Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trinity Church and Graveyard

I took a lot of photos while visiting my son in New York on Sunday, but the place that I loved the most was Trinity Church. We had just finished lunch at a restaurant on Stone Street and were strolling up Broadway towards Wall Street. I was snapping photos and being a complete tourist and a spire of what appeared to be a church caught my eye up the street.
As we came closer, I saw that it was, indeed, a church and I stopped at the gate surrounding it with my mouth open and my eyes lit up. All around me were modern buildings and here on this square patch of land I was immersed in the past as I gazed in awe through the fence at gravestones with dates etched on them from the 1700's. My son led us forward and told us to come in and walk around.
Even though people were everywhere outside of the fence, it felt quiet in here. There was a distinctly reverent feeling about the place that I can't quite describe. I could see that it was cared for very well and the church is a beautiful example of Gothic Revival architecture.
Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton, William Bradford and Captain James Lawrence are but a few who are buried here in the cemetery. I also found out that the pirate, Captain William Kidd, lent the runner and tackle from his ship to aid in hoisting the stones to build the original church. The first church was built in 1698 but was destroyed in the Great New York City Fire in 1776. The second one, which stands here today, was begun in 1788 and completed in 1790.
My son had been planning on showing us the building where he works when we stopped here on this serene patch of land. As I came out of my reverie to ask him where his building was, I was surprised when he pointed to the building directly behind the church grounds. He told us he can see this place from his window and he can see the water from the windows on the other side of his building.
Just beautiful.

For more information on Trinity Church and its three graveyards (two are located elsewhere), visit this Wikipedia site.

I guess that concludes my visit to New York City. I can't wait to return and am surprised about that. I like some surprises, don't you?

Until tomorrow, my friends.


Shimmy Mom said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time. I think that there is a little City girl and Country Girl in all of us. I know that I've been happy in all the places life has taken us and that many of them surprised me very much.
Beautiful shots as always.

Mary said...

Those gravestones are so beautiful -- like little works of art. I always wonder about the people -- what their lives were like.

Your pictures are wonderful, as usual, Kate. I think we both enjoyed our little jaunts to the big city! :)

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I always loved visiting churches and cemetaries. I used to keep my obsession for cemetaries to myself. It is kinda weird, isn't it? Well, I've come out of the closet since my daughter enjoys them too. We spent an entire day photographing an old Atlanta cemetary (see my blog post

I'm glad you had a wonderful time, Kate. I have never visited NYC but hope to make it there in October.
Lovely post...lovely photos.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i love old churches and cemetaries they are so full of history and have such a feeling all of their own.
love the pics
Thank you for sharing them!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for the brief info on the church and the link to Wikipedia. Trinity also has a most informative website, if anyone is interested.

Glad you enjoyed your visit to NYC.

Annie said...

Wow..that is soo great you got to New York and enjoyed your time! especially at Trinity..sounds wonderful. That is the amazing thing about New York, that there is soo much of can never tire of it, and I wonder whether anyone can say whether they know the whole city! There are also all these amazing little, and large parks , and churchyards, where you can escape and let your soul rest awhile.

I have certainly been enjoying my stay here, and have loved to photograph every bit of it as I see it! I also found a dear little church up here at Inwood on the weekend...lovely! Will be very reluctant to head for home (Australia) next week!


Mental P Mama said...

I love how these shots captured the essence of such a hallowed place.

Unknown said...

It was even peaceful reading your post and looking at these GORGEOUS photos. I am so gald that you had a great time. I love historicals!

Anonymous said...

Trinity Church - (fictional)site of the Treasure in National Treasure (first one). Lovely photos! Wish I could see that for myself. I love history stuff.

Anonymous said...

How stunning! I've a southern girl and have never been to New York before. But I hope to someday! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous scenery!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Thanks for sharing such beauty and peace! I could feel it even in the photos. I love old churches. And old cemeteries have so much personality! Such peace and beauty, too. I haven't been to New York, and didn't think I wanted to... now I'm rethinking that!

Anonymous said...

I love amazing architecture, and there's a serenity in the church grounds that is hard to find elsewhere. Some amazing headstones. I think it's wonderful to see these pictures and I imagine that most of the people who live in New York don't even see things like what you've shown us.

Egghead said...

Beautiful church and grounds. How lucky your son is to be able to look down upon this during his work day. Wow.

gail said...

What beautiful shots!!! I can't wait to make my way up there.

Anonymous said...

You were very kind to answer my questions about your camera. After shopping around and talking with you I will probably buy a Nikon.

Enjoying seeing the pictures of N.Y.C.

Thanks again,