Monday, April 19, 2010

Giggles and chuckles

Yesterday my husband and I were headed to a family function in Jersey and were stopping to see my dear brother, Steve, who’s been in a hospital in Philadelphia for well over a week. I found out while I was away on our road trip and wasn’t able to see him until today. Without revealing too much, I will just say that he has a long row to hoe.

Do people still say that?

His doctors believe he will come out of this fine but it’s going to take some time. His spirits are good, as his spirits always were. Even as a baby, he was the most pleasant little person and I, as the eldest, helped my mother care for the little ones as they came (there were six more after me). We have two sets of twins in my family, a fraternal set (my sister Char is one) and an identical set (Steve’s identical twin is his brother Pete).

I love my twin brothers, Pete and Steve.

Steve giggles when something strikes him funny.

Pete is way too cool to giggle. He chuckles instead.

DSC_0728 watermark copy 2

So like I said, yesterday we headed to the hospital. I googled the directions and my husband, frowning, said ok. Apparently, google thought it was the most direct route.

We ended up in a really bad section outside of town and I ended up locking my door, something I rarely ever do.

I can read a map, even though my husband doesn’t agree with that statement, and we did eventually find the hospital. That wasn’t the problem. Unfortunately, and I still can’t believe this, we couldn’t find the parking garage. We drove around several times, completely baffled at the lack of signs for parking and of course, valet isn’t available on weekends.

Rather than let it get any crazier than it already was, after a failed attempt at underground parking in a nearby hospital, we decided to simply come back the next day and headed out of the city for Jersey.

It’s so confusing when you really don’t know where you’re going.

And someone is very unhappy with your navigating skills.

DSC_0726 copy 2

Today, I got up and googled the best route to the hospital, using what I’d found out yesterday and ended up having a flawless journey (sans my husband and George), finding the garage and a way to get to it (it’s on a one-way street) and eventually finding my brother’s room.

I could tell it was his room before I even got to the door. I could hear him giggling.

The photos you see here are some of the spring photos that I’m sending him. You see, he’s missing all the good things about the season and his room is already decorated with cards, photos of his daughter, and some art work that my niece, Emily, provided. And I thought the least I could do was to take him some of my own photos to paste on his wall.

I hope he likes them.

If you’d like to wish him well, you can do so here. I’ll print out your comments and give it to him at my next visit. (Do not feel obliged to do so, k?)

Until tomorrow, my friends . ..

PS ~ I’m still reading your answers to yesterday’s questions. If I haven’t gotten back to you yet, it’s because I’m a little overwhelmed at the response. So thanks to all for playing along. I just love getting to know some of you a little better.


Cloudia said...

The Whales say:


Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate:
I simply adore (and miss) lilacs. Nothing like them in the whole wide world...and none in Florida. ;0( Thanks for sharing them with me, too.

Best wishes to your brother, Steve. Hospital is no fun for anyone. Time to go home soon, little brother!


Holly said...

my very best to you Steve! With such an upbeat will make short work of your hoeing (thanks to your sissy for that bit of nostalgia). I will drink in the fragrance of the lilacs in my back yard, while thinking of you!

Holly in Pa

beth said...

i love a man who isn't too manly to giggle !

send him my best...and remind him to watch that opening on the backside of his gown, or the nurses will be giggling, too :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Steve,
Keep those smile and giggling flowing, it's the best medicine ever. My prayers are with you, hope you get to go home soon.


Anonymous said...

Steve, may the all blessings be yours and no pain or distress......always laugh.....

A New England Life said...

Hubby wasn't keen on your mapping skills, huh? My husband would get a little irritated too. He wants to get there as quick as possible. No messing around!

Wonderful Lilacs! I can hardly wait for my neighbors to come into bloom. She lets me cut as many as I like. Considering they only last about a day I cut quite a few!

My best to your brother Kate. Glad he is in positive spirits and his prognosis is good. I hope the two of you had a wonderful visit.


Deb said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Steve. I hope your hospital stay is successful and short. Sending good thoughts your way.

Kate, your photos could lift anyone's spirits. I hope you had a great visit with your brother.

There's nothing like lilacs in the spring. Mine are just starting to leaf out and form buds. I check them everyday, anxiously awaiting that fragrance -

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

"Unfortunately, and I still can’t believe this, we couldn’t find the parking garage."

With all due respect to the severity of the trip you were making, I just want you to know that this statement sent me into hysterics. Absolute hysterics. Thank you for that.

Here's sending good thoughts and well wishes to Steve and your family.

How fascinating that there are two sets of twins and so many siblings!

I've made up Char's name tag for BLog Fest, so she has to come now. (p.s. There are no name tags for Blog Fest, but if there were ,hers would have been made a week ago.)

wv: ingst. Kate suffered some ingst trying to navigate through the questionable routes the internet sent her down trying to find her brother's hospital.

Mary said...

Kate, your photos are gorgeous. I wish I could smell them through the computer -- I'm sure they are wonderful!

Steve, hope you are soon on the way home and feeling better! Keep your chin up, and keep those giggles coming. :)

Mary in New Jersey

Alli said...

I hope he feels well soon! Your photos are beautiful, sorry your journey to the hospital wasn't as much!

Andi said...

Prayers for you brother Kate! Hope he keeps giggling!! I am not far from Philly at all, if you are ever in the area!! If he needs anything....I can try to help too. :)

Erica Houskeeper said...

Best wishes to Steve for a speedy recovery. Your photos of the lilacs are so beautiful, and I'm sure they will lift your brother's spirits.

Donna S. said...

Sending good vibes to Giggles!!!

Marla said...

Beautiful pictures...

Here's my message for Steve:

Hi, Steve I hope you get better real soon. Until then, here's a little joke for you.

Knock Knock
Who's there !
B-4 !
B-4 who ?
B-4 I freeze to death, please open this door!

Have a good day,

Marla @

Char said...

Get Well Steve!!! I hope this finds you well along the road to better health.

And give your sister a hug from me when you can!!!

Gorgeous shots

Anonymous said...

The old ying and yang of the navigating world. Problem is my eyes can never see the map to read it when Hubby wants me to help him out with navigating. I wish they would make maps larger, or do they?

Sending good wishes to your brother. I hope he plasters the walls with your photos. Hey, it may be bring you some photo sales if the nurses like them.


Shana Putnam said...

What beautiful photos to have in a hospital room. Steve I hope you feel better soon. I am sending my best wishes and prayers. God Bless you.

Low Tide High Style said...

I'm sure your lovely lilac photos will cheer up your brother! I wish Steve a speedy recovery, and that his row to hoe will be a short one instead of a long one!

Kat :)

kate i said...

Get well soon Steve and don't ever stop giggling...the world needs more gigglers...and chucklers!

Kate, from Vancouver Island, Canada

Skogkjerring said...

Greetings from Norway Steve! I use to annoy my younger sister by laughing in all sorts of different ways, she said I never had one particular way to laugh so that is cool that you're comfortable with the giggle and go with that! People should do what they are comfortable with! I just enjoyed annoying my sister...hahahaha...
Well, my lions and lionesses send you lots of get well licks and I'll skip licking ya and just wish you all the best! From the gang in the woods of Norway! :-))
p.s. beautiful photos as always Kate!

MaggieGem said...

Here's to a speedy recovery Steve! The beautiful flowers shout help.

BB said...

Get better soon Steve... no doubt your big sister will take good care of you!!

Well wishes from Down Under

Dagmar said...

Hi there Kate. I've missed out on so much (I'm sorry). But been catching up. Sorry to here your brother is in hospital. And you had me laugh over the fact that you couldn't find your way in. When after my first visit to Seattle the second time around I could find back and forth with my eyes shut...that good I am with remembering things. Scarry right? Well my friends from there do think so.

Well anyhoooow. To your giggly brother all the best wishes and do recover asap because the world is beautiful outside. May all this beauty come inside your life and things will be worth wile smiling again. Warmest hugs Dagmar

Flea said...

Get well, Steve!

Maybe you could go to my blog post today and print it out for a whole 'nother set of giggles? It'll post in about half an hour.

Hilary said...

Listen, need to get hoeing that row.....cause it is a long one from all reports....but if you have a sense of humor like your dear sister, Kate, and you have a GPS, you should be JUST FINE.
Wishing you success!!!! From Crazy as a Loom, in Hudson Falls, NY.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh no! I have had very little Internet all weekend...Steve--Hurry up and hoe that row! We want to hear you giggle in person!

Ellen said...

Lovely pictures - I hope they brought some spring sunshine to your brother's room.

Anonymous said...

It's not nice to flaunt lilacs at me...anyway... Steve! Good healing thoughts headed your way! You have a great sister!

Deborah said...

Good morning Kate!
I was wnondering how I can put my name on my photos as you have done. I dont have photoshop ..any other way?

Deborah :)

Unknown said...

Hope he is feeling well very soon!

I love lilacs, one of my all time favorite flowers!

Daryl said...

Any brother of Kate's .. hope you're feeling better soon, Steve!

The JR said...

Steve, I hope you are feeling much better and that you recover quicker than the Dr's. say.
GET WELL!!!!! husband and I have this same thing everytime we go somewhere. He says "which way". I tell him. "are you sure". Yes. "well, your wrong". Why do you ask me? "I can't remember". Then he says "Your always wrong, I'm never gonna ask you again"... until the next time and it starts all over....

JC said...

I am sorry to hear about your little brother. I hope he gets better very soon.

Love the photos of Lilacs. My two bushes aren't doing anything this year.

Hilary said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly, Steve. Sending best thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Get well wishes from my little corner of Tennessee (nestled next to Va and NC). Wishing you only the best!! How blessed you are with so many siblings, with a twin to boot!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hope Steve is well enough to go home soon! Keep giggling - it's healing --you know they say laughter is the best medicine! Get well soon! Stickhorse cowgirl V

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Keep giggling, Steve! Sending healing thoughts your way.


alphabet soup said...

Best wishes to Steve with that long row he has to hoe - I haven't heard that expression in ages. Lovely lilac and as for Google map, I believe it is not nearly as smart as it would like us to believe....

Ms Soup

mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, best wishes to Steve...get well soon! I have a soft spot for men who giggle (I did a post about how my husband watches Gossip Girl and giggles a while back.)
And you know that laughter is the best medicine!
All the best to you.

Kerri Farley said...

~~~ Sending postive vibes your way Steve ~~~

~~~ Hope you are feeling better soon ~~~

Jill of All Trades said...

Get Well Soon Steve.....sending all the good vibes your way!

(love the lilac's)

cottage farm villa said...

Kate, I am sorry to hear that your brother is under the weather. Well wishes for him! I could almost smell the lilacs through your photography...a scent like no other. I am sure your baby brother will appreciate your gift of your photos! ~C