Friday, May 15, 2009

Not enough Blackie

I feel in my heart that my cat is somehow hurt that I only post photos of George. She read some of your comments yesterday and was quite chagrined to find that George is FAMOUS. Famous! Why, it seems to have upset her immensely.

DSC_0029 copy2

She’s been sulking in her despair all day. Perhaps if she caught a frisbee or two in mid-air she would be as popular as George.

DSC_0046 copy 2

She could care less, really. But I thought I’d try to make her feel like she’s a contributing member of our family by posting some photogenic pictures of her. She really is quite the beauty.

DSC_0102 copy2

And now, before I go, I leave you with these burning questions:

What was your first word as a child?

What are you allergic to?

What tastes best covered in chocolate?

What was the last name of the person you first kissed?

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation?

I anxiously await your answers. So until then, my friends . . .


Country Girl said...

First word was Jesu. My mother was trying to get me to say "Baby Jesus". When I said Jesu, she called her family, saying that I would grow up to be a nun. How very wrong she was.
I'm allergic to penicillin.
Peanut butter tastes best covered in chocolate. No wait, strawberries. No, vanilla ice cream!
Newman. Michael Newman. First grade.
Yes, I cried at the Van Gogh exhibit in DC while standing in front of his "Still Life with Quinces and Lemons". It took my breath away.

~ C.G.

MiniKat said...

First word: Bump

I'm allergic to: penicillin, amoxicillian, sulfa, zythromax, codine, ibuprofin, erithromyacin, mushrooms, seafood, sulfites, silfides, sulfates, and marajuana.

Ginger tastes best covered in chocolate.


When my husband proposed.

Lil said...

What was your first word as a child?

I honestly don't know.

What are you allergic to?

Nothing, thank goodness.

What tastes best covered in chocolate?

Peanut butter!

What was the last name of the person you first kissed?

I don't remember his last name. His first name was Donnie.

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation?

Yes, many times over. I'm a gushy person who even cries at Disney movies. Drives me nuts but I can't help it. :-)

A Scattering said...

First word was "wopple" (apple). Slightly allergic to dust mites and grass. Pretzels covered in chocolate, mmmmmm. Howse, Donald Howse grade seven. I cried when I found out my friend Heather was pregnant - she now has 9 month old twin girls. This was fun Kate! And Blackie is stunning, a real beauty - please tell her that for me.

Anonymous said...

First Word(s) Milk please and make it a tall cold one.

Allergic to pollen, dust and cat hair.

Vanilla ice cream under my chocolate please.

Last name Gade, when I was 15 in the summertime between Freshman and Sophomore years of high school.

I cried when I saw my daughter trying on her wedding dress for the first time.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Deb said...

I'm sure my first word was MaMa.
I am allergic to penicillin, shell fish, blue cheese.
Peanut butter and chocolate...definetely.
I think his last name was Bennick.
I cried when my grandson was born as it was a magical moment of life.

Lil said...

Also, I love your cat! My first pet was a cat named Blackie. I loved that cat. This post brought back some good memories - thank you! :-)

Hilary said...

I said "bom bom" which was what I called my grandmother.
I am allergic to sulfa drugs.
Chocolate covered pretzels!!
O'Dell....Ernie..I was fifteen.
Yes, I have cried from happiness, at the birth of my grandchildren, whenever my daughters make me proud, and most recently, my husband made me cry when he said I was the best friend he ever had.

eRIN said...

blackie indeed is quite photogenic... your furrykids know they are special ^..^
who is the kit posing with george?

have no clue as to my first word...allergic to plastic bags (when they touch my skin it welts up); love DQ soft ice cream dipped in chocolate, chocolate covered raisins are mighty tasty too and see's california brittle and ginger candy dipped in chocolate, so very yummy; have no clue regarding first kiss; AND I cried with happiness when I visited my Aunt Margaret in Rome in February~

Flea said...

Blackie's a beauty. And I love your answers, especially the crying one.

What was your first word as a child?
No clue. I don't remember.

What are you allergic to?
I tell my kids I'm allergic to tomatoes, but nothing else that I'm aware of.

What tastes best covered in chocolate?
You're kidding, right? I have to pick? Alright - peanut butter filled pretzels.

What was the last name of the person you first kissed?
Crap. I can't remember. His first name was David.

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation?
Quite a few times. Usually happy for or with someone else. Usually when they've had a breakthrough moment on something they've struggled with.

cottage farm villa said...

Love that second picture!! Gogeous kitty!

I have no clue what my first word was.

Allergic to misquito bites.

Love chocolate covered cherries.

Cried from happiness, yes. Many times. Last time I remember is when I flew to AZ over Thanksgiving to see my siblings and their family and my mom. You bet I cried! Especially when I saw my youngest nephew because he is two and I missed about 8 months of his changes in growth! Cry at weddings, cry when I hear children sing...all from happiness!

cottage farm villa said...

oops, forgot, first person I ever REALLY kissed... Johnson. :0)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

My first word was "nink, nink" (for "drink").
I am allergic to thyroid hormone or some component of the pill, and sulfites!
Cherries, taste best covered in chocolate - Those cheap Queen Anne's I always gave to my father for Christmas when I was a child.
Hutcheson - ugh
I had tears in my eyes when my oldest daughter got married, though I usually only cry at sad things.

Blackie is so very lovely! And Ivory (the filly) is full of mischief and doing quite well!

Char said...

What was your first word as a child? I have no idea - weird right? but I suspect it was dada since I was always a daddy's girl.

What are you allergic to? codeine, mold and mildew and probably other stuff. I've never been tested.

What tastes best covered in chocolate? strawberries and kisses.

What was the last name of the person you first kissed? Riley

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation? yes, I cried when my niece was born - she was born on the day that my mom went into the hospital for the last time. Truly a circle.

Sue said...

Blackie is stunning!! and I am not a cat person....she really is a beauty...make sure you tell her...
I ofcourse do not know my first word,..I'm sure it was "feed me"...I am allergic to chocolate...I can't sneak an unneeded candy bar...the Boss always hears me sneeze and he knows what I'm up too...Ofcourse I cried from happiness at daughters wedding....and seeing Miss B for the first time...Peanut butter does taste butter smothered in chocolate....Ah choo....first kiss was Joe Scorroto...I just found out that he recently died...I was said..he was only 58...I hadn't seen him in 40 years....

abb said...

First word? Not a clue.

Allergic to? Officially nothing, but do I ever have seasonal allergies.

Covered by chocolate? I guess Breyer's vanilla ice cream.

First kiss? Smith

Happy Cry? Every sappy movie/TV show/just about anything. I'm a happy crier, yes I am!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

first word ~ probably something like "Please get my big sister OFF of me"

What are you allergic to? that nasty lycra in stretch jeans. (shudder)

What tastes best covered in chocolate? pretzels. peanut butter. darn near anything.

What was the last name of the person you first kissed? Jackie What's-His-Name

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? Often. My daughter made me howl like a baboon last Christmas. She's such a good kid.

Anonymous said...

I believe my first words had to do with noisy buses!
I am allergic to nothing.
I am a simple girl; give me a good old chocolate covered cherry.
No, I have never cried from happiness.
By the way, Blackie is beautiful; I love the photos!
Barb T.

Suzette said...

I just love the bokeh on the second kitty picture. Amazing!

My mom wasn't sentimental. I have no idea what my first word was.

I'm allergic to nothing - that I know of.

Almonds are my favorite chocolate covered thingy.

Roberts was the last name of my first love.

I cried from happiness when my daughter was born. It was either that...or the fact that the local hadn't kicked in when they stitched me up! :)

Mental P Mama said...

I don't know what my first word was. I am allergic to way too much stuff to list. I got four achy shots yesterday to fight it all;) I am not a chocolate person. I know. Weird. Spaulding. And yes, I cry tears of happiness. A lot.

Daryl said...

Blackie is the younger female version of our Gus ...

What was your first word as a child?

What are you allergic to? Penicillin ... and black seeded grapes.

What tastes best covered in chocolate? Umm .. well just about anything .. ahem

What was the last name of the person you first kissed? If I could remember who that was ... I cant. I am going to say Singer .. because it was probably my mom or dad.

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? Oh yes.

What was the situation? I am sure it was during one of the Lost recap shows I was SO happy I was right about something .. NO! I am kidding, I really cant remember a specific .. OH WAIT .. it was at my cousin's daughter's wedding, I was so happy I cried. Phew.

Unknown said...

What was your first word as a child? I do not remeber and since my mother doesn't speak to me, I doubt I can find out.

What are you allergic to? Terrible allergy to mosquitos. I blow up like a balloon.

What tastes best covered in chocolate? Hard Working kidding...ummm.potatoe chips.

What was the last name of the person you first kissed? Whisman

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? Yes... What was the situation? Many, many can make me cry very easily.

Kathie Truitt said...

first word: Alan (my favorite uncle)

what am I allergic to? Confinement!

Peanuts taste better covered in chocolate! then add some ice cream!

I don't kiss and tell...

Yes! I have cried from sheer and utter happiness. It was Christmas Eve last year and my daughter told me she was pregnant!

Starwoodgal said...

What was your first word as a child?
I have no idea. Probably 'Stop it!' (I have three brothers)

What are you allergic to?
Cashews, poison ivy/oak, and ragweed (funny - they are all related)- oh and erithromyacin

What tastes best covered in chocolate?
Peanut butter or caramel or strawberries or raisins or (I can't make up my mind.)

What was the last name of the person you first kissed?
Smith - I know, so generic

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation?
Yes, seeing and old friend unexpectedly.

The Weaver of Grass said...

dada, pollen, strawberries, ashley in that order. As for crying from happiness I had an experience of that on holiday.
We were approaching New York and our driver told us to "look hard at 2 o'clock" as we came towards a bridge. As we came to the brow of the hill the whole of the New York skyline opened up to us and at that moment he played Frank Sinatra singing New York. All the women cried!!!

Another Sister said...

Pictures with Blackie AND George might boost her popularity!
First word: absolutely no idea. I'm jealous that you know yours. I wish I could ask Mom. *sniff*
Allergies: Even though I sneeze five to ten times in a row, every day, all year, sometimes several times a day, I didn't have any reactions to the testing I got done. I can tell you that I started all this sneezing business right after I had my second daughter. Don't know what that means...
Best Covered in Chocolate? TMTN (Too Many To Name) But if there was a gun to my head, I might say pretzels. Damn, now I want some.
Last Name: I just can't think of his last name, but his first was Anthony. I found out later that he was the kind of guy who liked to look at himself in the mirror when he talked. Not my favorite trait in a person.
Happy Crying: You are not going to believe this and I can't even believe that I'm admitting to it. For the last few years, if I laugh really, really hard, I start to sob. Not happy sobbing though, but really crying. It's kind of scary actually. But it comes from laughing loud and long. Go figure.

Megs said...

First word as a child? I believe I've heard a story that it was, "No, Al." (Al was our cat....)
Allergies? It used to be nothing... Now, I'm pretty sure I have the usual spring allergies.
Chocolate? Oh geesh - everything?! Raspberries, strawberries, orange stuff.... oh! Peanut butter!
First Kiss? Well, Bailey (aka James) in, like, 1st grade, I think. On the cheek, of course!
Cried from happiness? I've simply cried out of happiness - driving home from my weekend with the hubby when he proposed, my wedding day, the day we closed on our house, when I found out my sister delivered her baby safe and sound, when I met my goddaughter, when I was prayed over at church during my cancer scare (sounds strange to be crying out of happiness - but I don't think I've ever felt so cared for and loved)...

imom said...

Blackie is gorgeous! You are blessed with wonderful four legged friends.

First word? No idea!

Allergic to grass, milk and wheat.

Chocolate covered almonds... no strawberries... no coffee beans..

First kiss? Mike Hagen 8th grade.

Cried when my babies were born!

Jill of All Trades said...

Hmmm...First word as a child, I don't remember. Been way too many years ago. I'm allergic to Septra (antibiotic). Chocolate covered stuff, I am not a huge fan of chocolate but I really like chocolate covered raisins fairly well. The last name of the guy I first kissed was McConnell. Crying from happiness is when The Hubby walked into his surprise 50th birthday party I put together, his joy and expression.

Lins said...

What was your first word as a child?First word was "Dada." I was a daddy's girl from the very beginning!

What are you allergic to?Up until having my wisdom teeth out I would've said "nothing." Now I know I'm allergic to one thing: Percocet. (Dang it!)

What tastes best covered in chocolate?Peanut butter, pretzels, raisins, my finger, it just doesn't matter as long as it's chocolate!

What was the last name of the person you first kissed?Kiss on the cheek (2nd grade): J. Elliot
Kiss kiss (sophomore): J. Hamlin

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation?I have. Many times, but I'm a "crier." The last happy cry was last Saturday at Grandma's. I got her a card that sings "You Are My Sunshine," her favorite song to sing to me when I was little. She cried as she listened to it (over and over and OVER) and it just really touched me.

Great questions, CG! And by the way, tell Blackie I think she's gorgeous!

Jo said...

What was your first word as a child? I don't know.What are you allergic to? NothingWhat tastes best covered in chocolate? Gandied ginger.What was the last name of the person you first kissed? David Thompson. Actually, he kissed me, which shocked the heck out of me. We were 13. :-)

Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation? Yes. 'Nuff said. :-)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

AWESOME PHOTOS OF BLACKIE SHE LOOKS SILKY....dang cap loc to the questions ...
first words "grandpa goofed"
alergic to watermellon but will eat small bits anyway...hives be damned.
cheetos puffs dipped in chocolate pudding rock.
nichols was the first bos last name... we were maybe 3
last week when brdley joel was born tears of happiness flowed!

Woman in a Window said...

First word was probably mom. Who knows. Probably my mom. Not allergic to anything. Yes to pb. First kiss? Bowerman. Cry to happiness all too often, too many times to name.

Carol E. said...

First word: Daddy. Allergies: spring tree pollen. Chocolate covered: almonds. First kiss: Foss. Cried from happiness: many times. From loving my kids, from beautiful music, from moving words in a beautifully-written book, etc etc.

jarvenpa said...

What a very beautiful cat! (yes, George is very handsome too).
Boringly enough my first words were da-da and ma-ma, at least according to my babybook.
I am, sadly, allergic to mangoes. Which are so delicious.
Just about anything tastes wonderful when covered in chocolate, but--perhaps strawberries. I have a creative friend who once served fresh garlic cloves dipped in chocolate. It was not as bad as one would expect.
Schwartz. And it was a kiss on stage, but we soon progressed.
No, I cry easily, but never from happiness. Perhaps from beauty, but that is not the same thing.