This post has made me hungry.

Daryl said...

we are going there, right?

Em Parkinson said...

I've never heard of a popover but I'm now determined to have looks absolutely delicious and that view......looks like you had such a lovely break.

The JR said...

WOW, fantastic looking food.
Great looking place.

I'm so jealous of their gardens.

beth said...

what a gorgeous setting and wow, that food looks amazing !!

i wonder if my sister has eaten there....hmmmm.....

Steph said...

Simply beautiful. All of them. Thank you Kate.

A New England Life said...

What a wonderful place to spend an hour or so! You were so fortunate to have such great weather, too. I'll take the salad with a cup of clam chowdah also. With a popover to go!

Caroline said...

These are so beautiful Kate! Now I really want to go back to Maine...maybe this fall...ohhh to see the colors! Thank you for sharing these with us!

Low Tide High Style said...

More reasons to go to Maine! And any restaurant that lets you bring your dog is alright by me!


P.S. I love that first shot!

Gillian Olson said...

Beautiful series, my mouth is watering, great setting for a restaurant too.

Jill of All Trades said...

Man, I wish our "tour" guide had taken us there. So beautiful and so YUMMY!

Karen said...

OKAY! We're booking next year's trip to Maine for the family. We'll stay on Deer Isle, want to be near Acadia and Bar Harbor..any area I should stay away from? Any recommendations for where to stay, cottage rentals?

Lisa Gordon said...

Maine is truly a very special place, and you have captured it so beautifully.

Love, love, love the first shot here.

Reena said...

You are making me HUNGRY! Trying to catch up from all my travels ... I never tire of seeing Maine! Can't wait to head back up there but we are heading to Florida for a week to join up with the kids and grandkids! Should be fun.

Georgianna said...

Wow, Kate, I'm sure I would love that place! Someday I'll get to Maine - your photos with the lone chair are somehow very haunting. Even knowing that the crowds are right behind!


Kerri Farley said...

~ Sigh ~
I want to visit this beautiful place

Bluebird49 said...

Oh my--I've been at OBX for the week, not reading blogs, cause I had a lap-ful of grand-kids--and loved each precious second of it...but I've missed your beautiful photos, too. That lunch looked awesome, and the white chair overlooking the view--yum!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I first visited Maine in 1994 from the UK and stumbled across the restaurant at Jordan Pond. It was June, so it was quiet. Being foreigners we didn't know their reputation but I went for the popovers since I wanted a local experience. Your photos brought back happy memories. x

mrs mediocrity said...

you are so making me want to go to Maine... what a beautiful, lovely place.

Lili said...

Oh my goodness that was so much fun being there with you! Ahhh, nice to remember it again. Really really lovely shots of that day Kate! xo ~Lili