Sunday, December 30, 2007

Black Cat

Have I mentioned that I also have a cat? Well, there isn't a whole lot to say except that her name is Blackie, and she used to be called something else until my husband decided it was easier to just call her the name of the color she is.
She was born in one of the barns here on the farm out of a tiny little mother who just happened to show up one day. Many of the cats we've owned were dropped off by well-meaning people; people who probably figure that their little gift will be helpful to us farm folk. Usually, it's a nice pregnant cat they dump from their car. You know, it's just so thoughtful of them. Blackie spends most of her days staying away from that darn puppy, but she seems pretty happy. Notice how she's perched atop this fence post? Well, guess who's at the bottom? You got it. This is her life and she is dealing with it as best she can.
Sort of like what we're all doing.

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