Thursday, August 21, 2008

Days end

What a sterling day we had here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. This morning dawned crisp and clear and I had a desire to don some warm socks. But then it passed. The desire, I mean.
When I got home, it was nice to sit and read in the sunshine rather than the shade and after dinner, I took a walk with the camera by myself. My husband had already taken George and they were off somewhere else on the property.
He went with the owner, her daughter and children today to pick up a mare and foal. I don't know what the whole story is, but it was boarding over at another farm about 8 miles or so away. The foal has had her coat shaved for something medical, I assume. But these aren't my horses, so it's best to stay out of it. I haven't asked the owner for permission to show any of her horses on my blog because I really don't want to even tell them I have a blog. It's my business. But if I'm posting pictures of other people's horses, I somehow don't feel right about that.
At the farm we lived prior to this, none of the horses belonged to the farm owners. They were all boarders and came to be bred, foaled out and then bred back. I didn't feel so bad posting pictures as long as I never mentioned the farm's name or its location, which I did not.
But this, in my opinion, is different, and I'd actually like to hear your take on it. For these pictures, I tried something I learned today on PW's Photography site. I used her Vintage action, then lowered the opacity to about 50-60% then flattened and used fresh & colorful on top of it, adjusting until I liked it. I think my favorite is the top photo.
I posted a fun pic over at Paintbox Pictures tonight, too. It's called I love New York.
Well, my husband's got that dog show on the TV. It's pretty funny, and of course we're routing for the border collie. It's called America's Greatest Dog. I only half watch it. If it was Project Runway, I'd be glued to the set.
Well, until tomorrow, my friends.


Shimmy Mom said...

I think you're fine to post pics. It is the place where you live, they can't expect you not to take pictures of your home. Plus you make it very clear that the animals don't belong to you. (Except the excellent George of course.) But I say if it's still eating at you, go ahead and ask for permission. I can't imagine they'd mind and they're probably to busy to read your blog anyway.
The foals are very cute though, love the pics!

abb said...

You're home! So am I. It is GOOD!

Your horse action photo is wonderful, but the bridles...just perfection!

Mary said...

I know what you mean -- I would not want my neighbors to know about my blogs. And I do feel uncomfortable taking pictures of other peoples' houses without their permission (even though I still do it).

Love the pics, especially the halters...

Russell said...

My thoughts?? Take all the pictures you want! Share them with us!! It's okay!

I just took several photographs of a nice fountain, flowers and house in town today. I stayed on the sidewalk. They won't mind if I put it on my blog I am sure! I think they are proud of their house and grounds and well... why not?!

I love the color of this horse. I used to sort of know the name of horse colors but most have escaped me now.

I DO know that what I call a "white" horse is actually called a "grey" horse (I think!). I am not sure if this horse is chestnut but that is the first color that comes to my mind. Whatever the name of the color is, I like it.

Take care!

Country Girl said...

It's because it is a chesnut, Russell. You are correct!

~ C.G.

ps -- WELCOME HOME, annie!

Carin said...

I do like that first picture. I still use Elements 6 but I can see that world that awaits with actions in CS3. Someday.... Nice pictures.

Hilary said...

I understand your dilemma but I don't see posting photos of the horses as a huge concern. I have always found you to be entirely respectful and protective of the farm owners, both past and present. I would feel quite differently if you were posting photos of children or other people who might be unaware of the public postings, but I just don't see horses, unless distinctive and well-known, to be an issue.

I wouldn't reveal your blog to them. You're doing nothing that should merit their worry but they just might not see it that way if they knew you were posting photos of their property. How does your husband feel about you blogging about his boss'farm and critters?

That top image is incredible.. just perfect. And that foal sure is a cutie.

Jo said...

I don't think posting pictures of their horses is such a bad thing, and besides, what they don't know.... Most of the people in my "real" world don't know about my blog, and I prefer it that way, so you don't have to tell them.

I am catching up on my blogging, and I just read your post about Trinity Church. I have been there, about 20 years ago. When the World Trade Centers came down, the rescue workers rested there.

The fellow who wrote "Twas the Night Before Christmas" is also buried there, and I believe his father was the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

It's a wonderful church, isn't it?

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful as usual. I think you are fine to post the are always respectful of the place and names...any way, I like then;)

Daryl said...

I am thinking that you can use these photos because they are your photos ... the subject isnt the issue. I can see being concerned about: (a) stealing someone else's image and posting w/o permission, (b) taking a photo of someone's property with their name/location on it and posting it, or, (c)doing all of the above and making $$ off it.

Do you feel this way if you are taking pix at a zoo? Same thing.

Nice shots .. and now I am going to find out whose horses those are and tell on you ... NO I AM KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!


Minna Dyer said...

I like the first photo also- great treatment.
And it was an unseasonably beautiful day here as well.
Glad you enjoyed it :)

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I am always amazed at the respect most bloggers have for protecting the privacy of their families and others. You have always been very respectful by not revealing the owner's identity or taking photos of people without their permission. Taking photos of horses would in no way invade the owner's privacy. Horses look pretty much alike anyway - they are all beautiful.

I finished my last session of a 6-week course in PS CS3. I learned that I have a lot to learn! It is much more complex and less intuitive than PS Elements. I'm looking forward to using actions to enhance my photography. My favorite photo is of the bridles. It is classic and timeless. I hope you get this one mounted on canvas for your home.

Keep the photos coming, Kate!

Anonymous said...

I don't think posting horse pics would be any problem at all. I don't think you need their permission either.

tj said...

...Yes - I think it is perfectly fine for you to post photos of their horses. There is no harm done and it isn't like you are violating their privacy by doing so... But by all means do not stop posting photos of that cutie pie ;o)

...Love the bridles on the fence shot!


Unknown said...

Love all the pictures and I saw if the pictures are in your camera, then you are the rightful owner of the photos whether the subject is of something you own or someone you gave birth to, or something you happen to see during the course of your 24 hours...does that make sense? I wouldn't tell your neighbors or whomever about your blog if you do not want to...I guess just reference the subject as not belonging to you or belonging to you. Just because someone else owns the subject doesn't mean you don't have copyrights to the photos...I hope that I helped.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i say yeah to all the above... post the pictures you feel you should... You are not posting names and addresses so I dont see a problem... love the bridles on the fence ... beautiful pic.

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures a lot, I think for horses the vintage look is really wonderful. I also don't feel bad at all about you posting their pictures here; in fact I'm glad you have.

I like the imagery you used, sitting in the sun instead of the shade, this is my favorite time of year for that, to feel the cool air while the sun fights against the cold.

nikkicrumpet said...

WOW WOW WOW what beautiful photos...everywhere I look there is this amazing eye candy! You have a magical way with a camera!

Anonymous said...

Love both those shows!!

Egghead said...

Really it should be the horses that give you permission and I'm sure they don't give a hoot. The owners probably don't care either. I love the shot of the halters on the fence. Cool.