Monday, December 26, 2011

And then it was quiet

I had myself a merry little Christmas, and I am hoping that you did, as well. Our sons have left and all is quiet here again at the manor house on the hill. Yesterday afternoon, there was lots of laughter and lots of family at my in-laws home in NJ. In fact, it was a bit too much for my husband, as he prefers the quiet here.

But it was just what I needed.

Today, my husband called me to the window and pointed outside. And there, sitting on one of the large branches of the dogwood tree right outside our kitchen window, was a beautiful hawk.

I went to get the camera. And then to get the long lens, and then . . .

DSC_1054 copy 2

the hawk was gone. The little junco above was taken about an hour later from my bedroom window.

DSC_1046 copy 2

This was all I captured of the hawk.

: : :

This afternoon, I watched a Netflix movie that I’d never seen before. And I watched it from my tv. Our son gave us a Sony media streamer for Christmas and then set it up for us. It’s so cool to be able to stream movies on the big screen. Today, I watched A Christmas Carol (2009), the Disney film directed by Robert Zemeckis and featuring 3D CG animation. Jim Carrey voices Scrooge, plus all of the ghosts. Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins, Robin Wright Penn, and Gary Oldham, to mention a few, round out the cast. At times, I felt like I was on a Dickens Disney ride, as I swooped over the snow-covered, bitter cold streets of Victorian London. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this version of Charles Dickens’ classic tale.

And it’s on stream at Netflix. Here’s the trailer:


I am not particularly fond of this trailer, however.

DSC_1045 copy 2

My husband bought me new hiking shoes for Christmas and they’re really very nice Solomons and although I would have never bought shoes this color, they’re excellent on the trail. I tested them out today.

DSC_0918 copy 2

The skies today were sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and always interesting.

DSC_1065 copy 2

And the sunset this afternoon. Can you see the moon? This is another photo opportunity pointed out to me by my husband.

: : :

On Tuesday afternoon, I am leaving for New York City to visit friends, so I won’t be posting until I get home Thursday evening. I’ll be taking the train with {her}, then meeting {her} at Penn Station, then meeting {her} for dinner on Wednesday. I can’t wait and am so looking forward to having some fun in the Big City at Christmastime.

I’ll try to get some photos to share ~ but here are some from last year:

New York City at Christmastime

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas

Hope your holiday week is a good one, my friends.

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Mom on a mission said...

Love the shoes!!

RURAL said...

Some shots are just not meant to be taken I guess. We have been woken up early each morning by tappings on the roof. Turns out to be a Piliated Woodpecker. But alas, all I got for a shot was the roof, it took off at the last second.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Michelle said...

Your DH sounds like me, the way he prefers the solitude and quiet. I have a friend at church whose husband had a brain tumor removed. He's improved much in the few years we've known them, but he can't tolerate much noise and chaos (he and I get along very well!).

Have fun in NYC!

Annie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Kate. So lovely to have both sons home, and a family gathering as well!
Love that your husband bought you some new shoes, he knows his priorities...walking and hiking!
Great to be able to watch that movie, sounds terrific.
Australia today is very quiet, warm and humid. I am just back from the family up the mountain. Fun!
Will very much miss going to NYC, now that the family has resettled in Australia up at the beach! Can't wait for them to arrive back from visiting other grandparents in new Zealand. So lovely to be close to the little ones again!

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh a trip to NY at Christmas time is on my bucket list!!! Have to say I love the color of the shoes!!

Jeanne Walker said...

So very happy that you were blessed with a very familial Christmas with your DH and sons!
It must have felt very good to have them all under one roof even though for just a short time! I am going to have to try my hand at that each ingredient and they do sound very appealing when put together! You are going to end up loving those hiking shoes as you take photos with the new camera DH bought you earlier this fall! How blessed your son is to be able to play guitar by ear...and how special that he serendaded his mom and dad!
I wish I was traveling to the Big Apple with y'all! Have some fun for me too!

Photokismet said...

Have a wonderful time in the 'big city.' I'm trying to get there myself this week but I suspect it may not happen. I will visit vicariously through you - LOL!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate:
So glad to read your Christmas was Merry. Ours was quiet, too. Just not the same when the kids aren't around, but there's something to be said for the 80ยบ weather!

Have a ball in the City! I'll look forward to the photos.

Hilary said...

I have no clue what a media streamer is, or why you need one???
What does it do??

Karen said...

Not a clue here

Have a wonderful trip to the city with friends, truly it's the best time of the year to be in the big apple. The Rockefeller Tree came from our town 10 years ago, how cool is that!...about a half mile from this old house.

Deb said...

great shoes...have a fun trip...

Cloudia said...

Love this post-Christmas post!

Your new shoes look smashing . . .
and I always enjoy your shots. . .

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Lili said...

The Junco is sweet. You know, Henri always points out things for me to take pics of too around the house (when I'm awake that is)! Kate, I'm so excited for your trip tomorrow to NYC. You will have a blast! xoxo ~Lili

beth said...

wow....your hubby did great. mine would NEVER EVER buy me anything for my feet. did i mention never :)
as i am SO picky with how things fit and feel.

and i'm SO jealous with your trip to the city this week.....i can't wait to see the fabulous photos you'll share with us afterwards.....and the stories !!

safe travels sweet friend.....xoxo

deb said...

You probably won't get this for awhile but hubby and i enjoy the same version of A Christmas Carol. If you knew us you would know just how odd it is that we enjoy the same movie. LOL! We like the 1951 version with Alastair Sims. This guy is so goofy looking and has the most infectious laugh. He never fails to have me giggling right along with him. This version is far better than the newer one with George C Scott. Never felt the urge to see the Jim Carrey one. I may have to one day. Hugs! deb

spindrift,maine said...

Glad that little junco was around after the hawk! Bet his little heart was going bumpety-bump. The moon was spectacular here, too--a tiny sliver of crystal in the sky at sunset.... Big Apple, here you come!

Hilary said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time, Kate. Have a great visit with your "Blisters" in NYC. Give those lovely ladies a hug for me, please. :)

Skogkjerring said...

Happy Holidays Kate! Sounds like you had a great one! Love your new shoes, though I have to admit I wouldn´t have jumped for that color myself, it´s nice though!!! I´d be afraid it would focus too much on my lower part of my body which I DEFINITELY do not want to focus on...hahahahaha...
Santa brought me a macro lens for Christmas so I am looking forward to trying that out after I get over this cold.
Enjoy New York, someday I am going to get there myself..and I´d love nothing more then to go there during the holidays- the best would be to get the Macy´s Day parade and the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller center!!! Take a photo for me would ya? Of the tree :-) Have fun!! "See you" in 2012 my friend :-)))

Daryl said...

I love that color ... Toonman once bought a pair of lace up shoes in a shade of purple .. sort of eggplant. Fun. I am now counting the hours til you get here!!!!!!!

altar ego said...

Happy third day of Christmas! Glad to get caught up (briefly) on what is happening in your world. Love George's card, love your food photos, and I have that same wrapping paper (green and goldish)! The sunset with crescent moon photo is a stunner. Keep up the good work, and I hope the hawk returns for his portrait.

mrs mediocrity said...

My husband pointed out the same moon photo op! You have to love that about them...
Have a wonderful trip with lots of laughs and giggles and carefree time.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Your trip to NYC sounds like fun! Great shot of the sunset.

Nellie said...

How exciting, Kate! Enjoy NYC!
Our oldest daughter is here until the end of the week, so our "holiday" is still in progress.:)
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Have FUN!!....I saw our family of blue birds on the feeder today, it is becoming a Christmas ritual....smiles

abb said...

I'm in the only place I'd rather be than with all my most dear friends in NYC. Have fun and know I'm thinking about all of you!

Steph said...

LOVE that version of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. Saw it at the movies when it first came out and then went back with my Mother and her friend. I've never gone to a movie theatre twice to see a movie other than that. It was in 3D and the snowfall effect over the rooftops was just like you said...felt like a movie ride. Watched it on Netflix this season too. Glad you had a nice holiday Kate..have fun in NYC and Happy New Year. I hope it's peaceful and happy for you and yours.

Mary said...

I am total crap at shooting birds...

I like your new hiking shoes, color and all! I'm catching up on all my blog visits -- FIL back in the hospital, kids home for Christmas, exhausted from house cleaning... (no, not really so much on that last one) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I was blog hopping and your photography caught my eye! I just wanted to let you know how talented I think you are! I am just learning and it can be so overwhelming! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

If you wanted hawk pictures, you should have hung out in my teeny tiny suburban backyard LOL! And I mean it - our yard is tiny.

I took about 40 pictures before she got peeved enough to fly away.

She came back a few days later for a second time and killed a squirrel that time.