Friday, January 29, 2010

Where do you call home?

I forced myself to take a walk today. It was colder than yesterday and the wind was crazy blowing. But it’s good to walk, although today wasn’t too good when I got home.

It’s MRI time again, something that happens every two months. It’s hard on my husband and that makes it hard on everyone, and it’s just a fact of life that we both have to live with. And then there is the waiting for the results.

I couldn’t stop the tears while I was walking with George but it wasn’t from sadness, it was from the damn wind! And I can hear it now blowing out there. I think it’s why I chose these dark and dreamy photos today.

DSC_0034 copy 2

I took these on New Year’s Eve in the early evening and I loved how ethereal some of them came out. Especially when I used Florabella’s vintage wine action on them.

DSC_0035 copy 2

There’s just something about the lacy branches of the trees that get to me. I know they do to some of you too, because you’ve mentioned it before.

DSC_0036 copy 2

all photos taken with a Nikon D80

I think I hurt a friend’s feelings today. And I didn’t mean to. Is it just me or have these photos begun to look darker the further the post goes?

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And now for some questions. Inquiring minds want to know the answers, you know.

1. What’s your weather?

2. What was the last party you went to?

3. What’s your favorite board game?

4. Have you ever fired a gun?

5. Where do you call home?

See you in the comments, my friends . . .


Country Girl said...

1. What’s your weather? Windy and cold and gray here in Maryland tonight.

2. What was the last party you went to? Christmas Day at my in-laws house in Jersey.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Dirty word scrabble.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yep. A shotgun. And I liked it.

5. Where do you call home? I call Maryland home now.

~ C.G.

Mary said...

1. Windy and cold. It snowed this morning, too.

2. Birthday dinner for my father-in-law at a restaurant on Tuesday night.

3. Don't play them. My husband and my daughter are too cutthroat.

4. No, but my husband likes to target shoot.

5. Joizey!

Annette said...

1. Weather: Bitterly cold with wind.
2. Last party: Christmas with my family in Souther WV
3. Fav. Board game: Monopoly
4. Fired Gun? Yes, great stress relief!
5. North Central West Virginia!

Cindy said...

I love the photos and I love trees with bare branches.

1. Cool and breezy.
2. A Home decorating party.
3. Sorry.
4. No, never.
5. For now Wimauma Florida (Tampa Bay Area).

Hey George.

Sare said...

1. Cold, really cold. -2 degrees and that's before you add the windchill.

2. Christmas Herding Party with all the friends my dog and I work stock with during the balmy time of the year.

3. Mexican Train - does that count as a board game?

4. Nope

5. Minnesota

Hilary said...

Yes, they do look darker as they go along. They're beautiful shots.

I love your questions and quite look forward to them.

1) Very cold with gusty winds and a dusting of snow.
2) New Year's Eve at a neighbours house with folks from about 8 homes on our street.
3) Cribbage - by far. It's a board!
4) Never. Never held one - other than a cap gun.
5) Hmmm my immediate response was Montreal where I grew up and lived until my late 20s - even though I've not been back there for about 10 years now. Home now, and ever since is Mississauga, Ontario.

bv said...

1 rain-much,mud,than fog.
2 new years- just a few friends, fab food, bed early, at the sea.
3 don't
4 Many times, keep current.
5 rural, where Husband and animals are.
dear c.g. i really know how tonight is. our son had a heart transplant and had a heart biopo every 3 months. it only got harder for him. and the waiting! hell on earth. i would try to call the next day and get the day he got them and when i got home from work the phone was in the middle of the back yard-door had not been opened-and he was waiting with his bag packed. a bad one always sent him to the hospital for a few days. i will hold you both in my heart.
your pixs are winter at it's most beautiful. i love them.

Julie Harward said...

I love those photo's, especially the one with the red barn, gets right into my soul!
1. gray with bits of sun. Cold and more snow now than all winter.
2. partied right here, with all our kids
3. not that crazy about board games, but i do like the ones where you guess or have to act it out.
4. to target shoot and am very good at it!
5. Utah is home, the beautiful red rock country!
Come say hi :D

Deb said...

1. What's your weather? Snowing and windy.
2. What was the last party you went to? Birthday party at our neighbors
3. What's your favorite board game? Scattegories
4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes - hubby gave me a rifle for christmas last year - its awesome.
5. Where do you call home? Maine

Your photos are terrific, as always. Best of luck with the MRI...

Leslie: said...

1. Very mild for January with some sun!
2. New Year's Eve with friends.
3. Trivia Pursuit
4. Nope but would love to try it
5. Home is Greater Vancouver - I live in the 'burbs about 20 mins. south of the city.

msdewberry said...

1. My weather here today is kind of cloudy and cooler than the past few days. I just got back from holidays where I took some of the pictures on my blog showing cherry blossoms that are blooming here. A little out of time!!
2. My brother's birthday on the 19th. We had a dinner party!
3. Scrabble here as well. Love that game. Play it on Facebook with my Uncle.
4. Yes. I go target shooting with my hubby now and then.
5. Abbotsford, B.C. is my home. In Canada. Not to far away from the coming wihter Olympics.

Low Tide High Style said...

Your photos are lovely as usual, even the "darker" ones.

1. Our weather is cold and blustery but with a beautiful full moon.

2. We hosted a big Christmas party in our newly renovated house on December 27th.

3. I don't like board games, but if I had to pick one it would be Candyland.

4. Yes I've fired a gun many times...but never at anyone! ;)

5. I call Maryland home too, and have my entire life.

I hope your husband's test results will be good ones. And dont' worry about your friend, true friends never let things upset them for too long.

Kat :)

Egghead said...

1. foggy, damp and cool.
2. my mother in law's birthday party last Saturday
3. checkers...don't know why but I love them
4. Yes, all kinds of guns. I was raised hunting.
5. I still call Baker OR my home...where I was born and raised.

My heart is with you and your husband during this stressful time. Still makes a knot in my stomach each time I think of what you are going through. How well I know. Blessings.

Liz said...

OK, I've been lurking around your blog for a while now, so I figure that answering some questions is a good way to jump on in..........

1.Hot sunshine with a breeze

2.Australia day B.B.Q. at our daughters Tuesday just gone.


4.Yep, a shotgun, pistol and a rifle.

5.Home is a small village called Gordon in Victoria, Australia.

I love your photo's and the moods you create and of course George is adorable, but then all four legged friends are aren't they?

Michelle said...

1. What’s your weather? Grey and cloudy today after a pretty sunrise.

2. What was the last party you went to? A Christmas party at a friend's house. Good food, good conversation, lovely decorations....

3. What’s your favorite board game? Backgammon

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Lots of times. I've shot lots of snakes. Happily, where I live now there are no poisonous snakes.

5. Where do you call home? Every place I've lived has been "home," but I will admit that my present home in Oregon is my very favorite!

Annie said...

1. What’s your weather? Cold, very cold but no wind...for now.

2. What was the last party you went to? I threw at 1980's Murder Mystery 18th bday party. It was so fun!!

3. What’s your favorite board game? Yahtzee (does that count?)

4. Have you ever fired a gun? No

5. Where do you call home? Cheyenne Wyoming is our new home thanks to the Air Force. We've been here almost a week.

GailO said...

1. We had some beautiful soft fluffy snow today...and now the wind is blowing hard enough to seep through the windows...

2. A few weeks ago Mr O and I went to a house-warming party for a couple that he did some work for...we didn't stay long but we go to so few parties that I had to count it:)

3. If we are counting Cribbage then that's it ...and I have to say I have never heard of dirty word sounds hysterica!

4. Never

5. RI born and RI bred and when I die I will be RI dead:)

Love the photos!

beth said...

1. weather-4 degrees
2. party ? my sister's surprise 40th just 2 weeks ago
3. sequence
4. yes...and it hurt my shoulder {shot gun while the boys were shooting clay pigeons and they dared me}
5. home is where I was born and raised....southern wisconsin.... and mom and dad are still there in the home where the childhood memories that I can remember, all happened.

beth said...

oops....and that first photo is so wonderful !

and the best of luck to your hubby....

Laura ~Peach~ said...

cold at night... nice in the day but rain is coming
cant recall last party...
up words
Yes many :)
Georgia is home... missouri is where i grew up

love n hugs :) ME

Brynwood Needleworks said...

1. What’s your weather? In the 50s at night and in the 70s during the day. In south Florida

2. What was the last party you went to? My grandmother's 97 birthday in Wisconsin

3. What’s your favorite board game?
Score Four (3-D tic tac toe)

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes, and I was the administrator for a Hunter Ed program in Wisconsin for 10 years when we lived there - teaching young and old alike safe firearm handling.

5. Where do you call home? South Florida - or anywhere my husband is.

Donna (and Kes)

tea4too0 said...

The weather here is freezing rain, sleet, and snow. More snow tomorrow.
Christmas at my daughter's house.
Skip Bo
yes, many many times
Home was,is,and always Northeastern Oklahoma, not far from Tulsa.
I enjoyed the photos, and will keep you and Hubby in my prayers.

Caroline said...

Wishing good results (or no results) from the MRI...that's not fun. Your photos are so beautiful and moody.

1. What’s your weather? In the 50s at night and in the 60s during the day.

2. What was the last party you went to? A welcome to the neighborhood party..really! it was fun.

3. What’s your favorite board game?

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes, a shot gun...I have good aim too ;)

5. Where do you call home? Cali!

Shana Putnam said...

1. What’s your weather?
Cold and we are supposed to get a little snow this weekend.
2. What was the last party you went to?
My son's 2nd birthday party. no my brother and sister-in-law's baby shower
3. What’s your favorite board game?
4. Have you ever fired a gun?
Yep and I can hit my
5. Where do you call home?
Dalton, GA

Sweetpea said...

So love these photos!

It has been my experience that sometimes when I've hurt a friend's feelings, it is because MY feelings have been hurt...

1. so very mild, the best winter we've had in this part of the Pacific NW since I arrived...
2. searching...searching...searching...can't remember. Maybe it's time for ME to throw the party!
3. Scrabble
4. Nope. May need to learn one day if the dern wild rabbits don't leave us alone.
5. ...on a remote island off the coast of WA state..surrounded by water & outstanding natural beauty.

Jan said...

1. What’s your weather? Warm, 70 degrees

2. What was the last party you went to? Neighbors's 90th.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Scrabble

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes, when I got married 45 years ago, I could out-shoot my hubs.

5. Where do you call home? Southern California, Murrieta.

Darlene said...

1. Morning 40's, Afternoon 50's

2. Birthday dinner for my son

3. Monopoly

4. Never fired a gun

5. Northern CA

Lori said...

Go to your friend and apologize,don't wait and let it eat at you and possibly her. Sometimes that is what gets to us more is the eating away and then find out that everything was okay with the two people anyway. If she is truly a friend and sees your heart, she has either already forgotten or wil forgive.
Now for your quetions...
1. Windy and bitter cold (sub zero)
2. Family Christmas party 2 weeks ago
3. I don' really have one but enjoy mexican train with dominoes

4. Yup
5. Northern Illinois
Best of luck with the MRI. I know how stressful of a time those things can be. Not so much the test as waiting for results.

J.L.S. said...

1. What’s your weather? finally clear after all the snow yesterday, but sub zero temps with even colder wind chill!

2. What was the last party you went to? It wasn't really much of a party, but Sunday lunch at my Grandmother-in-laws house a couple of weeks ago where they gave us our Christmas/Birthday gifts.

3. What’s your favorite board game? I love Clue!

4. Have you ever fired a gun? No, the husband keeps wanting to take me out. I will eventually go... they just make me nervous.

5. Where do you call home? Upstate NY now... and I love it. Of course, it has only been a week, so I may eat my words later. :)

Barb T. said...

1. Yesterday it was in the upper 60's; I think today partly cloudy and 70's.
2. I can't even remember; I am totally not a party girl!! I feel anxious and uncomfortable at parties so avoid like the plague!!
3. Trivial Pursuit
4. Yes, once, and I didn't like that either.
5. I live in Florida; home will always be Wisconsin.

Country Girl said...

I love reading these and am only halfway there. {{{Hugs to BV}}} for what you've been through. Must go get dressed or we'll be late.

~ C.G.

BB said...

1. What’s your weather? Balmy tonight - forecast tomorrow is 20-31 degrees (Celsius) with 90% chance of 10-20mm rain. Bring it on!

2. What was the last party you went to? A very sedate New Year's Eve event at a neighbours - letting off illegal firecrackers at 10pm.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Easy - backgammon!

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes - have I ever done damage to anything other than my pride: NO.

5. Where do you call home? Australia (Sing with me, Peter Allen fans!). At this point in my life (and for the first 12 years) it has been a cattle property over 500km from the nearest 'real' city. But wherever I set up camp is home to me - I've lived many places and loved them all.

Barb T. said...

I forgot; beautiful, moody photos! I hope all news is good news!!!

Treasia Stepp said...

First let me tell you I love the pics Kate. In fact I have a confession to make to you! I often use your pictures for my backgrounds on my computer, that's how much I enjoy them. LOL.

1. What’s your weather? It's sleeting and icing outside right now. They are calling for it all day and maybe turning to snow. I seriously vote for the snow.

2. What was the last party you went to? It's been so long I honestly don't remember

3. What’s your favorite board game? I don't think it's a board game but we love to play Yotzee with the kids

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Many times as I used to own several

5. Where do you call home? Marked Tree, Arkansas

Skogkjerring said...

Hi Kate,
Like the photos, especially the first one, really dreamy and I love how the barn is still red while the rest of the photo is dark.
1. It's snowing today, coming down hard and sideways..very slippery to drive in!
2. Last party was the second Christmas day party held on the 26th here in the village..lost control on that party, usually have pretty good control over how much I drink, but had one too many rum and sprite that evening..uffda- but had LOADS of fun! Learned to polka for that evening, don't remember now!
3. I'm a card player if I play games..we've tried scrabble and Life but scrabble confused my little foreign children and life has lost lots of it's we do UNO or poker- The captain has taught the kids to be real card sharks...
4. Does a bb gun count? We have a bb gun the kids shoot cans with, I've tried that- don't want to kill anything so no need for a gun really..
5. Home is where my heart is and at the moment it's here in Norway, but small pieces are with the Captain in Brazil and my dad and sister and her kids in Texas.
Have a super Friday!

Anonymous said...

1. What’s your weather? Sweltering hot 35 degrees celcius.

2. What was the last party you went to? a wedding celebration a couple of weeks ago.

3. What’s your favorite board game? scrabble.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? nope. never held one.

5. Where do you call home? Maldives.

Deb said...

it is raining here in Texas.....
last party was ????
favorite board game is Monopoly
no haven't ever fired a gun...but hubby is going to teach me this spring
Born and raised in Texas

Hope everything works out on the MRI

Char said...

it like the darker tones and yes, the lacey branches.
1. What’s your weather? it was beautiful yesterday, but it is supposed to start raining today.

2. What was the last party you went to? going to one at 11:00 today - my brother's retirement party.

3. What’s your favorite board game? parcheesi

4. Have you ever fired a gun? yes

5. Where do you call home? montgomery, alabama

Nurse Nancy said...

Love the phots.
1. Weather - Very cold and windy. Had some snow yesterday and now it is icy.
2. Last party - Had a dinner party Christmas week with my cousin and his family.
3. Board Game - Scrabble. So much fin with FlyBoy and JBM.
4. Never fired a gun and have no desire.
5. Home of me? Connecticut.

Talia said...

1. What’s your weather? Bitter cold and gray skies.

2. What was the last party you went to? Mine!

3. What’s your favorite board game? Oh, not a game player.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? No.

5. Where do you call home? Pennsylvania will always be home, but I live in Ohio.

Tess Kincaid said...

1. 8 degrees, snow.

2. Christmas Day

3. Scrabble (original)

4. Yup. I'm a dead eye shot.

5. Dublin, OH

(ethereal shots, Kate!)

Meg McCormick said...

1. What’s your weather? Really cold this morning, not even 20 degrees. Expecting very light snow tomorrow.

2. What was the last party you went to? We hosted New Year's Eve and frankly, it didn't turn out quite like we wanted. A couple of folks assumed they were invited. Totally changed the dynamic.

3. What’s your favorite board game? We just played a new one called Qwirkle - it's like Uno meets Dominos. Super fun. Also, Apples to Apples is always a winner.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Only squirt guns and Nerf guns!

5. Where do you call home? Maryland in the DC suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely.

1. Freezing cold, windy and occasional hailstone.

2. Can't remember, I don't do parties!

3. Monopoly (and I like Cluedo)

4. Yes, an air rifle, on my farm.

5. Northumberland, the far north of England.

CJ xx

Gayle said...

1. Weather totally peachy, but then, that is why folks live in San Diego.

2. My niece was married outdoors under the full blue moon on New Year's Eve, GREAT party.

3. Hard to choose.....Dictionary Game or Trivial Pursuit, oh then there is Pictionary......Does Hand and Foot count?

4. Sure, mostly at tin cans.

5. Riverside, growing up in an orange grove.

abb said...

1. Too damn windy - I do not like wind in the least.
2. Miss LaLa's 50th birthday party.
Such fun!
3. The Game of Life
4. Yup. A rifle. And I liked it, too.
5. Wherever my family is.

The JR said...

1. What’s your weather? 90% chance of rain all day, some severe bouts with cold and possible snow and sleet over the weekend

2. What was the last party you went to? can't remember if it was the Dance Group XMAS party or the Bass Club XMAS party

3. What’s your favorite board game? Aggrevation - it's a marble and dice game

4. Have you ever fired a gun? all the time - avid deer hunter

5. Where do you call home? it's funny - anytime I refer to the house I grew up in that's what I call it or the house where we lived. Home is our little piece of heaven and my last stand in Crystal Springs, MS.


Jill of All Trades said...

1. The weather here is icy, cold, dreary, and now beginning to snow. YUCK.
2. The last party I attended was at the cabin retreat area at one of the other cabinites.
3. Yes, I've fired a gun and I'm quite good at it.
4. I call Oklahoma home. Originally Broken Arrow now Tulsa!

Connie in Hartwood said...

1. Here in Hartwood, it's cloudy and looking like snow. I'm taking a break from work, under a down throw, with a cat in my lap.

2. My neighbors had their make-up Christmas party two weeks ago. The original was cancelled because of an ice storm.

3. Board game? With a 5-year-old in the house, we play lots of Chutes and Ladders and Candyland.

4. My husband and I went with friends to a firing range ... and it was lots of fun.

5. I'm a former Army brat, so home is wherever I am now. I am thrilled that home has become an 1848 Gothic Revival farmhouse in central Virginia.

The part of this morning that I spent wandering through your blog was very enjoyable ... I look forward to seeing more.

... Connie

Deb said...

1. What’s your weather? Rain and the temps are in the 30's. Will it ever end?

2. What was the last party you went to? My Grandaughter's 6th birthday at Putt Putt. Livin Large!

3. What’s your favorite board game?
Trivial Pursuit

4. Have you ever fired a gun? yes

5. Where do you call home?

Love those pictures. So mysterious. Best of Luck with the MRI results.

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

1. cold and raining.
2.grandson's b-day party.
3. don't have the patience.
4.I shot a 410 shotgun and it scares me...I did kill a rabid skunk once when the kids were little with the same gun.
5. East Texas has been my home since 1972. Love it!

Naked trees are my favorite thing in the winter months...yours look especially pretty with the snow.
Take care and think good thoughts!

Daryl said...

GMTA! I too have lacy naked trees looking darkish

1. Freezing temps, wind .. icy

2. Christmas Day .. I dont do a lot of partying

3. Its a tie - Scrabble & Monopoly

4. Nope, but I have fired some pottery

5. New Yawk Cit-tay

Carolynn Anctil said...

I don't know the story behind the MRI's, but I'm holding the highest intentions for both of you.

Re: your friend. Best to talk to him/her and clear it up quickly. I have a 24 hour rule I adhere to.

1. Our weather is unseasonably warm & dry. It's making the Olympic organizers a bit twitchy, I suspect...

2. The last party I went to was my own. An Open House on December 27th. It's also the night I reconnected with an old friend and we started dating. :o))

3. My favourite board game would have to be Scrabble.

4. My ex-husband took me skeet shooting once. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, much less the little clay pigeon.

5. Home is wherever my family of furclad critters are. Right now, it's Vancouver, BC Canada.


JC said...

Weather ~ cloudy but dry
Party ~ Christmas Eve
Game ~ Risk
Fired ~ Once
Home ~ Near Seattle

Unknown said...

1. What’s your weather? Windy, very cold and gray.
2. What was the last party you went to? Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Cranium.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes, recently in fact. A shotgun and you know, I liked it too! Very empowering, eh?

5. Where do you call home? I'm a born and raised Indiana farm girl.

big hair envy said...

1. Sunny and Cold. Heavy snow predicted for tomorrow:( BOO!

2. All-Girls Adult "Toy" Party (heehee)

3. Clue

4. Yes. I prefer a .357

5. Central Virginia...born and raised:)

Unknown said...

1. What’s your weather? Very cold. The clouds have gone away, but the wind isn't helping.

2. What was the last party you went to? Christmas with my Fiances family.

3. What’s your favorite board game? hmm, I always liked Sorry.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yep, many times. And, I too, liked it.

5. Where do you call home? Northwest Pennsylvania now, but I still refer to my parents farm as home too.

Anonymous said...

1.) Weather: mid 20's and partly cloudly.
2.)Party: New's Year Day at our house.
3.)Board game: Used to play Monopoly.
4.) Fired gun? Nope.
5.) Home. Southwest lower Michigan.
Lynda in Michigan

Deb said...

1. Windy & cold -12C.
2. 25th Birthday party for my daughter ...I think you'd like her name ...KATE :-)
3. Love Scrabble (gone through many games as the Scrabble pieces are great for Art Work too)
4. Not unless a Water pistol counts!
5. Canadian eh
Sending Best Wishes & good thoughts to you and your husband today ♥

Flat Creek Farm said...

Gorgeous images as always. Will be thinking of both of you on this day.

1.Gray, cold.
2.besides Christmas, it would have been our November b-day party for family members.
3.Scrabble (note to self: must try dirty word scrabble! :))
5.On a farm in the middle of Missouri.

Mental P Mama said...

1. Cold and windy.
2. My 50th Birthday Party!
3. Clue.
4. Lots of gun firing. I am a Tennessee girl!
5. I call Connecticut home. But the South is calling me back;)

RURAL said...

Whats my weather? Cloudy, with occasional moments of reality, called rain. Hoping for sun/

Party? what party?

Don't like board games.

Practically grew up on a Rifle range, been around guns forever....

Home is by the ocean, White Rock.

Loved those photos, and wishing you the best of good luck news.


maillady said...

1. cold and windy in south jersey
2. i guess that would be at my own home on christmas night. but than again would sunday in new orleans after the saints game count as a party?
3.we play apples to apples but we don't use the board.
4. yes i have, a couple
5. i call washingtown township, new jersey my home for the last 20 years... wow , thats the longest i've ever lived in one place.

Kathie Truitt said...

1. Cold (brrr)

2. Company Christmas party

3. Monopoly

4. Oh yeah and I love it!

5. Alexandria, VA (or anywhere in Virginia for that matter)

Jo said...

1. What’s your weather? Warm with tulips blooming.

2. What was the last party you went to? A dinner party for a friend's birthday.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Monopoly and

4. Have you ever fired a gun? No, but I have been shown how to shoot a gun properly. Just never pulled the trigger.

5. Where do you call home? I live in a treehouse, which I share with robins, bluejays, chickadees, squeaky gate birds, raccoons, squirrels and -- skunks. Oh -- and the occasional coyote.

Jo said...

I meant to say Monopoly and Backgammon.

Hilary said...

It is FRIGID. Very cold, and windy. NASTY.
I don't like it.
Last party I went to....birthday party for my adopted my youngest daughter's house. It was a lot of fun.
My favorite board game is Scrabble...and I play it
Hi, my name is Hilary, and I am an addict.
I have fired a lot of guns. My father took me when I was 13 years old, and bought me my own rifle.....I was the only child...he wanted a boy, can ya tell??>
Home is Glens Falls, NY.

Ellen said...

1. What’s your weather? Windy, cold. Winter has returned.

2. What was the last party you went to? New Year's eve party.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Scrabble

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes - rifle and pistol.

5. Where do you call home? Pennsylvania. Though I've lived half my life in NJ, Southeastern PA (Chester County) will always be home.

Jan said...

1. Cold and windy.
2. Birthday party
3. Scrabble
4. No
5. Very near to you in Hockessin, Delaware.

Country Girl said...

Oh, I am so loving all of these answers. Such variations out there! I'm only a third of the way there and am rushing to get changed and out the door. Meeting some friends this evening and it promises to be fun.

~ C.G.

maryelizabethroche said...

1. Very cold.. below zero....brrrr
2. Christmas Day @ Mom-in-law's
3. Cranium
4. Yes...but not very well
5. Chicago

Anonymous said...

1. This has been the BEST winter ever! 40 degrees, no snow, blue skies!

2. Dinner party at a friends house last weekend. Divine!

3. Board game has to be Cranium. A little bit of everything!

4. I've shot several guns, thankfully never at anything alive.

5. Home for me is anywhere my husband and children are, but location wise, Washington State.

Have a great weekend!

susie said...

1. What's your weather? Cold, and sunny today, but not as cold as it was late December and early January, thank goodness!

2. Day after Christmas at our house with kids and grandkids and friends.

3. Cranium, at least of the games by son brings, it's the one I can understand the rules to.

4. Yes, black powder rifle, a 45 and another handgun. I'm better with the handguns.

5. Black Forest, Colorado

Donna S. said...

1. Cold, windy & supposed to get a little snow.

2. One year birthday party for youngest grandson (in Atlanta).

3. Scrabble.

4. Yes. Shotgun & pistol.

5. Southwestern tip of Indiana.

Marla said...

1. Cold. We had a blizzard yesterday. High of 29 today with 8 inches of snow.

2. I was in Vegas a month ago. That's one giant party.

3. Life.

4. Yes, only twice though.

5. Oklahoma

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

If the person is a friend, you have nothing to worry about. That's the truth.

Good for you for walking in this bitter cold today, tears and all.

1. Frigid, with 100
% chance of snow, which is unheard of for here! Exciting!. 2. Don't remember, was in my early 20's probably. And there's probably good reason why I don't remember it. 3. Stratego. OK, really Scrabble, but Stratego is second. 4. Begrudgingly and hopefully never again. 5. Mathews.

troutay said...

1. What’s your weather? Very cold but clear - the moon is beautiful

2. What was the last party you went to? Went to? or stayed home for? Last weekend's game. sigh

3. What’s your favorite board game?
Candyland because I am not competitive at all

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes and hunted. I own two

5. Where do you call home? Minnesota, second tundra on the right.

Michelle said...

1. Windy and very snowy, several inches already.

2. Christmas Eve with family.

3. Trivial Pursuit

4. Yes, and I didn't like it.

5. Kentucky

suezoos1 said...

1. Snow/sleet and cold
2. Birthdy party 1/3/10 for great granddaughter-1 year old.
3. Trivial Pursuit
4. Many, have a CC permit
5. North Carolina

Carol E. said...

1. Sunshine, blue skies, COLD - at least it's above zero at the moment.

2. MIL's 80th birthday party which she hosted herself. Tomorrow is FIL's 90th birthday party, which he is hosting himself!

3. Taboo

4. Have you ever fired a gun? No! I hate guns. My dad sometimes took us all along when he'd do target practice at a gravel pit. I hated it! I don't know why it interested him, or why he took all of us along!?

5. Where do you call home? Minnesota

Carol E. said...

P.S. My word verification was gutsect. Sounds like a word for Dirty Word Scrabble!

Anonymous said...

Answers from GillLink:

Weather in southwest Louisiana: overcast (dreary) and cold (high today was 42)

Last party: Open Hearts at church; supper and assignment of prayer partners of older women with younger mothers

Favorite board game: Monopoly, but haven't played in years

Ever fired a gun: yes, but didn't like the kick

Where I call home: the home of my heart has always been Oklahoma but my home is truly in Louisiana where I have lived most of life, married and raised our family!

I really need to get a Google account if I'm going to keep posting on your blog!

Woman in a Window said...

Weather? Cold cold cold. I'm wearing two pair of slippers just to stay from freezing my toes!

Last party? Here. Christmas day.

Favorite board game...well, we just played Clue today with the kids. Guess that'll do.

Fired a gun. Nope. No thanks.

Home. Northern Ontario small town, about 700 people.


BJ said...

Snowy and cold.
Baby's Birthday Party
Yes, I have even went hunting,but haven't in years.
I call home a little town in southeastern Kentucky called Viper.
Bobbie Dunn

eva said...

1. Snow, lots of snow, the snow you can sled down a hill on. We never get snow, so everyone of all ages is loving it (until Mon. morn)...we can't drive in it! :-(

2. I live with my daughter, son-in-law, 4 grandsons (2 to 11) and 3 dogs...every day is a party!!

3. Lately we love Apples to Apples, but I am always up for a serious round of Scrabble....memories of my grandmother.

4. Well, does a SuperBlaster in the pool count?

5. Home is where my family is, over 35 years in Nashville...however, Chicago will always have a piece of my heart!

Prayers going up...

Grace and Peace, Eva

Gail said...

1. What's your weather? Seventeen, windy, cold with sun shining on snow.

2. What's the last party you went to?
Here, Christmas

3. What's your favorite board game? Sorry!

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Was raised firing guns, it is a way of life.

5. Where do you call home? Melbourne, Arkansas

Bonnie said...

1. What's your weather? Sunny & cold -suppose to be in the 50's.

2. What's the last party you went to? Neighbor's Christmas party - great fun!

3. What's your favorite board game? Scrabble or Mexican Train (hmmm, no board with that one)

4. Have you ever fired a gun? We have them, but I've never fired one.

5. Where do you call home? Beautiful Southern Oregon.

My prayers and thoughts are with you & your husband. Hope all his tests turn out well .

Anonymous said...

So far behind on blog hopping!

1. What’s your weather? Cold. I'm tired of it. I want to see the first spring crocus.

2. What was the last party you went to? Engagement party on Saturday night for my son and fiancee.

3. What’s your favorite board game? Sigh. Hate playing board games.

4. Have you ever fired a gun? Learned how to shoot a 22 at summer camp as a kid. I'm a crack shoot. Honest.

5. Where do you call home? Ah, my office, looking out into the woods.

RoseMary King said...

Dear Kate,

This is probably my favorite post of yours. Your conversation was so thought-provoking and touching. I loved the photos. Winter means many things to me but one of them is my love of trees in the winter. I love looking at the bones of a good tree. I feel that they show the strength and character of the tree.

1. The weather here today, Monday Feb. 1st (been away for a few days) is damp, cold and drizzling.

2. The last party I attended was my very own 60th birthday celebration on January 2nd. Lovely affair.

3. My favorite board game is Monopoly.

4. Yes, I have fired a gun and hated it.

5. I call Texas home now, somewhat grudgingly. I miss Maryland so much.

Thanks for such a lovely conversation.

FireLight said...

Kate, I have only just found this today, Feb.1.
1. Cold and rainy.
2. My niece hosted her book club on 1/28...I was a special guest & we had a grand dinner party and talked about the Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society inside and out. The next day 1/29 was her birthday....we partied all day long!
4. Yes, strictly educational & on a firing range.
5. Alabammer (JFK used to call us that...God love him.)