Sunday, September 25, 2011

The whole world smiles with you

I have had a lovely weekend – one which centered around the wedding of my niece, Emily. She and the groom put on a really cool Philadelphia-themed affair that was held at the historic German Society of Pennsylvania on Spring Garden Street.

Most of the family stayed in hotels in Center City. We drove back and forth from Maryland because it was only an hour away.


DSC_0274 copy 2

Broad Street looking towards City Hall in the center. That’s William Penn that you can see there at the top of the building and until 1987, a gentleman’s agreement stated that the Art Commission would approve no building taller than the statue.


DSC_0216 copy 2

This is what the skyline of Philadelphia looks like today. I took this photo Sunday morning at the bride & groom’s new digs. I love their new house and the rooftop deck.

But back to the wedding . . .


DSC_0008 copy 2

I don’t want to share my personal family photos here but I will tell you that in all the years I have been going to weddings (and that would be many), this was the best I have ever attended. From the vows that left guests asking for copies, to the toasts and affirmations of love from good friends and family, to the complete and utter surprises – it has left an indelible mark on my life.

My niece, the younger sister of the bride, stood up to speak after the sister of the groom had just given a heart-felt, eloquent tribute to her big brother and his new wife. But instead of speaking, my niece took out a ukulele and proceeded to sing a tender but amusing little song she had written in honor of the bride & groom.

It brought the house down and left grown men in tears.

I kid you not.


DSC_0177 copy 2

And about an hour later, this brought the house down again.

The Mummers came to the reception to perform!


DSC_0182 copy 2

The Uptown String Band came and performed and their act was so much fun. And if you’ve never heard of The Mummers, it’s a huge Philadelphia tradition. Just to give you an idea of how they sounded, this is one of the songs they played (although it’s done by another band).

When You’re Smiling


DSC_0191 copy 2

Please note the bride’s jewelry. It was created by Colleen Lehr, her high school art teacher and family friend. But I believe it was designed by my niece. It was absolutely stunning.

KCR Lehr Studio

And then there was even more dancing.


DSC_0128 copy 2

These are three of my nieces, and Danielle (in the blue) is a wild woman. She can dance the pants off a kangaroo.

She’s a hoot, too.

: : :

The extra touches, like the Philly pretzels and home-brewed beer at the bar downstairs and the gorgeous hand-made accoutrements prepared by the bride made this a wedding that I’ll never forget.

I mean, look at these sweet cakes and pies . . .


DSC_0143 copy 2

Each one had a topper and this is the spitting image of the happy couple. How fun!

: : :

One more thing before I sign off ~ I just want to say that I know you’re used to me posting each and every week day. My life is just too overwhelming sometimes and this is working for me. Thanks for understanding and for sticking around now that I’m just down to a few posts a week.

Until next time . . .

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emily said...

Best.Weekend.Ever. LOVE YOU!

{ T G L } said...

Glad to hear you're OK and that you had a great time at this very special wedding. Love the attention to detail and the solid sense of humor that flows from the photos!

Good luck dealing with life's overwhelming-ness. We've all been there... or are *still* in there! :)

This Good Life

Tammy said...

Love it when you post not matter how often or not that you have the time to do it and I always so enjoy your photos. The wedding looked like a wonderful time and the desserts - oy vey I just had a sugar rush looking at them. Will always be a reader and follower when ever you have the time to post!!

Cloudia said...


That skyline is NOT the city I grew up in.

You made me nostalgic. The ukulele sings of Hawaii though - just for me I assume :-)

Thank YOU for a great Philly post

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

forgetmenot said...

Your followers will always remain loyal because your posts are just so darn much fun to read, and you post some great photos. Sounds like a "lollapalooa" of a wedding--best wishes to the bride and groom. Blogging should be fun and when it gets to be a chore, "step back" so that you can enjoy it when you do post. Take care. Mickie :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OK, maybe I don't get out much, but "dance the pants off a kangaroo" is flat out hilarious.

Thank you for this glimpse into your weekend, which was far more exciting than I'll ever see any time soon.

My new goal in life is to dance the pants off a kangaroo.

Bluebird49 said...

Wow--sounds like one heck of a wedding! Isn't it nice to get out sometimes? (I wouldn't know.)

Overwhelming--it can mean so many different things to different people....but I understand how it feels. I don't like it--but I know.

spindrift,maine said...

What a wonderful wedding! So glad you had this chance to be with your family and have so much fun. As for your posting frequency, I will always be happy to read your posts, look at your photos and hear what you are thinking about. I am in a similar place--trying to find balance among all the things I have to and want to do in a day. Post when you can. That's best. xo

GailO said...

I never heard of the Mummers before...what fun! Pretzels, and beer, and dancing! The bits of the wedding you show us are just so full of joy!

Real life should always come before online life...Just don't start posting as little as I do:)

Mary said...

Aw, it sounds like such a fun wedding! I look forward to my niece's and nephews getting married, but we have quite a few years to go yet...

I love seeing your photos and reading your thoughts whenever you have time to share them, so thank you!

Carolynn Anctil said...

After my recent wedding, I enjoy them so much more. Sounds weird, I know. Maybe because I'm so happy. :o))

Hilary said...

Love that you had a good weekend.....we all need that sometimes, eh?
And blogging less frequently is a subject that has been on my mind, too.
I hear ya.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Check your pedigree. I believe we may be related!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Looks to be a lovely wedding - they all look so happy. Nice to see the venue too - I was in that city a couple of years ago and thought it was a lovely place,

Daryl said...

I think Danielle looks like you except I am guessing she straightened her hair .. those dance the pants of a kangaroo seems to run in the family! And who is that lady with the face in the jewelry photo? Did she get a lemon flavored drink? And I spied Matt in the rooftop shot! Yeah for me.

You do what you gotta do .. we're here all the time .. xo

The JR said...

Those mummers sure are colorful!

nono said...

I grew up right outside of Philadelphia and I've been doing the Mummers strut since I was a baby. Love. Love the Mummers Day parade!

sharon said...

what a fun wedding! The cakes look delicious.

Lili said...

Now that does sound like it was a very memorable wedding, all those special touches must have been so delightful to experience. And their new place with that view...awesome! So glad you had a great weekend Kate. xo ~Lili

BB said...

Now THAT was a sharp learning curve... if ever I get back to the US I might have to add Philadelphia to the itinerary!
PS Loving your blue niece - she looks like FUN!!!

Reena said...

I am late to the party here ... but what an awesome wedding with the Mummers! Your niece is so cool to have them included!
Sounds like such a great wedding! So glad you had the best time!

mrs mediocrity said...

Wow, now I am seriously craving a piece of cake...

It looks like the whole thing was great fun, so glad you enjoyed yourself!

Lisa said...

Kate looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your the same as I and wont post family photos.
Lovely thoughts and photos.

Mental P Mama said...

Wow! I feel like I was there!

Low Tide High Style said...

How very cool. I love it when a wedding feels personal, and is a perfect reflection of the couple getting married. So glad you had such a wonderful time and created so many great memories! Thanks for sharing it all with us! And whenever you post I will read what you write and gaze upon your beautiful photos!

Kat :)

beth said...

kate, we're not going anywhere but here :)

and from these photos and your words, both private and public, i can feel what this wedding meant to you !


Georgianna said...

What a fun a love-filled weekend! Thank you so much for sharing such a special event.

And about your blogging schedule, I cut down to once a week at the beginning of the year, so I understand. But, of course, I just started up an additional blog, ha ha, so there goes any extra time. :)


Kerri Farley said...

It sounds FABULOUS and FUN!

Jeanne Walker said...

O.K. Enough's enough. I'm having withdrawals!!!

Jeanne Walker said...

O.K. Enough's enough. I'm having withdrawals!!!

Jeanne Walker said...

O.K. Enough's enough. I'm having withdrawals!!!

Jeanne Walker said...

Did you get my message? Actually it was messin' with me....

Hilary said...

This wedding sounds like it was a dream. What creative and loving minds it must have taken to come up with this plan. What a touching "toast" your niece gave. That had to be so incredible. I hope there's video of this wedding. Your family will enjoy that for many years to come.