Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another random post

For those who are interested in acquiring the snow for their blog, visit this site. I found out about it yesterday when I visited my friend Daryl's blog, Out & About in NYC.

I've been tagged in another meme by Sarah at SpruceHill.

So at the risk of boring you all to tears, I'm to tell you 7 facts about myself, some random, some weird. And just to spruce things up a bit, I think they should be holiday facts. Shall we begin?

1. For years, when I was a child, we had one of those artificial silver trees. We had a multi-colored spotlight that would go round and round, changing the tree from blue to green, then red, then gold. Groovy, man.

2. My favorite Christmas gift was the year my husband gave me a Nikon SLR. I nearly went broke buying film and having photos developed.

3. I do not like eggnog. At all.

4. My favorite thing to do over the holidays is to visit Longwood Gardens and walk among their indoor greenhouses. It's magical.

5. I don't have a tree this year. But don't go calling me a Scrooge because I'll be just fine without one.

6. I had 7 brothers and sisters growing up, and to keep some semblance of order around the crazy holiday time, my mother told us that the elves would take away certain toys if we were bad. I had one brother who was really bad, and one year he even got coal and nothing else. Nothing.

7. I really like wrapping presents. I've got all sorts of accoutrements to wrap the perfect gift.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but you're more than welcome to play along. Just link back to this blog and list 7 random and weird things about yourself. As you can clearly see, there is absolutely nothing weird about me.

Nothing, I tell you.

And for those who were wondering where we got George, I'll let you know tomorrow.

Until then, my friends . . .


Chere said...

Random blogs seems to be in the air. My blog yesterday was totally random. If was kinda unload time. I'll give you one fact about myself: My Grandmother was present every year of my life that I put up a Christmas tree. I always helped her decorate hers and she mine. The first year the kids and I decorated a tree with out her we all had to cry and hang ornaments.

Chere said...

Thanks for the snow link. It was easy and is fun on my blog.

Ellen said...

I love your sense of humor. I think we would be great friends. I met TSAnnie a few weeks ago - she works with one of my good friends in CT. She is as funny and wonderful in person as her blog suggests. I am looking forward to meeting Mental Mama soon on one of my trips to CT.

I love Longwood too. Growing up, it was always a treat to go to "that place where the banana trees are." As an adult, I enjoy going over the holidays to see the beautiful trees. Have you ever gone to Winterteur at Christmas? That's another one of my favorite places. Who knows, maybe next year we could all meet there for a visit and tour.

I won't envy your treeless holiday until I am taking my trees down and complaining about wrapping all the ornaments again. Definitley my least favorite holiday job!

Country Girl said...

Chere, your blog looks great with the snow and the pink!

Ellen, I've never been to Winterthur. Our students go there on class trips but, alas, not me! I must go. Yes, that would be fun to meet. It should be much fun meeting MPM when you go to CT. Annie seems like she would be just like her blog, too! And their friend, Daryl from NYC is wonderful, although I haven't met her yet.


~ C.G.

Tess Kincaid said...

Fun seasonal randoms! I didn't like eggnog until I started making my special Drambui recipe. I must post it soon. It's fabulous.

Country Girl said...

And it was my husband's idea about the tree. He reminded me how much work it would be to put it up. And take it down, wrapping each ornament. I told him it was all worth it, maybe. And then I decided I can live without it. We always buy a fresh tree and I can use the break from the expense this year.

~ C.G.

Woman in a Window said...

Such a pretty photo and the snow is wonderful. But no tree? Really? Not even a little one? Maybe Christmas 'eve?

Coal, eh? I'm going to bring my kids here.

Jo said...

Your brother got coal and nothing else? I once knew a boy that happened to, and it affected him for his whole life. How did your brother take it?

I don't have a tree this year either. I will be spending Christmas with my daughter and her family, and they have a lovely tree.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Maria said...

I love that snow thang. It's so delicate.

And um, I still haven't gotten a tree yet either. I'm not sure if I'll do it this year but I might surprise myself by getting one on Christmas Eve....I kind of do that a lot since I'm such a procrastinator.

Your brother got COAL???? Ohmigosh. Ha ha ha. But how horrible for him.

Krystina said...

Lovely snow! I'll have to play with that one myself. Love the holiday details, and can't wait to hear more about George!

Skogkjerring said...

Thanks for the snow link, although I'm so "talented" in this computer stuff that I'd probably get it on my computer and never get it off, so in the summer my blog will have I guess I'll drop that thought...

No tree for Christmas??? Huh...that's like no Santa at Christmas, no Deck the Halls, no big fat turkey (George is probably hoping most for that one)Wouldn't you even consider a tiny potted tree you could string a little garland on so it shines in the house lighting? SOMETHING??? Bet George is having a tree at his place.....all dogs love trees....

Robin Ripley said...

Your blog is looking just beautiful! Time has gotten away from me, but I have wondered how you were. I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday.

Ntl Gardening Examiner

Minna Dyer said...

Love the snow!

That tree you had sounds like a child's dream, and so totally awesome!

Mental P Mama said...

I always wanted one of those changing color trees. We are on year two of a "pre-lit" tree. I love how easy it is. My kids, however, are whining about how they want a real tree. But the funny thing is, they are never around when it comes time to clean up the mess.

Shimmy Mom said...

Oh, I love eggnog, but I hate coffee, so we both have funny taste buds huh? I love learning more about you. We put up our artificial tree, but we haven't gotten a real one. (Our Family tree that we let my kids decorate is usually real, but I haven't bought one yet.) I love you Santa riding the polar bear. So cute.

Mary said...

Kate, that photo is SO beautiful! Last year, we got a little artificial tree because my husband was recovering from surgery, and I have to say that it is SUCH a convenience. Of course, we ended up with a bigger one, AND a real one... but I love the fake one, even though I never thought I would...

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

UH I can't figure out how to get the snow!

Thanks for posting!