Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I love these note cards on etsy

I want to apologize to my niece, Emily, for my forgetfulness in writing this post. Let me explain here. My lovely and talented niece, who you may remember as the newlywed, opened an etsy shop a couple of months ago. She sells handmade note cards and paper goods out of her online shop, My Ode To Rain.

I heard about it through one of the many e-mails that my sisters and many of female relatives write back and forth to each other. As soon as Em told us about her shop, I went to it and bought this set of squiggle note cards.

You know how much I love squiggles.

DSC_0586 copy 2

Getting back to the story, I’m apologizing to my niece because as soon as her beautiful cards came in the mail, I wrote her and mentioned that I’d like to write a post on her work. And then time went on, and Aunt Katy forgot.

Until tonight.

Mosaic 1 copy 2

The cards I ordered came in a set of 6 with envelopes to match on good quality card stock. Each hand drawn design is different, and with the inside blank, I can use the card for anything I desire.

Ever since she was a young girl, Em (and her sister, Sam) was always prompt at sending her thank you notes after receiving a gift. As she got older, Em began designing her own notes and I always looked forward to seeing what would come in my mailbox.

You can visit her here:

My Ode To Rain

:  :  :

I invited myself to a cookie exchange after seeing the invitation on my co-worker’s frig at the faculty party on Saturday night. Today at lunch I told my co-worker that I’d seen the invite on her frig and that I was thinking of crashing her friend, Diana’s, cookie party. “I can bring a dozen cookies”, I told her. “It should be fun”.

I haven’t been to a cookie party in 30 years, I believe.

“Uh, Kate”, Christine said, “It’s 10 dozen cookies. Not one dozen”.

Holy shortcake, Batman. I’d better get baking . . . see you tomorrow, my friends.

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Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Your niece's notecards are very pretty. I will go look at her shop.

10 dozen cookies? Oh my goodness! Does that mean you're bringing 10 dozen back home with you from everyone else? Never mind answering me, just keep baking!!

Country Girl said...


My friend, Christine, and I are going together and each bringing 5 dozen. We work all week and I think many of the others who are going don't have full time jobs. So we'll each be coming home with 5 dozen cookies. I'll be baking Saturday.

~ C.G.

{ T G L } said...

Those are really lovely cards. I like how they are abstract without being aloof. The design is universally appropriate - perfect for a card. Also like how the black-and-white is offset by the salmon-colored border. I wish your niece very well!

And here is a toast to the art of letter-writing! *Raises glass*

This Good Life

Anonymous said...

My daughter participates in cookie exchanges some years. Then she sends me a few of each! I don't know how many she takes when she goes, but they moved to a new town last year and not sure if this new town has a cookie exchange... perhaps she should start one there.

Anonymous said...

Oops... forgot to say how wonderful the squiggly designs are on her cards!!

Nellie said...

A talented niece you have, Kate. I wish her well with the Etsy shop.

It would appear you have lots of baking ahead this week!

Reena said...

My daughter is a baking fool (unlike her mother) and would love a challenge like this!
I wish Em good luck with her Etsy shop! I love Etsy! Her cards are charming!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

The cards are beautiful.

But there is nothing beautiful about having to bake ten dozen cookies. That makes me convulse.

ELK said...

they are just beautiful Kate I will go visit her shop

cookies update ...10 dozen ?! wow!

Deb said...

10 dozen holy cow...that's a lot of cookies...have fun...love your nieces note cards...

beth said...

what great cards....totally fun !!

and those cookie exchanges....i quit going after so many of them had crap cookies compared to the ones i had spent hours making.

just saying.....

granted, the wine and gab fest was fun and festive....and if you have enough wine, well then who cares about the cookies, i guess :)


mrs mediocrity said...

Ha! It's time for cookiepalooza! Those cards are adorable.

Country Gal said...

The note cards are lovely ! Wonderful work ! Have fun at the cookie party ! Have a wonderful evening !

Cloudia said...

how many dozens!!!????

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

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< ° ) } } > <

Nasir said...

These cards and the designs are very beautiful.

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Daryl said...

the cards are perfect .. and COOKIES? Did you say you're baking COOKIES? I love COOKIES!!!!!!!

The JR said...

They are beautiful cards.

Good luck to her with her shop.

Caroline said...

Ohhhh...I will check out your Niece's shop. And cookie exchanges are very dangerous...but fun! Now get cracken' on that baken'!

Unknown said...

I have never been to one but wow your house is going to smell good! Just think of all the plates your can make with all the varities your will be picking up as well! YUM!

Lili said...

The swirls are beautiful! Oh dear, the cookies aren't gonna bake themselves are they?! So much to do this time of year. Speaking of cards, just tonight I selected one of yours to use as a Christmas card for Henri's Mom. It's the one with the female cardinal in the snow. I just adore that one! xo ~Lili

Kerri Farley said...

You have a lot of talent in your family! Those cards are lovely!
The cookie exchange sounds fun!

GailO said...

I'll be baking Friday for our library's annual cookie sale...bring one kind and buy a selection back by the pound. So should I bake a lot of lightweight cookies or a few heavy ones? :)

Your niece may just ask you to be her photographer for her etsy shop...Her note cards are beautiful!

Bluebird49 said...

How talented your niece is!
120 cookies? I don't think I've baked that many in--well--since my 39 year-old son was...a LOT younger! Hope youall are having fun doing that. I MAY could have done a dozen myself--that's SO the way I'd have figured it to mean, too! :) I mean--10 dozen? REALLY?

Photokismet said...

Absolutely beautiful note cards!
I can relate to those 10 dozen cookies - a group at church is pulling together cookie tins for sale and asked voluteers to bake. I was all ready to sign up until I saw the amount. Hopefully one day I will have time to bake those 10 dozen but, right now, I can manage maybe 3. Enjoy those cookies AND note cards - just beautiful!

Mental P Mama said...

Those cards are exquisite!!! And those cookie exchanges do me in...I go to Costco, buy lots of peanut brittle, repackage it and pass it off as mine. There. I confessed. I feel so much better.

Unknown said...

I love the cards, will have to show my daughter. No artistic talent in me.

I don't really like sweets ( except for really good ice cream) so I kind of stopped baking a few years ago .
Again, my girls have stepped up to the plate.

I would go to a cheese exchange? Do they have those?
I guess there would be no effort other than shopping or plating, but still... cheese ...

Chocolate Cat said...

Ever since I read a novel about a
'Cookie exchange' I've always wanted to take part in one, I have serious 'cookie' envy!!!