Monday, December 12, 2011

It’s coming on Christmas

Small things this weekend made me glad, and for that I’m thankful. That and the good report the other week from my husband’s oncologists. The computer specialist called me today to say that he was trying one more time, but that after all of their tricks to get the hard drive to show the files, it still gets hung up on one section and won’t move on. I told them to go ahead and try one more time, maybe we could still have a Christmas miracle.

My feeling is that I can take lots more photos, but it’s the ones of my husband that would hurt the most if I lost them.

Now back to the small things ~ I put up a little tree in the living room window. I know that sounds weird (in the window) but the sills are deep and the windows are wide, and it was the perfect spot for a small Christmas tree.

DSC_0570 copy 2

My husband has always insisted that we have a real tree, and we haven’t had one since we moved here in 2008. So this would have been our fourth Christmas without a tree, and neither of us had the desire to go out and get a live one. What is wrong with us, I wonder?

Do you remember {this tree} that he made for me? That was such a cool surprise – one that I’ll always remember.

DSC_0569 copy 2

I actually feel a lot better about the season because I’ve got some gifts purchased, and I’ve got some decorating done. Christmas is often so much pressure that we lose sight of what it signifies.
And because I had so much fun decorating the little tree in the living room, I decided to do one in the dining room window too.

DSC_0556 copy 2

Everything on this one is white and it sits in front of the lace curtains. My husband has mirrors in this window because he says it reflects the heat.

Um, ok honey.

DSC_0566 copy 2

I finally found my holiday CD’s after looking all over the house. They were in the car right under my nose.

Of course.

My favorite is Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong. It’s incredibly lovely, with an almost melancholy feel to it. I enjoy her rendition of ‘River’ even more than Joni Mitchell’s (which I never thought would be possible), and her ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ is ethereal. I have so many favorite songs on the Wintersong CD.

I also have a CD with holiday tunes that I downloaded myself and Death Cab for Cutie’s rendition of ‘Baby Please Come Home’ is one of my favorites. Feel free to let me know yours in the comment section.

DSC_0573 copy 2

I took this last night. Is he giving me the eye?

DSC_0577 copy 2

I love my new camera. It was dark in the living room and the ISO settings go up to 6400 with very low noise (grain).

Hope your days are merry and bright. Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

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A New England Life said...

Kate I'll be holding out hope for the last ditch effort on your hard drive. XXXX that's me crossing everything!k

Your trees are lovely! And that bokeh is so nice. Tis the season for some good bokeh. Poor George, he really has it ruff.

Lisa said...

Just Beautiful Kate. I love each photo. You have your hands full and each place I go and so many I talk to are in the same place.
Your a head of me in the decorating.

Mom on a mission said...

Beautiful pictures:)

A Scattering said...

Wintersong is also one of my favorites on my iPod but the first Christmas album I play each year is "do you hear Christmas with Heather, Cookie and Raylene Rankin" - the Rankins Sisters of Nova Scotia. "I Wonder as I Wander" is very lively but I can't honestly say that one song is a favorite over any other - LOVE this album. Individual tunes and the album are available on iTunes.

It gave me a warm fuzzy to hear that your hubby had a good report. Blessings of the season to you and your loved ones - short, tall and furry. Elaine

tj said...

...And this time will be the charm! *fingers crossed* ;o)

...And mirrors reflect heat? I guess so if the sun is shining on 'em, I never gave that any thought before. Hmm... *shrugs*

...Love that song! I was watching the video and our cat was sitting on my lap and it was towards the end when the young girl in the video is throwing snowballs at the camera when I looked down and here's our cat sitting there watching the video. Too funny. Never heard of "Death Cab for Cutie" before but I like what I'm hearin'. :o)

...Your trees are gorgeous! And yeah, I remember that special tree your husband did, that was awesome. I don't think we're doing a tree this year. Money is scarce and really, I just don't feel like bringing out all the decor. It's like I'm in the Christmas spirit and all but just don't feel like decorating for it, am I weird? Don't answer that. *sigh*giggle*

...And yeah, the more you take photos with your new love the more I see the difference. The clarity is unreal. More like awesome, bay-bee. ;o)

...Enjoy your evening by the glow of your Christmas Tree you two!

...Blessings :o)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

We have a tree that Martha Stewart made for us. She left it at Home Depot last year and we picked it up there. Nice, huh? LOL. It's the perfect size for our available corner. We like a few decorations but not all the fuss of unpacking/packing. So less is good for us. That last photo is very pretty. I'm glad you're enjoying your camera. There's a lot to learn, at least for me!

Sweetpea said...

That felt like walking down Memory Lane, CG, so thank you for that. I can't quite believe that I've been following your blog so long I can remember all the things you were referring to....ahh, something kinda grand about that. We've never even *met* but I feel as comfortable in your home as just about anywhere, so thanks for that, too.

I have a big pain in my heart about you losing all those photos (can't imagine). I'm going to hold out for a miracle.

"Hi George!"

Reena said...

Kate, these photos are just awesome! I love the softness of each and that last one would make a great xmas card! I still have some 'amazon' shopping to do but hope to wrap it up this week.
Hope that drive can be recovered. Fingers crossed here girl!

JaneK said...

thanks for sharing your warm photos! before we had a child, we never got a tree; I don't think there is anything wrong with that; it doesn't take away the meaning that's for sure: didn't The Grinch teach us that one :)

here's holding out for Christmas miracles!!!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

The photo of George resting on the couch is one of the best I've seen of him. And I really really hope you can somehow get your miracle and get your photos back!

Also, I missed a few posts. What kind of camera do you have? My Canon 50D has a good bit of grain even at 1600 iso so I'd love to look into what my next upgrade will be!

Cabin Fever in Vermont

tina said...

We get a live tree every year even though I'm allergic to the darn thing. I just can't break the tradition of going to the field and picking the perfect one with the family. So I just medicate myself. Now that's crazy :)

Hoping for that hard drive miracle and a new camera from Sants.

Low Tide High Style said...

Looks like beautiful things are happening at your house! So glad your husband got a good report too! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed about your pictures.

Kat :)

Bluebird49 said...

Yes-I had the husband AND the son that wanted the live tree every year. They loved going to ge3t it--apparently. Then I had to put it up, decorate t and take it down, pulling the needles out of me and the carpet each time.

Now the kids are grown-gone-our son and his wife have an artificial tree, and here, I may put out the 12" ceramic one if I feel like it. This year I don't.

I loved the picture with George in it, too. Al of them were beautiful--the last was awesome--but George took the prize. Also-Lady--you've got some beautiful ornaments! Wow.

Hoping beyond hope for the pictures--especially of your husband!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate:
I was so glad to hear you received a good report for your husband. I know how hard it is to decorate when your heart isn't in it. Your trees are beautiful, and your ever-watchful George is adorable. Any photograph with George makes me smile. I love the last photo, too. It makes me think of Christmases past.
Merry Christmas to you, your husband and George.

Hugs from FL

JC said...

Your trees look lovely and George adds that special touch to your photos.

Cloudia said...

oh this is like a christmas memory!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Chocolate Cat said...

I decided to change my attitude about Christmas late last week from one of panic to one that it would happen and if it didn't the world wouldn't stop, I am now 'enjoying' the festive season. I love my Christmas Cds, each year I buy a particular one that the profit goes to charity. I have almost worn it out in the car in the last few weeks so sad to say but I currently have Justin Beiber's new 'Christmas' album playing!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Christmas trees; all the coloured fairy lights and decorations, simply wonderful.

CJ x

Karen said...

Your little tree is beautiful... and i do remember the tree he made for you :-)

Nurse Nancy said...

So glad you put up a few trees. Very sweet and the twinkling lights always make me feel warm inside. Praying for the hard drive :)

mrs mediocrity said...

He is definitely giving you the eye. Your trees are gorgeous, and I love that last photo.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for your photos.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Kate .... what a Festive Post!
That last shot has AMAZING bokeh .... a real WOWZA shot!
PS - So glad you're lovin' your camera!

Unknown said...

Love these holiday images! Beautiful! I especially love the picture with George :) Good luck with your hard drive. Happy Holidays!

Daryl said...

So can they get the rest of what's on the drive aside from what keeps 'getting hung up'?

I am glad ToonMan doesnt read your blog or we'd have mirrors in the windows too ... reflecting the heat? Seriously?

No decorating at our place, just the holiday box I put on the mantle to hold the cards that wont/dont stand up .. tho this year I added a sequined santa hat I rescued .. and the menorah will go in front of box which sits in the center of the mantle .. I even dusted!

Anonymous said...

Kate, your photos are lovely!
I hate that about your photos. I know it is too late for this, but I use two external hard drives and additionally, put clients photos on either "sticks" or CD's....I too have had a internal HD die on me....the blue screen of death....right before I acquired my iMac...
I am hoping for a Christmas miracle for you (and your husband).
hellos to sweet George!

The JR said...

he is watching you for sure!

luv the pictures

Linda said...


Donalyn said...

Aw Kate - I was hoping to hear they had been able to retrieve the photos. Still got my fingers crossed for ya! I discovered the other day that I am missing all the photos from a a particular day a couple years ago - a very good day. I have the photos taken the days and weeks before and after, but this day - nada. Frustrating.

We got a tree this year cause all the kids and grands will be here with us, but years when we are away on Christmas day, it seems like a lot of trouble. I always feel like we have given in to some "old people" thing if we don't have one though - LOL. Better to get one I guess. Yours are so lovely - have a great Christmas!

michelle said...

I read your blog often and I wanted to take a moment to say that reading your posts is always like "coming home". I always have a calm serene feeling and feel like I am somehow cozied up on your couch having tea, listening to your stories in person. Thank you for sharing so much with us bloggers!

I am sorry about your photos something similar happened to me once and now I have the most ridiculously over the top double back up routine ever - we never learn until it is too late. I will hope for the Christmas computer miracle. Do you happen to have a Mac? I just signed up for iCloud storage through them (and I back up to a hardrive once a month) and the harddive stays at my parents house most of the time.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's giving you the eye. What did you do to deserve it? '

Love the blanket on the sofa.... my sofa wears one all the time too. :-)

Jan's camera said...

Kate, I'm hoping you get all of your photos back. I especially love the last two photos in this post. I made a CD of my own also. Two of my favorites are 'Christmas Wrapping' by the Waitresses. And Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas is You'. And 'O Holy Night' by anyone. Every year I say I am not going to bother with a tree because I am alone, but when I see the real trees I always have to have one. I need to decorate it now.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

I love the simplicity of your sweet white tree.

beth said...

i love these photos...i swear i feel like i was looking at pages in the romantic home they are that fabulous !!

and sarah m.....oh how i love her much !

and those christmas miracles....i've heard about them and i think all of us, want you to have all of ours, just so photos have a better chance of being recovered.


Caroline said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh that last photo. It should be in Country living magazine!!! Gorgeous.

Mary said...

Oh Kate, your trees are so lovely!!! My kids came home this weekend, and we cut down a small tree for the den. We also put up the faux trees in the living room and dining room... My husband brought me flowers and chocolates last night... And I'm beginning to feel a little more like celebrating the season... I'm so happy to see your beautiful trees, and all the little signs of Christmas in your home.

I'm off to the iTunes store to check out that Sarah McLaughlin album. And 6400? I'm so jealous! Mine only goes to 3200... :). xoxo

Lili said...

Oh wow an ISO of 6400! Mine only goes to 1600. Those pics are just lovely Kate. I convinced Henri to cut us a real tree this year too (very small one). Smells so good. I love the "river" song too and sarah's version. I haven't heard the rest of the album but I can imagine they are all awesome on there. Christmas looks so beautiful at your place. xo ~Lili

GailO said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over there Kate! Looks like you have a decorator's touch too:) Fantastic photos with that camera...6400?! I didn't know they went up that high! Mine only goes to 1600 and that is my new fancy camera:)

I still have my fingers and toes crossed....

Unknown said...

Waiting on the photo recovery feels like an Advent thing.
I wonder about this....
Life is the strangest kind of mixed blessing. The valleys and the wonder and the glory.

Your blog feels like a home to me. I do hope you get more than your fair share of that feeling always .