Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I took George for a good long walk after I got home from work today and I've been noticing more and more leaves on the ground lately. There is a definite chill in the air this evening, as I write this, and I may have to get my lap blanket while I read on the couch tonight.
Oh, my gosh. I just read those last two sentences back and can't believe how unbelievably exciting my life is. Zoinks!

So I'm walking in the woods, under the canopy road. This is a road that's covered with low-hanging trees and runs along a good portion of the property of this farm and a property next door that has a big herd of black angus on it. It was perfect walking weather and as I came around the bend where you get a big glimpse of the cattle, I hit a warm patch and this wonderful scent suddenly hit me. I immediately felt like I hadn't a care in the world, that everything was great, and then it passed. And I stopped.
It was weird. I walked back to the spot at which I felt this way, and realized that it was the scent that had overcome me. It was of freshly mown grass that had been lying in the sun. And it had taken me back to my childhood for a few seconds!

I smiled, and continued on and remembered an old M.A.S.H. episode that had something to do with olefactory overkill. I mean, not that this was, because it was a good thing for me.
But in the M.A.S.H. episode, Hawkeye Pierce suddenly begins sneezing. And it's not funny, because he can't seem to stop. Finally, Col. Potter calls in the psychiatrist, and through digging in Hawkeye's past, he finally discovers that it was a scent that had triggered this response. I looked online for the script to this episode, and came up empty handed. I do know that it's called "Bless You, Hawkeye" but I think I'm getting it confused with "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen", the last episode.
Hawkeye had been on a bus that had broken down or something, and he was working on a soldier who'd been hurt and a Korean woman had a baby who was crying. They had to be quiet, because there were enemy troops nearby. Hawkeye told her to make it stop. He said it over and over, but in his memory, he replaced the baby as a chicken. It wasn't until the army psychiatrist made him remember that it was actually a child that had been smothered in order to protect everyone on the bus, that he was able to move on.
Does anyone else remember this episode?

Does anyone else have any idea why I'm rambling on so much?
Oh, and these pictures don't have anything to do with this post. But I think you've already figured that one out.
Until tomorrow, my friends.


Woman in a Window said...

Holy crap! I remember that episode totally! It blew my mind because it seemed so out of context with the natural character development. But heck, it was a war, right? During the normal episodes I often forgot that. Now that is weird in and of itself.

That smell - I've had that happen. It's uncanny and wonderful! A pocket of magic.

Molly said...

I remember the episode...it lead up to the end I think. I didn't remember it started because of sneezing. I loved that show.

Annie said...

Yes, so true, that these things can take us back to a time and place...I love the way you had to walk back to the spot where it happened, for you to work out what it was! It reminds me of having to walk back to where I was to remember something I have just forgotten!


ps A great sunrise to greet me as I flew back into my home town in Australa early this morning, after being in NY for so long. After a 13hour plus flight, so wonderful to see the sunrise and to be on the ground again.

Jeannelle said...

I love MASH, but don't remember that episode.

The sunset silouette sky colors are amazing! Wow, and great perception you had to go back and figure out what suddenly made you feel as if you had not a care in the world, and to figure out it was the new-mown grass scent, and its connection to long ago in your life. You describe an awareness I need to cultivate more in my life.

Shimmy Mom said...

I don't remember that episode and I thought I was a MASH junkie. I do remember when they hypnotized the soldier that then remembered he'd seen his brother die and was afraid to go home and tell his mom he hadn't protected his baby brother. It made me cry.
I LOVE the pics in this post though, the colors are AMAZING!!!!

olivia said...


What a gorgeous sky. Those colours are amazing!

I love reading your posts -- always give me a chuckle and I learn something too ... ;-) I never watched too many episodes of MASH, so while familiar w/ the characters etc., not a clue on the episodes.

Ahhh ... Fall weather. Cool mornings and nights ... sun and blue skies during the day. Loved your experience w/ the scent of the drying grass making you feel comforted. Hope you have a great day!

Unknown said...

211. Bless You, Hawkeye (Z-417)
March 16, 1981
Written by Dan Wilcox and Thud Mumford
Directed by Nell Cox
Guest Stars: Allan Arbus, Barry Schwartz

When Hawkeye can't stop a sneezing fit that has no apparent cause,
psychiatrist Sidney Freedman digs into the surgeon's past for a clue to the unusual malady.

I remembered the episode very well. I miss all my old favorite shows!!!

Minna Dyer said...

My parents were M.A.S.H. fanatics (held parties and such) so we as kids watched it often, but alas, I don't remember that episode. Sounds funny.

I had a similar experience recently with a combination of scents. I believe it was warm summer rain hitting hot pavement mixed with fresh yard clippings. Suddenly, I was 8 in the dessert summer. I love great childhood memories.

Mary said...

Yes, I do remember that episode. I loved that show. Great character development.

We were out walking last night and felt the same cool nip in the air, and noticed some leaves down. Yay, I love fall!

Mental P Mama said...

I remember it as well. Great episode. Great memory of the warm grass...I love that smell, too. aaaachoo.

Ernestine said...

When MASH ended, I felt as if I had lost a member of the family. I loved that show. And the final episode totally drained me.

Anyway...as you go into fall, you can expect lots of "I'm so jealous" posts from me. You are in prime fall-lover's territory, and I miss that part. I don't miss the traffic in the I-95 corridor, however. But, maybe if I could just spend one fall week up in the Northern Maryland/Southern Pennsylvania woods....


Coloradolady said...

The pictures are wonderful. I can never get the colors to look like that when I take sky pictures. Great.

Cedar said...

I am not sure what the HECK you are talking about. But I can appreciate a good ramble. I love the pics. Sunsets are the best.

abb said...

I remember it vividly as it was so sad and disturbing.
Do believe I've seen every single episode at least 20 times!

Photos are lovely.

Ain't it grand being back at school.

Country Girl said...

Annie, welcome home to Australia!

Woman in a Window, yes when Alan Alda started writing and directing, things took on a much more serious note, especially towards the end.

Jeannelle, I think I was just lucky to figure it out. Thanks about the pics.

Thanks to Living on the Spit for finding the episode.

Welcome to Cedar and Colorado Lady. Cedar, I've seen you on Josie's site all the time. What do you mean you don't know what the heck I'm talking about? I took a walk. I smelled a smell. I felt better. I went back. And yeah, I guess it all fell apart after that. Hence the name of the post! HA!!

Welcome also to Ernestine. This is what blogs are for, right? To see how others live in different parts of the country and the world. Good to meetcha.

Lauren and Mary, always a pleasure. And Miriam, I love how you explained smelling the rain on the hot sidewalk. I know exactly what you mean!

TS Annie, do you teach? And are you being sarcastic about going back to school. I only ask because I'm actually happy about it. It's good to see everyone again. Of course, by mid-November I wish they'd all just go away, but right now it's all good.

I know I'm forgetting to say hello to others. Hello Molly. And everyone, if you haven't visited Olivia's photography site yet, you must head there now. It's beautiful.

~ C.G.

Kelly said...

I totally remember that show. I remember crying for that mother. She had to make a choice to smother her baby to keep it from crying to save everyone else. (I never thought that she meant to kill the baby, but knew what she had to do). Anyway, it was such a touching show and I've never forgotten how that mother must have felt and that I'd never want to be in her shoes.

Don't worry about rambling, I probably take the cake for doing the most rambling, everyone tells me that, and as you can see, I'm continuing on, so I'll just shut it up right now! (lol)

It was a very poignant episode...

Egghead said...

I love Mash and those sky photos are beautiful!