Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A day without sunshine

Today was a dreary one that became colder as the day wore on. Raw best describes today’s weather, plus we haven’t seen the sun for over a week. I began my new book last night and am getting into The House at Riverton. So far, so good. Another Kate Morton book that I really enjoyed is The Forgotten Garden.

Season 12 of American Idol started tonight (or as my husband calls it, The Singing Survivor Show). I’ve always liked the audition shows although I’m not too sure about the judges this year. I miss Simon and I actually really liked Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. I was not a fan of Ellen as a judge, although I think she’s great in everything else she’s done. This year sees Randy Jackson returning, along with newcomers Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. I keep the show on in the background as I read.


DSC_6887 copy 2

I snapped this last night before I went to bed. George looked so comfortable as he lay sprawled on his couch (yes, I said his couch) sound asleep.

A favorite photo of mine that includes him and a stray cat he was in love with is below.


DSC_0811 copy 2[5]

I lost the original photo of this when my hard drive crashed in 2011 but I was able to download this from an old post on my blog. The cat visited daily, jumping over the fence to see his doggie friend. George was just a pup back then and the cat was the only other animal he was close with.

Tonight for dinner, I made a shepherd’s pie using a recipe from a blogging friend who lives in the Yorkshire Dales. A real English recipe, too. Thank you so much, Pat. It was delicious.

So how are things in your neck of the woods? I’m going to get back to my book ~

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“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” ~Steve Martin


Sabrina Steyling said...

That pic of George and the cat is so adorable! I love it. The weather here has been relatively gloomy for awhile; we got snow today and although it wasn't terribly bad I am just dying for spring. I heard crickets chirping in a Beach Boys song I was listening to tonight and was like "I'll take more of that right now, please." ;)

Country Gal said...

Oh I love these photos ! The first photo looks just like our Miggs on her couch yup her couch lol What is it with us dog people I know , they are our fur babies ! I visited Pat I can see why you enjoy her blog . Have a good evening !

Michelle said...

We've been grey for several days here, too. Today we were socked in with fog. Got out and rode my horse and felt better for it. It CAN get oppressive!

Reena said...

Oh I love George and the kitty. What has become of that cat?

Ellen said...

George is so adorable. I love the picture of him on his back - of course I don't know how that could possibly be comfortable. And that stray cat looked in love with him.

Thanks for sharing George.

Memories Among Other Things said...

George's eye look is priceless. Wonderful photo.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I adore the picture of George and the cat.

The weather is dreary at best.

I prefer focusing on George and the stray cat. All good.

Cloudia said...

George's photos made our evening sweeter! Thanks, Hon

JC said...

I just got done watching AI. Not sure about the judges. I think Keith is good. Knows his stuff. Miriah too. Nicki .. don't know about her. She seems to have attitude.

Love the two photos. My dog, Jodie Belle, does the legs in the air while napping too. Maddy Jean does it sometimes but she's older now.

I'll go check out Pat's blog.



Bluebird49 said...

I wonder if there is a dog so loved as George? Wta a fortunate dog he is (although I am sure he thinks himself a person!) The picture with him and his "matching " kitty friend is so very sweet, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to find it--it's just so endearingly cute!
Glad you're feeling a bit better.

The Weaver of Grass said...

So glad you made that Shepherd's Pie Kate - you can also make it using left over lamb from a roast - again mince it up. In some ways it is tastier this way - but so glad you enjoyed it.
Tess lays exactly like George when she is fast asleep. Lucky dogs, aren't they?

Joyce said...

Kate Morton has a new book, I think the name is The Secret Keeper (or something very similar). It's every bit as good as her other books. I've always loved the photo of George & the kitty. He has such a long-suffering look on his face.

Lisa Gordon said...

George is absolutely adorable, Kate,and these photos are wonderful.

We had about 6 inches of snow yesterday, and everything is very pretty right now, but we are about to move into single digit days as the week goes on. Don't like the real cold weather.

Happy day to you!

Karen said...

what a great picture, glad you were able to recovery it.

I used to follow Pat's blog, somehow lost track. She's a lovely person and a great writer.

What, no recipe share?? :-)

beth said...

within the first ten minutes of american idol last night, i wanted the female judges sent home.

especially nicki. the eye rolling, the looking at herself in the monitors....yuck. i miss simon A LOT.

i love keith urban.

i'm pulling out old photos to play there just isn't anything to photograph right now....bitter, party of one :)


Daryl said...

i am so glad you were able to recover, sort of, that photo of George because its my favorite one of him ... never watched AI.. never will ... i have more than enough reality in my life .. entertainment for me is escapism .. we did see Silver Linings Playbook the other evening .. Toonman maybe right about Bradley .. ;)

Girl Tornado said...

Well, the sun is shining here, although it is chilly. I'll take it! I adore that photo of George with his stray cat friend - that's a keeper, fershur! :)

Nellie said...

Love that picture of George with his kitty friend.

You asked about the weather. Our rain gauge has measured 8 inches of rsin since late Sunday afternoon when the rain began. Still raining, and there is a chance it may turn to some snow. That would be a real surprise to me as we hardly ever have any snow here in the past several years.

I've watched "Idol" in the past, but didn't turn it on Wed. night. I've been busy becoming acquainted with this new laptop which is replacing one that crashed on Saturday. So - I have lost some pictures, too.:-( There may be hope for extracting info, but I'm not counting on it.

Stay warm, dry, and safe!

Devon said...

It is pretty cold here in the mornings, but lately sunny and warm in the 50's by afternoon... so nice.

George always looks like a regal old soul... that is why I love the pic of him on 'his' couch. I guess he really is just a dog :)

Hilary said...

Gorgeous pic of George and kitty. It shows how very sweet and gentle he is. And the cat too, of course.

I opted not to watch Idol last night. I'm not sure if I will at some point this year or not. I feel the same way about each of the individuals you mentioned. The last two seasons were among my favourites. Those judges did know their stuff but were kind. Just the nonsense we heard about the two women in the show makes me hesitant.

Mental P Mama said...

I think we should plan a sunshiny trip. You know, like to Costa Rica.

The JR said...

Love both pictures.

We had 2 inches of snow in South MS yesterday. Melted by 1 PM, but weird to say the least.

Deb said...

Love the photos of George - was a sweet ♥ he is!
Snow started falling last night around supper time and we got a few inches. Nice and sunny today.

wanice m said...

Thank you for mentioning "The House at Riverton" Was searching for my next read and it was the perfect choice!

Tracey9AD said...

This weather sure is depressing. I could use a good snowfall to cheer me up. Love the pic of George and his cat friend. Miss you. Hope all is well. Think about you often.

GailO said...

I swore I wouldn't watch Idol this year but sort of got sucked in again...this part of the show is the part I like least actually. I am not impressed with the judges and I feel rather bad for Randy Jackson...

I haven't been reading much lately but now find myself unable to put down a book I recently started...Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. It has been hindering my blog reading for sure:)

Hope your weekend is relaxing! Hope you have a three day weekend too!

BB said...

My life has been crazy busy and I missed your last couple of posts... and I'm sorry I did cause you've been on a rollercoaster and I wasn't there. Must be hell to lose a brother. Esp when your husband has had so much ill health... I adore the pic of your dog and that cat. Priceless! Want some sunshine - we've got a serious overload of it here!

And as for Singing Survivor... well I am seeing Mr Urban on stage this coming Friday. Lucky, lucky me!


Unknown said...
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Annie said...

Glad you like Kate Morton's books. I haven't read any yet, but I must, being Australian and all!

After two weeks of heatwave, bush fires and all, across Australia, a cool change has come through here just now to provide some relief. Whew.

Love that photo of George, Kate.

Read a quote today about Grief, and shared a bit about it on my blog post today.

Grief...where pain and beauty mingle.

It came from this dear lady and her blog:

Thought you may be interested.

Dianne said...

I think George is one of the most wonderful creatures in the universe!
I love him on his couch

Gayle said...

OMGosh, what grand photos of doggie and doggie/kitty pix. FABulous!

mrs mediocrity said...

He's just so cute, and you can tell he is a happy dog. I remember the photo with his friend, so sweet.

I am wishing the ground would freeze again here, it has been muddy since all the snow melted last week... that part is not so much fun with a dog.

kathy b said...

LOve love love the border collie cat image!!!!!!
My golden loved our cats. THey loved him too
I love interspecies snuggling!

Gail said...

I just finished "Dark Matter" by Greg Iles. Scary but entertaining. Nail biting with a happy ending. Dangerous with a hope this cannot happen. All fit this book very well indeed.

Lili said...

Oh that so adorable. I must have missed last year's AI as I don't remember seeing Ellen, although I had heard she was judging. sheesh don't know how I missed the whole season. Watching this one tho. xo