Saturday, July 7, 2012

Come on out and dance

I love this tune. I first heard it when I was out somewhere and Shazammed it on my cell phone. I think Shazammed should be a verb like Google is. The song reminds me so much of my friend, W who lives in the south and who is up visiting in NJ this week. I can’t wait to see him. He’s like a brother to me and to my husband.


Last night, I found something that made me smile. It’s a silly little game that you play using your arrow keys.  ICYCLE hit the spot, especially with all this crazy heat.

: : :

Last night, my husband said something that angered me and I stormed outside. He often angers me, as I’m sure I do him, but I rarely storm anywhere. Actually, cancer is what angers me.  But I digress. Outside was hot and I was thinking that I should have stormed into another room because I could have stayed in the air conditioning.

But a bird caught my attention and I sat mesmerized by it as it hovered and caught bugs that were on the ground, sort of like a bluebird. I went back inside for the camera, hoping it wouldn’t take too long for the lens to acclimate in the heat.

I’m not sure what kind of bird it is, though. Although it looks like a tree swallow, the tail is too long. And it’s not the right color for a chimney swift. It's probably a barn swallow.

DSC_0081 copy 2

I couldn’t get any closer as it was sitting on a dead branch from a small wood pile we have under the hickory tree.

And I wasn’t about to ask my husband what it was. ha!

DSC_0084 copy 2

Hickory nuts.

DSC_0090 copy 2

Hot dog.

DSC_0092 copy 2

Evening yard.

DSC_0093 copy 2

I saw movement in the sky and watched as a plane headed for the airport – probably in nearby Philadelphia. It was a boring photo, so I used a texture I just downloaded last night, a freebie from French Kiss.

French Kiss July Freebies


One of my recent Amazon acquisitions, a cookbook I ordered to gear up for Maine this summer.

Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie transports readers to the Maine seashore of the past, where summer vacations stretch out forever during long, golden days and food is the stuff from which memories are made. ~from the jacket cover

Yes, we’re going to Maine this summer. Finding a place that suited my husband was another difficult task and one that I didn’t write about this year as I have in the past. Two separate places – each looking absolutely perfect – fell through at the last minute, both owners having renting them and not telling the realty agency. But I am persistent, and I think I found something that will suit him.

And on that note, I hope you enjoy your weekend ~ whatever it is that you have planned. The forecast in my neck of the woods is absolutely horrible and sweltering. And I’m going to do my best to keep cool, calm, and collected.

And no storming outside, I hope!

Until next time, my friends . . .

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Country Gal said...

Yup sometimes Papa and I drive eachother nuts to , thats marriage for ya ! Lovely photos ! I would like to know what breed of bird that is , I dont think it is a barn swallow they have a light tan chest he looks to have a white or grey chest unless he is a youngster ! It is ugly here to, humid as heck temps tipping 105.8 YUKKY ! Staying indoors were it is cool . Have a good day and stay cool !

Kate I said...

I think hot humid weather might just be the ultimate test of relationships! We're just starting to warm up here on the west coast so we've had the opposite problem...not letting the dreary greyness and rain that seemed to go on for months, get to us.

Stay cool Kate!

JaneK said...

ok... so I snickered a little thinking of you storming out into the heat and realizing not such a good idea; made me think of a scene in a movie when someone tries to make a dramatic exit and goes into the closet (Peter Sellers Shot in the Dark specifically :-) ) I need to learn to storm out;

it's me said...

your bird appears to be in the flycatcher family--perhaps a Least or Acadian--
doesn't seem to be dark enough for Eastern Kingbird--
the sitting in one place and darting out to feed is a behavior of that group
I need to check out shazam if it identifies songs--
always getting earworms that I can't quite identify

Anil P said...

It's a beautiful, soothing tune. And very calming too.

Truly a Hot Dog.

Cheryl said...

Kate, your posts always make me smile. Not in a laughing way, just in an, oh, I so understand way.... hang in there, and I do hope you are able to find a wonderful place in Maine that works well for your husband.

Kay said...

I know the weather is horrid back on the beautiful southern Oregon Coast it is in mid 70's and a gentle breeze......hate to tell you that.. But do stay cool, and calm.............Have a happy weekend... Love, Kay

Anonymous said...

my honey and I have been going through some tough times just lately too. It happens and we are mending, but it's hard to take back things from frustration or???? sometimes I wished I walked away more
stay cool (inside and out)

Kerri Farley said...

Ah, I'm pretty good at storming places too :)

I think your birdie is a flycatching or an Eastern Phoebe

Hope you get some relief from this hot weather!

Jill of All Trades said...

They can all drive us to storm out at one time or another. Does happen. Glad the Maine trip is happening. Look forward to the pic's.

beth said...

we just opened the windows.....finally our heat wave, that we have suffered through for two weeks, broke a tiny bit :)

when i saw the photo of that bird, i had to laugh as we just finished watching the big year. have you seen it?

thinking of you !!!

Dianne said...

I have done my share of storming in my time
now with the cane I do some knocking hard on wood and slamming

I love your 'hot dog'

stay cool

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful bird shot.

Hope you guys have a lovely time in Maine.

Mental P Mama said...

Storm on to the car and come help me pack!!

Low Tide High Style said...

*@#$ blogger ate my first comment! I love that song, but then I love most KOL songs! Glad you will get to see your friend and that you found somewhere to stay in Maine. Tell me again where you usually stay?! Dear lord I wish I had a decent memory, because I know you've told me or written it on the blog before! And I hope there are no more storms up your way unless they bring much needed rain with them! ;)

xo Kat

wayne15575 said...

Kate I sincerely hope things change in your neck of the wood before long.
If it wasn't for the hard times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. Right?
You will do well my young friend. I have no doubt.

sharon said...

I have those kind of days every so once in a while myself. I think we need them to make us realize that we really do love our spouse, but sometimes they just irritate us! :) It's been a hot weekend. Thought we were going to get some rain but it dissipated before it reach the ground! Dang it!
Have a good week and hope you make it to Maine this summer, eat a lobster for me will ya!

Reena said...

So, thinking of you storming out and then thinking what the hell??? Makes me laugh! Love that song!
Hope your weekend was much cooler! It was even hot up here in Maine yesterday, today much better.

Cloudia said...

Lobster rolls AND blueberry pie! wow

Wishing you a pleasant week with
Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

prince snow farm said...

Maine is lovely...and relaxing. And any lobster roll is amazing in Maine.(We've got some good ones here in Massachusetts too!)

Marcie said...

Such wonderful summer stories and images. Maine is magical. A perfect place to restore and renew. Enjoy!

The JR said...

my husband's favorite saying is "don't make me skin your head"....he has to say it a lot too

Daryl said...

HA! GMTA .. I was going to write storm into the car and come spend time with us .. we have an AC ...

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Oh yes, always, always storm within reach of the AC :)

mrs mediocrity said...

I think you should have stormed off for a dip-top...

The barn swallows we have here have a forked tail and a peach-colored chest... but he does look different than a tree swallow...

I hope you are having cooler temps by now, back to the 80s for us this week, that feels much better.

Joy said...

I think your bird might be an Eastern Phoebe, especially if s/he flips its tail frequently. I've had a lovely time watching our resident pair as they brought off 2 broods in a nest underneath our deck :^)

Bluebird49 said...

I always smile when I come to this place...and not jut at the thought of your storming out, but from reading the comments of others who have done the same thing.

I stormed out only once (in younger days), and I felt so badly for doing it, I called and told my teenager where I was so he and his dad wouldn't worry. It did teach hubby a lesson he never forgot though, and that was when he said "Leave me alone!", I would actually walk out, get in the car, and leave him alone.
He didn't like it too much, and has kept that sort of comment out of this house ever since. lol Who knew?

Hope your vacation will be awesome, and that when you storm out again--you will have your car keys! ;)

Unknown said...

Oh your yard....I love love your yard. I'm in southern California, but was in westchester as a little girl and I still miss yards like this. The grass is begging for a blanket and a great book. The trees are always dense enough to look as if they go on forever.....

GailO said...

It is terrible how cancer...or any terminal illness really ...can affect even simple day to day actions. Even the best of relationships have arguments but with the illness you now not only have an argument but guilt besides! I know it is impossible but try to not feel as though you shouldn't argue. Having said that I will never forget the last argument I had with my sister and to this day wish I had't gotten angry. Every day I tried not to get angry.s..

I am sure the heat doesn't help the situation! I am glad you are managing to escape to Maine...we will be there Aug 8-16 or so...maybe we can meet up:)

Photokismet said...

Hot, hot, hot but coooool photos! Wish I was going to Maine...can't wait to see your photos!

Lili said...

Geez I can't believe how many posts of yours I have missed. But I'm enjoying a whole block of them tonight! xo ~Lili