Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome home, my friends

Sometimes it’s good to get away for a little while, isn’t it? I hadn’t really been feeling quite myself lately and I just wanted to step back from the blogging world, and the world in general, and take a small break.

Mosaic-1 copy 2

While I was away, I began reading a book. I picked up Wicked from the little lending library that I started years ago in the faculty room at our school. The book’s bright cover just jumped out at me. It’s an interesting read.

Also, while I was away, I had plenty of time to play with George, taking him on walks around the property and throwing the frisbee. And as I walked, I could sense a change in the air. Fall is nearly upon us, and I can almost taste the edges of it.

DSC_0052 copy 2

I don’t remember more perfect weather for the first week of school than what we had this week. Rather than swelter in heat and humidity, my co-workers and all of the students were treated to fall-like temperatures with beautiful breezes and sunny skies.

You see, the offices and a few other choice rooms (like the main library) are the only air conditioned places in the school where I work.

DSC_0004 copy 2

So I’m glad the weather was cooperating around here.

So what are you planning on doing this weekend? Inquiring minds want to know, you see.

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

Storyboard action in first photo is from MCP Actions can be found here [link]. It works with Photoshop.


Sugar Creek Beads said...

So glad you feel a bit refreshed, stepping back is something we all need to do once in awhile. I am crazy about the new pictures and the one of the wine bottle is like a terrific watercolor painting. Stunning! Jeanne

Unknown said...

A break is good for everyone once in a while and I am so glad that you are feeling renewed.

The weather has been lovely...I have been soaking it up as much as possible.

Sending big hugs to you, my friend.

Tracey9AD said...

Beautiful pics, as always. I am planning on gardening and cleaning the house. I have the fall cleaning urge starting to rear its head!

carmilevy said...

I think we all need some time off every once in a while. Beyond the physical rest, it's good for the soul, too.

I'm glad the weather's cooperating. It finally warmed up north of the border, so we're looking forward to a very pleasant, quiet last official long weekend before the craziness of the school year begins.

Thank you for another inspirational perspective into a life well lived.

From the Old InkWell said...

Glad your back. Enjoy your blog. Your photos are fabulous!

Jeanne Walker said...

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are a very thoughtful woman with great talents and and writing to name a couple. When we read your words and view your photographs, we can see into your soul. Embrace the gifts God has given you and thank you for sharing them with us! Jeanne

Country Girl said...

Oh, my. Well thank you for that.

Good to be back.

~ C.G.

Carol E. said...

We are enjoying perfect weather for our opening of school as well. I love it!

Cloudia said...

Such a lovely post: ideas, words, and PICTURES!

I feel the Fall air and shiver with delight reading you. Also we have fallen in love with George.

Have a happy weekend - I sense that you will bring it's glories to us here!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Glad you had a good break - it is so necessary at times.

Beautiful photos - they are so inspiring. And your description of approaching Autumn - that is coming here too and the lovely feeling in the air.

This weekend we are still recovering from our party, and no doubt I will be catching up on mowing Necky Knoll House lawns - again!

Anonymous said...

Your photography is superb, as is your turn of phrase. As for me, I am enjoying the first glimpses of spring.


Daryl said...

Oh the grapes have gotten pretty ... I havent read Wicked but I did see the show and it was great fun. The author, Gregory Maguire, has also written several other revised looks at classic tales ...also thoroughly enjoyable reads.

Deb said...

Ah, Wicked..I read it and I, too, think it was interesting. Funny. Sad. Weird!

I am almost finished with South of Broad. The first half was pure Conroy, then he adv aced 25 years and well, the whole flow changed. I am drudging onward. Sept.15 is the release date of Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol. I an anxiously awaiting.
i keep promising myself that I will begin walking...for several days, the weather was perfect. High 70's. The past couple of days has crept up to the mid 80's. I don't like to sweat!

Enjoy the weekend, Kate. And kiss George on the lips for me!!!

Anonymous said...

The collage you started your entry with is just lovely!

Jan said...

I really enjoyed Wicked. Great photos, here.

tj said...

...I can't think of a single thing to say that would equal what 'Rileigh's Lolli' said up there - that comment hit the nail right on the head! I second that! ;o)

...Beautiful photos Kate, as always!


Brenda Pruitt said...

Just got back from the week's grocery shopping. Made a stop at Barnes & Noble and found eight clearance books on home and garden. A good haul! Going to be a quiet weekend for me. From what I saw of the traffic, that's a good thing.

GailO said...

Hoping to enjoy the good weather and full moon on the boat...Hope your weekend is as relaxing....

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh Kate, I know how you are feeling. I've been pulling back a bit myself. Last weekend I was all fired up to start the two new blogs and then, BAM, I found I needed a break. I've just been at a loss for words and just wanting to sit and stare into space. I think the seasons are changing spurring this do nothing attitude that has come upon me. I love the picture montage you have here, very pleasing. Take care. Carla

Char said...

beautiful shots - glad you're back.

I read Wicked when it was first published and didn't really care for it. It interesting but disturbing. Then, we decided to go see the play because it had rave reviews. I re-read the book and was able to absorb it better. The play, though, is fantastic.