Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summerwood Cottage, Maine

Our vacation came to an end yesterday but I still have lots of photographs to share with you and hope you’re not crying uncle at this point.

For those of you who asked where we stayed in Maine this year, I’ve put together some photographs and a quick review of Summerwood Cottage which is located on Mount Desert Island. We usually stay off-island but this year wanted to try something different.

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Although it’s billed as being located in Bar Harbor, it’s actually in the village of Otter Creek which is much quieter and about 4 miles outside of town. Although Bar Harbor is a fun place to visit, it’s often terribly crowded and noisy, and Otter Creek on the other hand, is the polar opposite.

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The cottage is located at 14 Walls Street and is the perfect size for a couple. It’s billed as a romantic getaway and from reading the guest comments, I could see that many honeymooners have stayed here. But for us, it was a quiet little place to return to after a day spent enjoying the outdoors.

Summerwood Cottage – Bar Harbor, Maine

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On the porch, a tiny bouquet of fresh lavender and mint was left to greet us.

DSC_1773 copy 2

The kitchen, living room, and dining area are all connected with skylights helping to add light. In the summer, this is a shady street and the cottage gets the afternoon sun.

Please excuse these photographs – I took them on the last day of our vacation and had been waiting for another sunny afternoon but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

DSC_1774 copy 2

A nice-sized bathroom with tile floors is off to the side.

DSC_1780 copy 2

The living room with a sleep-sofa and seating enough for guests.

DSC_1807 copy 2

I loved all the decorating touches, like the shutters at the windows, and the driftwood holding up a lace swag.

DSC_1783 copy 2

Perfect-sized kitchen, although you’ll have to bring your own lobster pot, as there was none. With so many restaurants around, and lobster meals at the end of the road, there’s really no need for one.

DSC_1806 copy 2

More sweet touches.

DSC_1787 copy 2

Loved the open feel of the place, the hardwood floors, the braided rugs, the whole decorating scheme which had a bit of shabby chic going on. Look closer at the dining table there for a moment.

DSC_1789 copy 2

It’s actually a weathered picnic table with placemats and a covering of glass on the top. Very unique idea.

Please note fan in background. This place had ample fans although we didn’t have to use them once as the weather this week was perfect.

DSC_1795 copy 2

The bedroom was lovely with wood walls and ceilings as well as a sky light that opened allowing the cool breezes to flow from above. (This was good because the window you see there next to the bed had no screen – my only complaint about this wonderful cottage).

The bed is a platform one with space at the foot for storage baskets, eliminating the need for a bureau. My husband and I both thought the bed was a little bit high to climb into, but it was a comfortable one, with good linens to boot.

DSC_1796 copy 2

Absolutely loved the tin tiles as a headboard.

And the reading lights are also a nice touch.

DSC_1799 copy 2

There are many sweet embellishments.

This is a little box that hols extra batteries.

DSC_0667 copy 2

The porch is where we spent many hours relaxing. We usually don’t stay in places this populated but this street is very quiet with a mix of locals and vacation cottages. An added bonus is a little trail at the end of the lane that leads down to the Park Loop Road and nearby Otter Creek Causeway beach, less than a mile from the cottage.

DSC_1811 copy 2

I highly recommend staying here. It’s perfect for a couple or very small family, and is reasonably priced. The cottage doesn’t usually allow pets, but the owner permitted us to bring George. We were lucky to get it the week we wanted, as it books fully for the entire summer and into the fall, with many people returning year after year. We were able to rent it due to a cancellation for the week we wanted.

DSC_1814 copy 2

George thought the little teddy bear on the porch swing was for him.

He left it alone, though, after we told him no.

Sweet place ~ excellent week.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

It's beautiful and much like the camp we stayed in, I just posted it, check it out when you have a moment!

Isn't Maine heaven on earth! This was thin New England girl's first trip Down East!

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh yes, what a beautiful place.

Kerri Farley said...

Glad you had such a nice time!!

Daryl said...

I could spend a week in that house ... and on that porch with that sweet bear

Hilary said...

I could easily live in a spot like that. Beautiful home. Thanks for the guided tour.

wayne15575 said...

Thanks for the trip. I needed that.

Bluebird49 said...

Makes me ache for Maine. I think I could live there forever! Such simplicity an beauty!

Lili said...

It's so fun that we got to see it in person! It IS a very sweet cottage. xo ~Lili

barbara l. hale said...

So charming! Looks like a great place to stay.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Love, love, love! That kitchen table is totally adorable; what a unique idea! And that bed, well, it looks divine. I bet I'd have a great night's sleep in that! Last but not least that teddy bear; cute as a button!

Thanks for sharing! :)

beth said...

wow....where did that week go? it seems like you just got there.

thanks for the tour...i loved it ! you can tell it's a well loved and well taken care of cottage.

i missed the post below, so can i just say.....OMG....those owls are AHHHHMAZING !!!

JaneK said...

Thanks for sharing! And I'll cry uncle only if you stop sharing.... So keep it up!!

The JR said...

Great place, would luv to stay there.

GailO said...

What an adorable house! Looks cozy and comfy...exactly what a vacation house should be:)

Reena said...

Your cabin looked perfect! Awesome you found it.

Photokismet said...

Charming and perfect! I want to go there!!!!