Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man

It looks like a cake, doesn't it? But it's another in my series of mushroom posts. I usually do these on the Picture A Day blog, but not today. I am telling you, I have never seen this many mushrooms in one place. It's probably because the climate and the soil here in this part of Pennsylvania is so conducive to growing the little delicacies. And I do live near the mushroom capital of the world.
These three beauties are right at the edge of the hill of my backyard. This is the shady side of the house and I took these pictures right at Magic Hour. The first mushroom is about 6 inches across! The last photo doesn't do the mushroom justice, for it looked and felt like velvet.
Back to work today from my week's vacation. It was actually nice to be driving to work, back on a regular schedule. The day was perfect, with comfortable temperatures and very low, if any humidity.
Until tomorrow, my friends.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Great mushroom photos! I've been in Kennett Square (8 dog years ago) but didn't get to tour any of the "in the dark" mushroom farms, but did buy a postcard! (The things I remember!)

abb said...

You sound happy. Nice!
And, as always, your photos are lovely.
I was back to work today, too. Kinda good.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a quote I had heard once "There are bold mushroom hunters, and old mushroom hunters, but no old bold mushroom hunters."

Amazing photos of those, you're right about the first one, it makes me think of a cake.

Country Girl said...

Claudious, I always thought it was "pilots". I first read it in a John Grisham novel, The Summons. There are bold pilots, and old pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.

I guess it holds true for mushroom hunters, as well. And yes, it really does look like a nice chocolate cake. I am not tempted to bite it, however.

Yeah, Annie, work was kinda good. Lots to do.

Pat, you're right. I've never taken a tour, however. And man, some days, driving in towns near here, the stench is overpowering!!!

~ C.G.

Shimmy Mom said...

If any of them were edible you'd have it made! They make for some great pics though.

Anonymous said...

I love a good fungus shot.

Mary said...

Six inches across? Wow!

Don't you just love wandering around with your camera in the early evening? The best time to take pics. :)

I hope work is going well. Soon it will be "back to school" -- the most wonderful time of the year! :)

Anonymous said...

Fungus Amongus! :)

tj said...

...Looks like you spent some time with a fun guy! gah,ha,ha - Get it? Fungi (mushroom) - Fun guy?! lol...lol... Okay, okay, ya'll had to be here... ;o)

...Wow! That first photo actually made my mouth water...am I weird or what?! :oD

...Your photography skills ROCK woman! As Amy Poehler said once on SNL, "you've got the skillz to pay the billz"...lol... ;o)


dlyn said...

All the rain here has really brought out the mushrooms this year. A close friend of ours is a mushroom hunter, often supplying us with her finds. I have gone with her, but would never go on my own - I would kill us for sure. I love that chocolate cake one!

Egghead said...

Amazing how mushrooms can look so different. We used to hunt for morels and calf brain mushrooms when I was growing up. That is about all I know about them. Great shots.