Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn images from my phone

Oh, how I love autumn. We’ve been having a full blown Indian Summer here in northern Maryland, and the trees are in full color at the moment. I’ve taken several photos lately using only my camera phone, and have some to share with you today.

Many of them were taken from the window of my car as I drove along the driveway.

2012-10-22_17-13-38_621 copy 2

This one was taken yesterday, coming home from work.

2012-10-22_17-11-52_914 copy 2

Our driveway is a third of a mile long, and much of it runs through a wooded area.

I shot this one right through the windshield.

2012-10-22_17-13-53_858 copy 2


Does anyone remember watching Disney on Sunday nights when you were young? I am really showing my age here, but some of you may remember Tinker Bell with her magic wand, changing the black & white screen to “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color”. Prior to this, we watched TV in black & white.

I found this to prove it ~

That was almost 50 years ago!

2012-10-19_08-41-14_517 copy 2

Back to the photos.

Taken last week, heading down the driveway to work in the morning.

2012-10-19_08-41-06_852 copy 2

One thing I love about this lane it is the sense of timelessness that pervades.

It probably looked like this in the past.

2012-10-19_16-50-13_673 copy 2

Coming home, almost at the top of the hill where I make the right hand turn into our lane.

2012-10-18_08-56-58_440 copy 2

This is my favorite part about going to Johns Hopkins: Coming out of the parking garage onto Broadway on a sunny morning. It’s dark when we arrive, but when my husband’s treatment is finished, the sun is coming up and I don’t even care that it will be in my eyes part of the way home. It’s beautiful.

And tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day of radiation treatment for my husband. I won’t miss the long drive there and back. Let’s just pray it worked. We’ll find out next month.

2012-10-22_18-56-53_563 copy 2

Just so you know, these pictures didn't come straight out of the camera phone. I messed about in Photoshop with them a little and added some frames to many of them. But they are originally camera phone images.

I hope your week is going well. Thanks for stopping by today.

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eileeninmd said...

Lovely colors and photos. Your phone takes awesome shots. I hope you hubby is feeling better.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh, I think the camera part of the camera phone is the GREATest invention!
Your images are magnificent .... Nature is amazing and shows off her lovely colors this time of year.

Prayers, Fingers crossed, and Positive Vibes....all for you and your hubby!!

Annette W. said...

So glad to hear that tomorrow is the final day of radiation!!!!

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! Funny you mentioned about Disney on Sundays , Papa and I were just talking about that yesterday ! Seeing it here really brought back some wonderful memories as kids sitting in the living room close to the TV watching it ! Thanks for that ! Prayers for you both that all goes well !

Candace said...

Prayers are coming your way.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Beautiful as always, and I can't believe they came from a camera phone! I say the same thing about my older-than-dirt Blackberry sometimes too, LOL. Autumn is definitely beautiful <3

JC said...

I love this time of year when the trees are so many colors. Makes the chill in the air a bit better.

I remember being at Hopkins oh so many years ago. College tours for my d. I do hope they made a miracle happen for your h.



Caroline said...

I am in love with your driveway...is that weird? Yeah..probably. Have a beautiful week! Xo

Michelle said...

Walt Disney, preceded by Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! It was the most TV my brother and I were allowed to watch in a single day!

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

I loved Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!!.. and I renember the Disney theme song especially.

Isn't it amazing what phones can do nowadays?

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

..and wishing, hoping and praying you get some good news regarding the radiation treatments and their success!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of your husband and crossing fingers and toes for the best results for him! And, oh yes... I totally remember the tinker bell changing everything to color. I think we may have been one of the very first to have a color television set in the little town of 700 that I grew up in. Kind of miss those days sometimes.

Having lots of Indian Summer here too. It was 82 degrees yesterday when we returned from our New England trip. Much too warm for October I must say.

Hilary said...

I am so glad for you both that today is the last day. Praying for good results.
Love your driveway.........

abb said...

Sending good thoughts your way that next month's appointment is nothing but good news. xo

Em Parkinson said...

I remember that Disney programme too! Unfortunately, we still and a black and white telly and I just had to guess!

Your driveway is stunning and I'll be keeping everything crossed for both of you regarding the treatment. x

Daryl said...

keeping all manner of body parts crossed for the treatment to have worked xox

Lee Anna said...

OK - so I'll date myself too! I remember Timkerbell and Disney! It was my favorite part of Sunday.

Fingers crossed for your husband and you! Prayers said!

You create beautiful images, even with a cell phone - they are wonderful.
Lee Anna

beth said...

thankful that today was the last day....praying that next month there is good news......xo

ps...you and your camera phone have a verrrryyyy good relationship.....just saying :)

sallysmom said...

You are a gifted photographer. I'm lifting you all up and sending lots of good thoughts your way.

Low Tide High Style said...

I'm glad the radiation is behind you both, and I hope it has done its job! Your photos are beautiful and what a lovely drive home you have down your lane. My parents used to tell the story about how they watched Disney and got my siblings tucked into bed on the Sunday night I was born. My dad parked the car and by the time he came into the hospital and went to the restroom the doctor came to find him to tell him I was born. Growing up, every Sunday my dad popped a huge bowl of popcorn or would make fudge and we would watch Disney...great memories!


Mental P Mama said...

So glad this round is over. So, so glad. I LOVED the beginning of Disney way back when. It gives me a tingle even now;)

Cloudia said...

you are a photo-dynamo

Oh George! I love you like sunshine

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

> < } } (°>

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Your autumn looks sensational! What great fun to enjoy all the delights of this colourful season.

Unknown said...

You really did well with those photos. Very stunning. I envy your great talent.

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Kay said...

Sending good thoughts for your husband's end of treatment and that they worked once again. Your photos are so pretty. I loved visiting my niece in Woodbridge, Virginia and driving around and taking pictures many years ago. Our leaves are falling fast as we had a couple of rainy and windy nights recently, but today it is very bright sunshine. Stay well and happy. Love from Oregon coast.

Reena said...

So sorry my friend for not being around lately. Life is been so crazy busy lately. Your phone photos are so lovely and I can imagine how beautiful it is coming out in the early morning hours. Hope hope hope the treatment helps and life slows down a bit for you.

GailO said...

It is nice to know that your crazy radiation schedule is over...lets hope that it has worked it's magic! In the meantime take care of yourself and get rest and breaks when you can:)

The grounds at your home are lovely in every season...and you know how to capture it!

Hilary said...

Sending good thoughts your way for the best of results, next month.

Gorgeous autumn shots, Kate.

thecatalanway said...

Hello I have been catching up! I don't know why I've missed a few this week. I love that shot of your drive with the little circle of light at the end of the tunnel. I imagine that as your feeling as you reached the end of the cycle of treatment and those long journeys. So glad it is over and I hold you both in my thoughts.
Oh George! How expressive those wonderful collie eyes. Such love between you.
Have a wonderful weekend and I send you many bright feathers of hope and faith that all is well. K x

mrs mediocrity said...

I just love autumn. We had two 75 degree days this week, that was it for our Indian Summer, but it was just gorgeous.

My fingers will be crossed for you both... so glad you don't have to go through that part any longer. And as always, you will be in my thoughts, I will be sending light. xoxo

Lili said...

So glad the radiation treatments are all finished and praying they achieved the desired outcome. xo

The JR said...

I hope it worked too.

You'll notice I've been catching up today. Was out all week. Lost my 26 year old gelding.
As horse folks, you know how hard that was.

Bluebird49 said...

Your driveway is lovely!
Here's hoping that the radiation was successful, Kate! You're in our prayers.

AndroidRub said...
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