Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pretty autumn decor

Thanks for your kind thoughts from the previous post. Everything is really ok. And believe me, ok is much better than horrible. People tell me I’m strong, and I don’t know about that. I think that you never know just how strong you are until something comes along and forces you to be so.

Tonight before I go to bed, I spent a bit of time perusing beautiful things that I love for autumn so that I could share them with you. I can’t afford most of them, and I don’t need any of them . . . but hey, it doesn’t hurt to look, does it? Besides, looking at beautiful things lowers your blood pressure, calms your worried mind, and generally gives you a peaceful easy feeling. Really, it does. I think I read that somewhere.

:   :   :

I fell in love with these velvet pumpkins when I first saw them a couple of years ago. There are many imitations out there, but it’s the stems and the squiggles that give away the originals. Too bad they’re super expensive.

But they’re really gorgeous. And I love those little acorns, too.


Plush pumpkins3

Plush pumpkins1


Plush Pumpkins by Monya Inc.


Saw these ceramic pumpkins in the Pottery Barn catalog last month. I have a spot ready on my shelf for a trio of them. Unfortunately, I’m making a car payment this month (for the first time in years) so these will be out of the picture.


Punched Ceramic Pumpkin Luminaries – Pottery Barn


I love these tea towels, though. And they would look perfect in the manor house kitchen.

I may order the feather one. I think I can afford that.


Handcrafted Dishtowels from LoveFeast Shop


Mercury glass is always a beautiful holiday accent, and when it’s etched, it makes it even more distinctive. I love looking at autumn décor.

etched mercury glass pumpkin

Etched Mercury Glass Pumpkin – Pottery Barn


There was a time when my boys were young and I was crafty. That sounds weird, I know, but I was into crafting. I was one of the first customers to sign on for Martha Stewart’s new magazine back in 1990 – Martha Stewart Living. I believe I have several years worth of catalogs packed away somewhere in the attic. These celestial pumpkins were featured in an issue in the 90’s or the early 2000’s and I remember making several of them for my front porch that year.

pumpkins celestial

Martha Stewart – Celestial Pumpkins


I actually made these, too, using tools I found in my husband’s toolbox. They are time-consuming, but they are incredibly gorgeous when finished. I’d rather invest in a ceramic one, though, and spend the time I saved doing some knitting or reading. Or hell, drinking.

* snort *

pumpkins lace pattern 1

Martha Stewart – Lace-Patterned Pumpkins


And finally, vintage cards for Halloween.

These are just plain old-fashioned fun.

Sundance vintage halloween

Sundance Vintage Halloween Cards

:  :  :

I’m off to bed early again. It seems to help.

And I’m only boring on the weekdays.


Hope you liked my autumn décor offerings. If I’m not back tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until later then . . .

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Country Gal said...

They are all lovely ! Our dollar stores here have really nice fall decor and its cheap that's where I go for mine ! Your never boring ! I to sometimes go to bed early and snuggle in my blankets , read with a nice cup of tea and the nod off for the night ! Hope you have a good sleep !

Low Tide High Style said...

That's a lot of beautiful fall decor, I love those lacey pumpkins, and I have been longing for a set of those velvet pumpkins for years. The Lettered Cottage is hosting a giveaway for a set...go enter before it's too late!


beth said...

hi sweetie....i feel like i've been gone for 5 weeks instead of five days....or is it six or seven by now.....


i love looking at your fall loves.
today i went to a self serve farm and bought 10 pumpkins and a corn stalk for 25.00.
then i bought a huge mum to "finish" my outdoor "hey everyone, it's fall and the colors are changing" look !!

i like it.

i've missed being here.....xo

JaneK said...

I'll take drinking over crafting any day! I am not very crafty and it overwhelms me.... Drinking and laughing and snorting (the laughing kind)..... I can do :)

Lovely crafts though.... I like fall decorations too

Bluebird49 said...

I've got a stack of craft mags, too...wish I could just throw those beauties in the trash, but I keep hoping my granddaughter will enjoy it when she's a bit older! (Enjoy it with me, I mean! ):)

KT Photography said...

Wow, those pumpkins looks awesome. I might try to carve mine the same way.

Kerri Farley said...

What fun finds!
Thinking of you!

Em Parkinson said...

Lovely things....Window shopping without having to leave the computer....thank you!

Karen said...

ooooh, those velvet pumpkins!!!.. and everything else in this post, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.. and I hope you have a good weekend.

Snap said...

I love all of your virtual window shopping (wishing) ... so much easier on the pocketbook! Hugs--

Daryl said...

oh purty ....

GailO said...

I am often way too lazy to decorate for the season...but I sure do enjoy looking too:) Love the lacy pumpkins...and those adorable acorns:) I think I will go buy some mums today:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

altar ego said...

For whatever reason I've never decorated for fall, but I love autumn in ways that run soul-deep. Always glad to see the talismans of the season anywhere, but it's a treat to see them here.

I ventured back a few posts (I've been MIA), and just want to say how much I love your church/yard pictures. How lovely for your friend to have you capture her ordination in that exquisite place! Maybe you'll post a few of those after the fact? I really like church cemeteries. It brings a new understanding to the phrase "the communion of saints."

Peace to you during a time of "stuff."

Mental P Mama said...

Cheers! *snort

Gillian Olson said...

Wow, a lot of great looking fall stuff, love the pumpkins, but the acorns are so cute and my favorites. Glad everything is OK.

Michelle said...

Such amazing fall stuff. I love those plush pumpkins. This early fall has been a chaotic time for me as well. But as of today I think I can breathe a little easier - I wish you the same as well. I hope you can do something for yourself this weekend. A little pampering or snuggling with George as well?

it's me said...

Nice collection of fall goodies--they always lift my mood, too, though I am not crafty. Pumpkins in any shape, form or color always make me smile.

mrs mediocrity said...

I was considering getting out my autumn decorations this weekend, and I think you have just sealed the deal.

I just love fall, sigh...

Those lace pumpkins are gorgeous, but, oh my, I an only imagine how long that took, You are right, go for ceramic!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I do love those velvet pumpkins! I saved two stems from last years pumpkins and may try my hand at making my own! I do love Pottery Barn, but only buy there when items are discounted! I also found some wonderful pottery/ceramic pumpkins at Hobby Lobby in the past--more in my price range for sure! I bought a gorgeous mercury glass owl for my daughter at Kohl's department store--they have been running them half off--I think the small was $10 and the larger owl $15.00 half price! They had mercury glass pumpkins too. If you don't have Kohl's up north, you might check their website! Enjoyed all you shared! Now if only I could afford the $86. concrete turkey I saw at a specialty shop the other day!

Reena said...

Those velvety pumpkins do look scrumptious!
miss you!

The JR said...

Those are all so pretty!

FireLight said...

Kate, looks like you are as ready for October as I am! I saw those pumpkins in the Pottery Barn store in Birmainham last week and they are really special.
Everything on your blog is as fascinating and comforting and inspiring as always! (Love your FB profile picture!)
I finally made a post at TKR today...first one since last April. And I thought retiring was going to be easy! Hah!!

FireLight said...

Also...I especially appreciate your thoughts on how the beautiful things we love don't have to be things we own...and how it is good for us to just admire and enjoy seeing them! Classic Country Girl philosophy....that is REALLY the best thing here!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL things you picked out. I'm a window stores and catalogs. I rarely purchase anything any more. In fact, beginning in clothes! I did it in 2011 and can do it again. Note to self...get the electric pumpkin out of the attic for the front porch. Have a wonderful week1

Country Girl said...

Thanks! Am trying this from my Droid to see if it works.

Unknown said...

These are nice! I love the pumpkin. Perfect for the furniture. Thanks. I really enjoyed your blog.

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becky up the hill said...

Droid worked beautifully!

abb said...

No way in hell I could make those lace pumpkins! I'd have to be sedated. That said, they truly are works of art! Bet yours were just as beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The feather tea towel - how appropriate....

and it looks lovely too.

Ms Soup
(only being partly anonymous)

Lili said...

Your autumn decor finds are all so gorgeous. Love the velvet and the mercury glass pumpkins especially. I too made the Martha pumpkins a few years back way before I realized I had a crafty side too. ha! xoxo ~Lili