Monday, December 8, 2014

Thoughts on a Monday night

It’s Monday night and I’m having a cup of chocolate peppermint tea and watching An Affair to Remember on TCM which has just begun. George is resting at my feet because earlier this evening we played tug of war with his rope toy and I guess he’s all tuckered out.

It’s cold outside and the thermometer reads 32 degrees but it sure feels colder. We may have a little weather coming tonight but it could miss us and keep to the west of us.


DSC_4944 copy 2

This was taken yesterday evening. I stayed home this weekend and got a lot of things crossed off on my to-do list although I just couldn’t get into decorating for the holidays. But it will come, I guess.


DSC_4950 copy 2

I took this one yesterday too and you can tell it was a bit warmer than today. It also looks weird – like I’m riding the dog. He was standing at the door waiting for me to come inside. I didn’t realize I was in the reflection until I checked to see if the photo came out.

George is doing really well with the medication he’s on for both the seborrhea and the ehrlichia. He has to be bathed twice a week with a special medicated shampoo which then has to soak in for 10-15 minutes. I’ve been taking him to the pet wash to do it because it is a major chore to do it at home in the tub. Plus, there’s a special dryer there.


20141204_170149 copy 2

He gets bored waiting to be rinsed off.

Silly dog.


DSC_4957 copy 2

My chocolate peppermint tea in my new teacup, a birthday present from my friend, Daryl. It is beautiful and I love it ~

I highly recommend The Republic of Tea. It makes a great gift for the tea lovers on your Christmas list. They have beautiful sipware and lovely teas. And no – they aren’t compensating me for saying nice things about them. I just like their products.

And speaking of compensating . . . after four years of having advertisements on my site, I decided to call it quits. I never made much money on them, and I always thought they junked up the blog. Maybe you never even noticed but it was time to say goodbye ~

Well, the movie is playing, and I’d like to get back to it. Until tomorrow, then . . .

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Gail said...

May this season give you pleasure in the simple moments. Thinking of you.

Hilary said...

Daryl has good taste. And it sounds as if that tea tastes good. And doesn't George just look smashing in his glasses. :)

Cloudia said...

George in his reading glasses is priceless! And there YOU are! What fun.

ALOHA from Honolulu

jinxxxygirl said...

HI Kate!!

Good to see a post from you. I feel a little Scroogy myself this year. Since our daughter moved out several years ago we just kinda play it by ear...if we are feeling it we decorate if not we don't...... This is our last year in CA and i need to repack everything for the move come next year so even though i'm not feeling it i decided to pull everything out and decorate ...i'm just kind of dragging my feet and their might be a little whining going

Several years ago i found an AKC papered Golden Retriever puppy in the thrift paper for an unbelievable price $50... i have a soft spot for Goldens.....So i called and went to the house and was shown to the back yard where the mother and father and two puppies ...i say puppies but they were probably close to a year old... a male and a female... I couldn't believe my good fortune... then i noticed they looked like they had freckles all over their faces.... and i said to myself 'thats not normal is it?' Then i pet them and got a closer look.... they were sick...they looked sick... those freckles and underneath their fur all over their bodies were TICKS.... hundreds if not thousands... I was so sickened... I could have cried right then and there. All i had was $50 to get the one dog and i had wanted the female but the male was the sickest so i took him... he did not even have the energy to jump in my back seat so i lifted him in ticks and all... It took all my strength to keep my composure and as soon as i got home i called the Humane Society and gave them all the information. Anyway all this to tell you that after two years of what i hope was spoiled bliss living with my hubby and i Orion's Gold as i called him on his papers or Rion as he was usually called was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis which i assume is the same as your Ehrlichia. Those ticks were the death of him. I could go into the details of that horrible , needless death but i won't unless you email me and i could tell you some of the symptoms of when it came on if you like..... A sad death of beautiful , courageous dog... Maybe i did 't catch it soon enough... that haunts me ,maybe i wasn't paying attention close enough... I hope you caught George's soon enough.. I know how much you love him.. Hugs! deb

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate:
I always love the photos you take of George. Well...of everything, actually. But especially George.

I've been thinking about you lately.

I lost the woman I've considered Mom for the past 42 years. I called and chatted with her the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. We talked for 20 minutes and had a lovely conversation, which ended as it always does...with mutual "I love you"s. She just quietly slipped away in her favorite chair after we hung up the phone.

So, this year - last minute - we've decided to spend Christmas with our kids. We're going to crash their celebrations in Wisconsin. We need to be near and hug them in person this year.

Love to you, my dear. Hugs to George, too.
Donna and Tag

Nellie said...

Love that movie, but didn't make it through watching it this time. George is a funny dog!:-) Hope the storm is not a problem for you. xo

Blondie's Journal said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful evening...I love that movie and it hasn't occurred to me for some reason to turn on TMC. I've been missing out (I'm hearing impaired so TV takes a lot of effort for me with CC, reading a book is so much easier!! Ha!). My pups show little emotion, maybe some sulking, when getting baths, but afterward, my gosh, they rip through the house like crazy!! Do all dogs do that??

Love the picture. of you and George at the door. I first thought you were on the outside looking in!

Hope your holiday season is going well. I am so slow in decorating...days and days of walking around bins and contemplating new, fresh ideas.

Jane xx

Sweetpea said...

Lovely to pop 'round your place for a short visit, hear what you're up to. George is looking SPIFF [all things considered] ... please do give him some pats from me, will you, CG? And that Daryl has fine taste - totally gorgeous teacup & birdie is so perfect for you ;>]

Have a swell week! "Hi George!!"

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! I do like the one of you and George as the reflection nice ! I am soo glad to hear George is doing well . We check Miggs for ticks a lot here even though she gets the vaccine as they are very active in this area due to lots of deer and squirrels that carry them and the ticks like to curl up in left over leaves and as soon a s warm body passes over them they jump and latch on ! Hope you both have a good week and thanks for sharing !

Daryl said...

oh the new saucer arrived .. the Minister of Tea did indeed get this resolved .. hooray!

its raining pouring windy here .. ugh

and my dear you are looking svelte …


TammyGMiller said...

Hello, I've been getting your blog updates for about a year now, and I've wanted to comment or contact you several times. I am an amateur photographer as well, and I really admire your photos. Since retiring from education, photography has been my hobby. I wanted to send you an email, but your blog page won't let me access your email address. Would love to learn from you. I have a blog, but I need to change the format and name.
Tammy M

Linda Kay said...

Hi, Kate...George is so cute. And that cup of hot tea looks lovely.

MrsB said...

I hope you never stop posting. Your Stockholm posts have made me want to visit.

Your writing is spare and lovely and your pix are grand.

I read you on Feedly - so I've never seen the ads - now your site is as spare and lovely as your writing.

Even if you write only once a month/week/whatever - we all hope you keep it up. What a journey you've had. It's hopeful for folks to follow you along as their own journeys are sometimes tough also. Gives us all hope we'll survive.
Thanks again.

Karen said...

I appreciate your decision on advertisements! . . . I do get why blogs have them, but I visit more and more that have so many that my computer actually slows down loading them all!

AND - you have a dog that sits STILL for FIFTEEN minutes in the bath?? A WONDER DOG for sure:)

**Loved the Sweden trip pictures!

Missy June said...

I watched An Affair to Remember, too. It was a quiet, cozy evening.

Hedy King said...

Sweet picture of George in the tub. The new cup n saucer are lovely, I'm a bird lover. I've been liking Lady Grey this winter, but I may try that chocolate mint, sounds cosy.
We lost Mom last week, a blessing and a hurt. Alzheimer's and a stroke finally took her, but she had prayed to go for many months. Deciding what to do with my time is a burden. After five years of nursing Mom and Steve, I feel a bit lost at sea.
I have a lighted stick tree up in a corner of the parlor for the grandkids, that will probably be all my Christmas decorating for this year. Working on finishing some quilts that have been waiting for years, I'm looking forward to completing them. I'll start my baking next week and have all the favorites in tins for the family party on the 20th. Life goes it should. Take care, Hedy

Connie in Hartwood said...

Monday's weather was odd here ... it felt all day like it was going to snow. We got freezing rain overnight.

George is such a good boy!

sharon said...

An Affair to remember. What a classic. Sipping Tea on a cold night and watching a movie, very relaxing.

Marilyn said...

I went back a post or two and saw you said you caught the condition early, so George will be OK, with your love and attention. He looks so handsome in his glasses... and wise too!! Stay warm Kate... hope you didn't get the ice that moved by us today. :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Dear George in those specs - wonderful. And I have never heard of Chocolate peppermint tea but it looks delicious. I would love a cup right now, especially in that absolutely glorious cup and saucer.

Low Tide High Style said...

Stop riding that dog! ;) Glad he is feeling better, and he looks very smart in his glasses!

I love tea and teacups and The Republic of Tea is a wonderful site!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

xo Kat

Sabrina Steyling said...

That picture of wet George in glasses is way too cute for words! I love it. And speaking of love, that teacup is beautiful! Very dainty.

thotlady said...

I am so glad George is doing well. Love the tea cup, so pretty. The tea sounds scrumptious.

becky up the hill said...

Hope you enjoyed your movie. Each time I watch it, I declare I will not cry. Then that music plays when Mr Grant walks into her apartment and she is sitting on the 'davenport'..and then I start to cry. How did you fare?

Pepper Medley said...

Hi Kate.... can I borrow those George's glasses? Yes, ads can look junky, and some of the blogs have so many of them that they are no longer enjoyable to read... things popping up here and there and it can be hard to discern what is blog content and what is an ad sometimes. Very cold here today... well, it's 40 degrees, but flurries happening and it feels more like 30 with the cold wind. Always enjoy your posts! xox

Kerri Farley said...

What an AWESOME Tea cup! LOVE it!

Candace said...

That teacup is gorgeous and so appropriate for you. Glad George is improving.

beth said...

i order in bulk from the republic of tea…yes, i have a problem!!!

i'm so glad george is doing well…but it's too bad his eyesight is starting to go :(


thecatalanway said...

Dear Kate

Glad you had a great time and glad you are back with George! Hope he is feeling better. The same thing happened to me - I was away in Scotland and when I returned Bonnie was a bit off colour. I took her to the vet and she was getting iller by the moment. they did blood tests and found it was erlichiosis - is this the same thing as yours? She was very anaemic and had to have strong antibiotics to kill the parasite.

she recovered really well and had blood taken every week for a couple of months and they wre amazed how quickly she got over it. After that she didn't need any more medication. I changed her diet at that time - got rid of the dry food and started on raw meaty bones for most of her meals. she bloomed!

What happened at the end was nothing to do with this tick disease - just a coincidence and I was really please how well she was after she recovered her strong immune system.

Terrible ticks over here - it is impossible to know when you are in tick country. I just started checking her all over regularly.

anyway, love to you and to George.I have been on my journeys to the UK and back but now am here again and reading all I missed! Kate