Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whiling away the hours on a rainy day in April

I had absolutely no other plans for this morning, other than to while away the hours with a cup of tea while listening to The Coffeehouse on XM radio. My husband brought me a cup of tea and one of his homemade cookies. He calls them “health cookies”. Probably to get me to eat more of ‘em so he can make more of ‘em. I’m just saying.

DSC_0092 copy 2

While visiting Lindsay, over at Goodbye Martha, I found something that had me laughing. Have you ever visited UrbanDictionary.com? I actually use it sometimes when the kids at school use a word I don’t understand. However, once I find out the meaning of the word in question, I make it a point to never ever use the word while talking to them. That is so not cool for someone my age.

Want to play along? Do you have endless amounts of time to waste? If so, here are the directions: Answer each question by typing in your answer on Urbandictionary.com. You MUST use the first definition!

1. Your name. Kate

A girl's name for the coolest person you will ever meet.

Purely perfect.

Kate is a synonym for cool.

Most girls named Kate are gorgeous, clever, friendly, lovely, generous, kind, have a good sense of humour, are quite spontaneous and make the perfect girlfriend.

A song by Ben Folds Five about the coolest girl ever.

"And you can see daisies in her footsteps
dandelions, butterflies
I wanna be Kate"

~~ Surprisingly I feel a thousand percent better after reading this.

2. Your age? Ok. 52

A sexual position where the man is sitting down and the woman is . . .

~~I can’t go on. This is a family blog, for heaven’s sake. And apparently, the number 52 is a very very naughty number.

3. What should you be doing? Cleaning

The act of shoving everything in a closet and calling it decent.

Action that people do when bored.

Killing. What a "Cleaner" does.

Having fun with ur partner in a sexual manner.

~~I should have known it would have something to do with sex.

4. Favorite color? Green





The Color, Duh.

~~These are all true.

5. Birthplace? Philadelphia




New Jersey.


~~Of course.

6. Month of your birthday? November

The best month of the year!

Snow, getting ready for Christmas, celebrating Thanksgiving, and having Thanksgiving break.

~~I love November.

7. Last person you texted? Sherrie

A woman who, like the same-named alcoholic beverage, is so beautiful and pleasurable to enjoy, that you feel drunk just swapping emails with her. Really an out-of-body experience.

~~Wow! Who knew?

8. One of your nicknames? Katydid

Katydid is undefined in the Urban Dictionary.

~~Thank God. I was sure it would probably have something to do with sex.

9. What are you doing this weekend? Camping

To spend time with nature, leaving behind much of the technological advances and "roughing it."
The act of staying in one spot in a game and "sniping" other players.

“Let's go camping in the woods.”
”I hate those camping whores!”

~~God, I hate camping whores, too.

10. Random word: Gracious







Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


Mental P Mama said...

Those camping whores are the worst.

Daryl said...

the camping whores all know how to 52

commoncents said...

Great post!

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Deb said...

well, I'm off to check out what 52 really means!

Pony Girl said...

That was hilarious and fun! Never heard of the urban dictionary...will have to go check it out! ;)

Flea said...

I'm so stealing this. I hope you don't mind. Hopefully the camping whores will stay on your blog. Especially since my boys all like to camp without me.

Lins said...

And to think, all this time I've so innocently assumed 52 was just a number. (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't on my way to look it up in the old UD.)

Glad you liked the post, CG! Snorgs all around!

Andrea said...

I love Urban Dictionary (I work in a high school - I really need it!). And I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'm 52 also! So much fun!

Char said...

:) daryl stole my comment! LOL

Country Girl said...

The laughs continue as I read all your comments. And I knew some of you would go and look up 52. It's not very polite, so be forewarned.
Commoncents, speaking of polite, would you please stop spamming me?
Thank you very much.

~ C.G.

Betty said...

I must go to the Urban Dictionary.It sounds like a lot of fun then maybe I will know what my Great Grandaughter is saying.

Michelle said...

I was amused until #8, which made me laugh out loud. Thanks; that was fun!

cottage farm villa said...

Kate, so funny you mentioned the Urban dictionary, I came across it this morning..... didn't want Urban Dictionary, wanted Webster..so I moved on not knowing what I was missing! Your post is just too darn funny....well, you are just too darn funny! and I think Daryl has a point, the camping whores must know how to 52!! Thanks for the laughs....and I've gotta let my 25 year old know about this dictionary...or he probably already does, huh? So glad they didn't have Katydid in there....I don't think even the XXX rated blogs could handle what that might mean!!! Cheryl ..... a fellow 52 year old.

Ellen said...

Why do so many of your answers have to do with sex? I just always pictured you as the curly haired innocent lady who takes pictures. Now we'll all jump over to the urban dictionary to see our answers.

And as for those "healthy" cookies, I don't think any such cookie exists. But I must give your husband snaps for making up a reason to make them. He seems like such a dear!

Country Girl said...

I don't know why so many answers have to do with sex. Oh, wait. Yes I do. It's because it's the Urban Dictionary, written by dope-smoking twenty-somethings. But it's funny!!

~ C.G.

Country Girl said...

No disrespect was meant to any of you dope-smoking readers, however. I'm just saying.

Woman in a Window said...

I was thinking that your answer to "What are you doing this weekend?" was going to be something different...maybe sex?

Maria said...

Omigawd. That is so funny. I looked up my name and the first one or two definitions were okay but they quickly turned into a WTH?????? Then I had to look up some of my friend's names, of course. Ha ha ha ha ha. And dang, I'm 52 too.

MaggieGem said...

This is hilarious and I'm so stealing it! Give the younger set something to worry about!

BTW I'm 51 and here's what that means 49% weed and 51% cocaine. This might be the explanation of how those "dope smoking twenty-somethings" can type so fast!

imom said...

This post is so funny and I'm totally going to steal it!! I started on it and got sidetracked at Urban Dictionary. I spent 30 minutes laughing and gasping at all the definitions!

Suzanne said...

I so enjoyed this post! I have used the Urban Dictionary for a fe years now... but never thought about doing a post on it! I'm going to borrow this... it's such a hoot!

~Suzanne (a former Marylander) now @

Anonymous said...

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