Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reality Show

Have I mentioned how much I love this new camera lens? I am getting so much more mileage out of it than the KitchenAid Pro mixer that was my original gift from my husband. Here's a photo I just shot of an African violet bloom. Quiet day today. My husband is in the basement and I can hear power tools, so it's a normal day. I just returned from another walk with the Absorbent Puppy (see one of the previous posts). A small goal I've set is to figure out how to link posts using a link word. I've got Project Runway on the TV, another one of their marathon shows. I love it when Project Runway runs their marathon shows. I could just leave it on all day.

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Junebug said...

Did you figure out how to link words? I could probably tell you how. :D