Friday, May 1, 2009

Attempting to curb my enthusiasm

Greetings from chilly Maryland, where Spring is back and I (for one) am very glad.

DSC_0291 copy 2

I don’t like it when it’s too hot.

I am typing slowly, using the nine fingers I’ve got to work with. The tenth was operated on earlier today and I’ll spare you all the details and just tell you that it was a cyst that was removed and now I have a huge roll of gauze on my finger. The children at school were quite concerned when they saw it. It doesn’t hurt (yet) because it’s still numb from earlier today.

DSC_0300 copy 2Well, here’s what it looks like. And no, that’s not a roll of toilet paper I’m holding in my hand. The doctor likes gauze, apparently. I just can’t believe how thick it is.

This is the best shot I could do with limited digits. Needless to say, it’s going to be annoying for another 10 days or so. But there’s a lot of people out there who have it much worse, so no complaints here.

In other bidness, I must say that I was surprised at all the Lost fans out there! Last night’s episode was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I like the Daniel Farraday character a lot. And I love it when questions are answered and things begin to make sense. And regular viewers all know it’s about time that things begin to make sense on Lost. I didn’t like the idea, however, of the possibility of the plane not crashing and them all going on with their lives as the plane flew right over the island. I didn’t like it because everything that has happened to them has shaped them and changed all of them for the better. I don’t much care for Daniel’s mother, either.

Tonight is my husband’s favorite show, Survivor, so that’s exciting. Sometimes I don’t know how I function with all the excitement going on around here.

Earlier this evening, I was fumbling around on the keyboard with my giant finger, looking at the pictures that were taken today and noticed that my husband had taken several. I was surprised to find that we had taken the exact same picture. I took the one above with the macro lens, hanging out my bedroom window. I know, you’re probably surprised that someone who just had hand surgery would be hanging outside her bedroom window, but I’m a daredevil.

The photo below was taken by my husband earlier today.

DSC_0265 copy 2

I like his even better! We’d both taken the exact same dogwood bloom, only his is brighter because it was earlier. And I like the interest added by the droplets of water.

He also took one of a bee on the azalea bush out front and I’ve posted it on my Picture A Day blog.

For all of you who may have uploaded photos to Snapfish for Pioneer Woman’s photobook contest, You can order your book at 50% off, using the keyword she’s posted. It’s only good for 48 hours, however.

And I can’t believe that Barbie is now sporting a tattoo. And not just one, but two. Why, I ask, was this necessary?

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


Char said...

glad the cyst was removed safety - now on to happy healing. the blooms are gorgeous - I miss dogwoods here. but magnolias are almost ready.

Barbie has tattoos now?

Anonymous said...

Well I hope That your finger heals quickly! We can not go without our daily Kate fix!
I really like the dogwood photos, I have one up on my blog today too :)

Cindy said...

Glad your doing okay. I hope when the numbness wears off it doesn't hurt. Great photos by your hubby. I love the last one.


Coloradolady said...

Beautiful flowers. Hope you heal quickly.

Maria said...

Hope you heal fast, but my that guaze is humungus. I love dogwoods, both are great shots, but I do like the freshness of the water droplets, how interesting you zeroed in on the same bloom.

Anonymous said...

He probably wrapped it with that much gauze in case you happen to bump the finger... THAT would hurt so he's probably looking out for your best interest...

Lovely photos today! Both of them.

The Blue Ridge Gal

msdewberry said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. You never realize how much you would use your finger until its unavailable.
Dogwoods are not out here. We seem to be about a couple weeks behind you as far as blooming goes.
Good pictures!!

Woman in a Window said...

You've both taken beautiful shots. And how can you manage to take a still macro shot like that, hanging from windows? Mine are all trembly with both feet on ground!

Wish your finger a speedy recovery.

Deb said...

And didn't you suspect that Charles Whitmore was Daniel Faraday's father? Everything is coming together. But why did Ellie shoot her own son? Did she know it was her son?
I do not like the idea of saving the plane and everyone's life goes back to normal. They were all connected in ways before the crash.
Oh see, I am just going on and on about LOST. Crazy ole me!

noble pig said...

Yes, everything started to make sense until the ending and then oh gawd here we go with another tangent!

That is quite the gauze hope it's okay!

Skogkjerring said...

Hi Kate, hope your finger heals quickly!! It must be a pain to type with only 9 fingers but we appreciate your efforts for us!! :-))
Well, I'm happy to know that some answers will be given on Lost..we haven't gotten as far as you guys have, so I have no idea what you are talking about but now I will probably keep watching if things will start making sense..I feel like I was getting tired of never really understanding what was going on!!!
The photos are great...I'm trying to get hold of a macro lens..DESPERATELY before spring explodes here!!!
Have a great Friday!!!

Hilary said...

The photography gods know just how much you and your husband click. ;)

Hope you heal quickly.

Mental P Mama said...

That is quite the bandage...hope you are still feeling no pain.

Donalyn said...

Glad the cyst is safely gone - the enormous wad of gauze is quite puzzling however.

My husband can hardly stand to watch Survivor this year. If they don't get rid of Coach soon, I fear for his blood pressure.

I have tattoos - I never imagined Barbie would. Is hers a tramp stamp? Mine are not. I wonder if her Grandma was as horrified as mine was? :)

I am in the market for a dogwood and contemplating if instant gratification is worth $150. I am leaning toward yes.

Be sure to come over and tell me what you think of my new giveaway idea - I would love your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The dogwood photos are beautiful! I miss them. Sorry to hear about your finger ... all the best for a speedy recovery. And the Barbie tatoo thing really jerks my chain. I mean, wasn't Barbie the doll that all girls were supposed to aspire to? Like, when she became a doctor, etc. we all wanted to be just like Barbie. Now we all want to get tatoos just like Barbie!?! You've got to be kidding me!?!

P.S. I posted an MSN article about Swine Flu today you should check out.

RURAL said...

Ouch for the finger. Thank goodness it was on one side of your hand. What did they have a sale on gauze?

I am a Lost fan also. sigh!
Do you remember how many episodes are left?


Daryl said...

I agree, I dont want them to change the 'past' .. I doubt Kate will agree to help Jack since she'd end up in prison and never have that time with Aaron... I think poor Daniel is stuck in a Mobius Strip .. and I do like his mom .. I was not surprised to learn that Widmore is his father.

Oh and your finger, trust me that gauze is a good thing, you have no idea how many times you will knock that finger into something .. trust me I know ...

Mary said...

Gosh I hope you heal quickly -- that looks like no fun! I think both of those photos are excellent. And damn, I knew that Barbie was a tramp. ;)

Enjoy your weekend. Ours looks like it will be rainy. Which is better than 90 degrees.


Jeannelle said...

Praying a smooth recovery for you!

Tell your husband the dogwood blossom photo is superb!

Shimmy Mom said...

It's amazing how crippled have ONE finger out of commission can make you feel. I hope that it heals very quickly.
Have a great weekend.

abb said...

Stay ahead of the pain!

As far as the dogwood photos being the same - it's really quite wonderful that the two of you are so in sync you think alike when you picture beauty.

Both are lovely!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Hope your finger heals really quickly.

I love both dogwood photos - how amazing that you both took the same bloom! Dogwoods are such beautiful shrubs - I love the ones that are in kind of tiered layers.

Reddirt Woman said...

Glad they got the cyst out. If you really want to wash your face or hair with both hands, you can get over sized latex gloves or dish washing gloves and tape around the top of the cuff so water won't seep down inside. I've been there, done that. Don't want to do it any more, but some things you can't control.


Love, love the dogwood photo. It's my second favorite blooming tree.

Treasia Stepp said...

So sorry to hear about your surgery. Man your doctor does like his gauze. LOL.

What gorgeous pics as usual. Love the bright colors.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Well, I must say that I did not know that northerners even knew what collard greens were!lol I thought they were totally a Southern food! Have you ever had collard green slaw? It is delicious! Hope the finger mends well.

Maria said...

Ohmigawd. Not the finger again. This means your husband does all the cooking again, right? :-)

How interesting that you two focused on the same dogwood blossom. I adore dogwoods. They're all in bloom out here too.

Hope that finger heals fast and stops hurting really soon. Yeezus (as my Norwegian relatives would say).

cottage farm villa said...

Kate, I have to admit, I am one of those people who see's someone fall and I initially laugh. I know there are many of us in the world. So when I first saw your finger, I did laugh...sorry! It looks so pitiful with all that gauze!!! But afterward, my heart felt for your poor little finger
:( I just want to know how the heck you have been typing posts and taking pictures since I have been reading your posts backward!!!! That is truly amazing girl!!!! :)